What Colors Contrast With Blue? [Home Decor Ideas]

You love your blue kitchen or bedroom. But you also want to incorporate other details into these spaces. We consulted the design experts and collected the best ideas for colors that contrast with blue ways to apply these schemes as you enhance your home.
Blue is a versatile cool color that works well with most pigments. The perfect pairings for blue are red, orange, yellow, gold, white, gray, brown, and other shades of blue. With these, you can incorporate several decor options to match your blue spaces inside and outside.
In this post, we will provide a detailed discussion on these color combinations. You will also learn about furnishings for your home. 
turquoise wall living room - What Colors Contrast With Blue [Home Decor Ideas]

Colors That Match With Blue

We can never get enough of blue. The sky, bodies of water, and more than half of the national flags of the world are either blue or have a touch of blue. Here is a list of eight basic contrasting colors for blue that you can find in your surroundings.


Beautiful sky and blue sea

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Light blue and dark blue contrast is commonly seen where the ocean meets the sky. Although they have one hue, the horizon is visually engaging allowing each shade of blue to shine.

For a calming and unified scheme, blend different shades of blue. Using blue with varying saturation creates a monochromatic look. It is the easiest and fastest way to achieve color compatibility. Likewise, this technique fits any surface or space. 


Table serving (setting) in a marine style. Sea decor. Festive table. Sea theme. Plates, cups and napkins with a sea anchor and a ship steering wheel.

Unlike blue, red is a bold, warm hue that elicits excitement and passion. Although they are distinct, the red-and-blue tandem is a popular contrast you will notice in branding, flags, berries, and nautical themes.

This duo evokes feelings of power and trust at the same time. When one or both of these pigments are muted, they become less overpowering, making them suitable in formal or corporate designs.


Artificial red maple leaves blue background

Aside from the fallen leaves in the river, look up in the sky during sunset or sunrise to see the blue-orange gradient. Blue and orange are on the opposing sides of the color wheel. For this reason, this duo is considered a complementary combination.

The energetic appeal of orange adds dimension to the soothing blue. Nonetheless, this pair will give a balanced yet dramatic character to your space. 


Beautiful table setting with colourful blue green dishes, cups, glasses and other dishnware on a mustard yellow background

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Yellow and blue are contradicting colors because the former signifies happiness while the latter means sadness. Despite that, the warmth of yellow adds a splash of fun to the formal blue. They symbolize safety and growth.

They work together in your everyday life—in the gas stove flame, your neighbor's talking parrot, and the famous "Dory" or tang fish.

In this picture, the blue-green plates on a mustard yellow dining table make an appealing arrangement. 


Creative composition of glamour living room interior design with home decoration, vase with dried flower and personal accessories.

The lapis lazuli gemstone, kingfisher bird, and the fall foliage are examples of the gorgeous blue-gold contrast. The specks of gold mixed with blue reflect brilliance similar to yellow. 

For instance, this golden peacock figurine goes perfectly with the light blue vase and royal blue sofa. Adding this elegant scheme to your home, it will look like you have blue blood. 


Unique bedroom at cozy house with modern interior, ethnic decor, comfortable bed, lamp over bedside table, exotical cactus plant in basket against deep blue wall

As you walk on the seashore, you witness the faint border of the land and sea. Similar to fashion and home design, it shows a fusion of blue and brown. With either light or dark brown, you can achieve a pleasing rustic effect from denim, navy, and teal to classic blue.


Four beautiful dolphins jumping over breaking waves. Hawaii Pacific Ocean wildlife scenery. Marine animals in natural habitat.

Think of the swimming dolphins or the big rock formations in the oceans. Aside from the trendy blue-gray hairstyle, these are examples of blue-gray schemes. Because of its popularity, people call the variety of this duo livid, describing the black and blue spectrum.


Japanese porcelain pottery blue and white

The blue and white details are visible in the cloudy sky and the blue eyes of European ancestry. Similarly, the Japanese porcelain dishes are timeless collections of Asians or even other races.

