What Color Goes With Maroon? [11 Great Color Schemes]

Whether you're trying to decide on a color scheme for your living room or bedroom, sometimes finding the perfect color combination can be tricky. If you want to use maroon in your space, you might need some help with what other colors will go with it.

If that's the case, you've come to the right place. We've researched the best colors to go with maroon and have eleven suggestions for you.

Some color ideas for a maroon design include:

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Gray
  4. Navy Blue
  5. Light Blue
  6. Teal
  7. Mustard
  8. Olive Green
  9. Purple
  10. Pink
  11. Neutrals

Now you have eleven colors you can pair with maroon, but keep reading as we elaborate on this further. Since seeing is sometimes believing, we'll also include image examples of each, so you can get an accurate idea of how well these colors pair together.

Spacious maroon apartment with corner sofa, red armchair and wooden cupboard - What Color Goes With Maroon [11 Great Color Schemes]

Ideas For A Maroon Color Scheme

Maroon, also sometimes referred to as burgundy, is a mixture of red and brown. Maroon and burgundy are not the same color because burgundy is a mixture of red and purple.

However, they are very similar in appearance and will pair well with most of the colors we're about to discuss, so even if you've mistakenly called burgundy maroon, these color schemes will likely work for you too!

Let's check them out below:

1. Black

Modern dark room with red burgundy sofa. Empty mockup wall in black plaster stucco - microsement or concrete. luxury interior design.

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You've probably heard the saying that black goes with anything, and this is at least true for the color maroon. Pairing maroon and black together can create several aesthetics.

It can also create a gothic feel for those who want a more outside-the-box look.

We chose a bedroom design for this example, but the maroon and black will also work well in a living room.

2. White

White As An Accent

Cozy living room interior with red, ombre wall, bookcase and white sofa

Creating contrast in your interior designs is a great way to add visual interest to your room. Create contrast by pairing light and dark colors together.

In this example, white is the accent color and adds light to the space. Adding white like this helps soften some harsher maroons and greys.

White As A Centerpiece

Pink armchair next to a golden, side table with a plant on empty wall in living room interior

White doesn't have to be the accent color, as seen in this example. You can make maroon an accent color. This look is a little more feminine and chic.

However, white may not be a great option if you have kids or pets, but it can make a space look very open and airy.

3. Gray

modern fictitious living room with sofa

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For a modern touch, try pairing maroon with grey. Since grey is a cool color, the burgundy provides warmth to the room.

You can also see gray used in the previous example, highlighting the color white. White, maroon, and gray are elegant colors that will pair well in almost any setting.

4. Navy Blue

Navy blue armchair with golden frame standing in burgundy room with wooden cupboard and Monstera Deliciosa

This one might be surprising to you but think about your closet.

You likely have a pair of blue jeans in there. Blue jeans pair great with maroon clothing items, and color palettes that work well together in clothing will probably work well in interior design.

Navy blue and maroon can create a dark but cozy space when paired together, but you can also lighten it up by adding white or silver accents like the mirror in the photo example.

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5. Light Blue

In The Bedroom

Flowers in elegant glass vase on diy velvet covered pastel pink and burgundy nightstand next to cozy bed with blue and beige bedding

You don't have to pair maroon with neutral or dark colors; maroon also pairs great with light or sky blue. Take a look at this regal bedroom.

Blue is the primary color in the room, but the maroon curtains and bedspread complete the look.

Light blue invokes the feeling of tranquility, making it the perfect color for a bedroom where you may want to rest and recuperate.

In The Living Room

Side angle view of a modern living room with blue rug, elegant sofa and big window

Just so you can see that the bright colors don't have to be contained within the bedroom, here's an example of the same color palette in the living room.

This design is a little more fun and a little less severe. The decorative pillows share the same colors as the wall and the couch, which helps tie the look together.

6. Teal

Looking down on contemporary living room arrangement in neutral tones with colorful pillows.

And if bright blue isn't your thing, almost any shade of blue will go well with maroon. Check out the subtle hints of teal in this bedroom.

Though the room is primarily neutral colors, the teal and maroon add a nice touch of color. Blues are generally cool colors, and teal adds to the coolness of this bedroom.

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7. Mustard

Cozy and atmospheric living room interior with grey couch and pastel pink and burgundy commode

Since maroon is already a warm color, it pairs well with other warm colors such as orange or mustard yellow. Yellow, burnt orange, and terracotta all help make this living room feel cozy, warm and inviting.

This living room also uses many natural textures, such as woven lamps and wooden coffee tables. Using natural textures creates a rustic feel and is another way to increase the warmth in a room.

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8. Olive Green

Close-up of a plant in sitting room interior with red armchair, retro cupboard, round mirror and dark red wall

Let's add another earth tone color to the list with olive green. Olive green is known for creating peace and harmony in a space that makes sense when it's a color pulled straight from nature.

A velvety olive green couch fits perfectly in this space. This is another example where maroon is implemented into the design via curtains.

Maroon curtains give an air of elegance and wealth, making a room look like it belongs to royalty.

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9. Purple

Spacious maroon apartment with corner sofa, red armchair and wooden cupboard

Here's another color that pairs well with maroon that you might find surprising: purple! Purple is also another color associated with royalty.

So if blue couldn't convince you to switch to reality, maybe purple can.

We chose this image to show that purple and maroon can be paired together, but it also includes many of our other color suggestions! This great way to generate a more eclectic feel in your home.

10. Pink

King size bed with pastel pink bedding between two white industrial nightstand tables with flowers in vases

Often different shades of the same color will pair well together. You can find shades by mixing paint and adding white or black to the primary color.

So in this instance, if you add white to maroon, you'll start to see pink.

Pink cushions and a shag throw make an ombre effect in this living room, which helps transition between the cool greys and maroon red to create a friendly, inviting space.

You could also take advantage of darker shades of maroon if the lighter shades aren't your style!

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11. Neutrals

Folded mattress with decorative pillows in white and burgundy living room interior with gallery

Finally, if all else fails, you can always choose to pair maroon with a neutral color palette. Neutral tones are known for their versatility in decor.

Neutral colors include shades of black, grey, white, brown, tan, taupe, and beige. Though they are sometimes labeled boring, you can spice them up by adding maroon to the color palette.

To Wrap Up

We've given you eleven colors that go with maroon, so hopefully, you're leaving here with a few ideas of colors that will work well for you in your space.

However, interior design doesn't have set rules, so don't be afraid to let loose and choose the color that feels right to you.

Whether it's one of the colors we've suggested or not, if you're the one who is living in the home and the one who enjoys it, that is all that counts! Happy decorating!

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