What Color Wood Floor With Dark Cabinets?

Matching your flooring to your dark cabinetry can feel like an impossible task. Choosing the perfect color floor to pair with a darker set of cabinets can make or break your space. Cabinetry is so diverse in style and design, which makes it even harder to collaborate with. So what color wood flooring should you choose to go with your dark cabinetry?

Coming from a modernistic and current trend standpoint, we recommend lighter wooden flooring. Lighter flooring will work as a complementary design component alongside the dark cabinetry in your home. You don’t want your space ending up looking like a cave with darker flooring on top of the already dark color scheme. Choosing to use light glossy or wood flooring is sure to wow both you and the guests in your space. 

As you continue reading we will go over the basics of floor and cabinet pairing and recommending our favorite styles. Whether you are planning out your dream home or remodeling an old one, you are in good hands. This task can seem daunting but with the right amount of knowledge and planning, your home is going to turn out amazing.

A craftsman inspired kitchen area with wooden cabinetry, wooden flooring, and granite countertops, What Color Wood Floor With Dark Cabinets?

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What Color Wood Floor Goes With Dark Cabinets

The best color wood floor for your dark cabinets is something on the lighter side. Oak and maple are two of the most compatible wood floor colors. The contrast in hues looks eye-catching and cohesive in the space. Light flooring allows the dark cabinets to serve as a focal point in the room. So if you love your dark cabinets, consider a light wood floor.

While we do suggest lighter wood for your floor, that doesn’t mean that’s the only color you should consider. If you love the look of a dark, moody aesthetic, don’t be shy to pair a dark wood floor with dark cabinets. 

Should Wood Floors Be Lighter Or Darker Than Cabinets?

Wood flooring should almost always be lighter than dark cabinets. Dark-on-dark tends to create a smaller and dimmer environment, making a room look less ideal compared to a lighter color scheme. Light is what every person is after in a home.

By combining a light wood floor with darker cabinetry, you achieve the best of both worlds and have a more open and airy environment to exist in. Lighter flooring also allows you to have more input and creative room for colors and textures in other places within the space. 

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Luxurious modern kitchen area with a huge window and dark paneled cabinetry inside an apartment building

To be as fair as we can, we have included an example of how to successfully use a dark-on-dark color scheme. This is a situation that allows for such a dark aesthetic because your wall is entirely glass and extremely open-air inspired. If you live in a glass apartment or home, this is a modern and dark way you could potentially make your space.

What Color Wood Floor Is Timeless?

When we think of timeless wood floors, the first color that pops into our minds is most likely oak or maple. These are lighter and more natural-looking. Oak is a classic when it comes to flooring and cabinetry in the home while maple is a lighter and brighter option that is extremely popular as well.

Both of these woods have an upscale yet livable feel to them which is why we have come to love them and use them so much. You can never go wrong with wood floors or cabinetry in your home. It is one of the most utilized building materials globally for a reason. 

Spacious contemporary living room with white sofas, glass coffee table, laminated vinyl flooring, and a white paneled cabinet section

This is a floor made from maple wood that is so beautiful and bright. You automatically feel a sense of home and comfort when you see these floors in the potential space you may decide to live in. We can’t be the only ones that let out a sigh of relief when we tour an apartment with these floors or cabinets. 

A craftsman inspired kitchen area with wooden cabinetry, wooden flooring, and granite countertops

Although this design usually goes against our anti-matching recommendation, we have to appreciate it. Oak comes in every shade and texture, which makes it a staple in design. This kitchen just feels very classic American and gives off a warm and inviting ambiance. This kitchen is a space where people will actually cook and make memories. Oak can be classy while also feeling authentic and relatable, which is why we love it so much. 

Luxurious modern kitchen with oak paneled cabinets

Shown above is proof that oak and lighter wood cabinets can look modern while also remaining classic. Even though this kitchen has that modern feel to it, it still looks very comfortable and livable. The clean color and finish of this wood allow for a brighter space and overall feeling within this room. A cool detail that was used in this design is the utilization of earth tones throughout this entire kitchen. The counter is even lighter and more on the earthy side of the design spectrum.

Should Countertops Match Floor Or Cabinets?

Countertops need to match your space’s cabinetry while also working with the flooring. The reason we recommend a light floor is because it goes with everything. Light or earth-tone wood has a modernistic and livable vibe to it. Matching dark cabinets to light flooring is quite simple due to the fact they already complement each other so effortlessly.

Picture a kitchen with dark wood or painted wood cabinetry with a marble countertop and light wood floors. Perfection. You can have so much fun designing and decorating a space that falls on the more neutral side of the color wheel. Why have all of the aspects of a room fighting for attention when they could be working in harmony?

Small contemporary themed dining are with dark paneled kitchen cabinetry with wooden countertops

In the kitchen shown above, you can see a great example of earth-toned wood flooring looking very sleek when paired with dark cabinetry. The colors and textures work together rather than fighting for the attention within this space. Your space should be easy to clean while also remaining aesthetically pleasing. Another important design detail to point out is this room’s utilization of whiter light, creating a more open environment. 

Kitchen with dark paneled lower cabinetry, floral backsplash, and white paneled hanging cabinets

Our next example shows the mixing and matching of cabinetry colors and backsplash styles. The light wood flooring allows for a more intricate design with the cabinets and backsplash which gives this a very personalized feel. Your space can be artful and inspired by its surrounding while also maintaining elegance and maturity. This specific style has a more futuristic palette and design which is great for newer homes and even a remodel. 

Modern empty area with white paneled main kitchen workstation and wooden paneled lower and upper cabinets

The cabinetry above falls into the middle of the road color that is not too dark and not too light. We figured to throw this one in to give a medium tone cabinetry example. The flooring here remains complementary to the darker shade cabinets and paired with the spotlights creates a very modern look. The key to lighting a darker space is to use whiter light sources and spotlight placements. 

The Wrap Up

When it comes down to the design of your living space, coordination and comfort always come first. Creating a bright and livable home can be impossible if you don’t choose the right colors for your flooring and cabinetry. Without matching everything, try to allow for every material to shine equally. Have fun with your accessories and detail within your space. 

Lighting can be unpredictable so why not use a brighter palette in your space? Maybe even try to mix and match cabinet colors to achieve a modern and artsy feel. The real star of this article as well as home design in general goes out to oak and its variety and diversity of styles and roles. Now go and create the perfect space for you and the people you love!

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