The blue-white combination goes beyond design fads because of its classic minimalist aesthetic. Soothing to the eyes, this style is perfect for any section. Both hues also embody purity, freshness, peace, and cleanliness.

Decor Ideas For Your Blue Home Interior

turquoise wall living room

Let's explore some stylish yet practical ideas for your home's interior.

1. Indoor Plants

Luxurious Modern Bathroom interior design,white bathtub on grunge dark blue wall

Nothing beats real indoor plants. They are not only beneficial for your health, but they also create a tropical and lively atmosphere in vacant corners.

If you are a beginner, start with succulents or low-maintenance plants first.

2. Pendant Light

Contemporary blue bathroom interior with equipment and window. Hotel and residence concept

Along with the sunlight, sufficient artificial lighting improves the overall look of your space and avoids the occurrence of accidents while doing household chores.

For instance, a white pendant light brightens a dark blue bathroom but keeps the modern sleek. You can also install this modern lantern over your kitchen island or coffee bar.

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3. Side Table

Stylish living room interior composition with velvet blue sofa, golden side table, pouf, pillows and elegant home decor. Dark blue wallpaper. Template.

You may have other storage spaces or tables, but you can place an accent table beside your sofa or bed to keep your important items within reach.

In addition to its temporary storing capacity, the golden table increases the charm of the blue gradient style of your living room.

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4. Canvases

Interior of stylish modern kitchen

If painting or hand lettering is one of your hobbies, personalize your blue wall using your art supplies. You can hang your canvas artwork in the kitchen or hallway.

It is an affordable way to decorate and express yourself. This will enable you to showcase your talent and convert your plain wall into a gallery wall like in an art museum.

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5. Backsplash

Kitchen with blue boiling kettle in the interior

Spice up your kitchen with a backsplash. By installing a backsplash between your blue upper and lower cabinets, you will get a warm contrast with gold, orange, and gray tones.

A backsplash contributes to your kitchen's functionality, serving as a protective tile for your wall. It is a barrier against the water and grease splatters when you cook your favorite dish or wash dirty cookware.

6. Ottoman

Stylish bedroom interior with dark blue wall

In addition to the natural wood items in your room, add an ottoman or pouf. It is a multipurpose stool that makes a comfortable footrest, extra seating, and a pet lounge. Likewise, this cozy rattan-looking cushion can be your table and additional storage container depending on its type and size.

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We have other furniture ideas to share. Check them out in this post: Does Blue Go With Brown Furniture?

7. Wood Wall Slats

Interior design of colorful living room, interior concept of memphis design,

Whether you have spare plywood sheets or bed slats, you can repurpose them into a unique wall feature. As a result, they will provide texture and break monotony and flatness to your blue wall.

To install wood slats safely, watch this video tutorial from Lowe's. Either paint the slats with a bright pigment or keep their natural wood color if you prefer the industrial look. 

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Decor Ideas For Your Blue Home Exterior

Luxury family house with landscaping and blue sky background. Canada. Family house on the terrace land.

Home exterior matters, too. So apply these simple yet fancy elements to level up it.

1. Wall Climbing Flowers

Front view of the dark blue house with window. Beautiful yellow roses and bench on the porch. Entrance of a house.

Another way to upgrade your vertical spaces is climbing flowers. They are not only gorgeous displays for the outdoors but they also improve the environment. 

2. Eye-Catching Front Door

American house exterior with blue and white trim. Also red front door, well kept garden and driveway. Northwest, USA

Since the first thing visitors will see is your front door, you must take advantage of it. Emphasize your French door with a bold red coating or another hue that pairs with your blue-white trim.

3. Accent Garage Door

Beautiful New Florida House with Palm Trees and Landscaping Near the Beach. Would Make a Great Vacation Rental Property.

One of the overlooked parts of the home exterior is the garage. If you have an enclosed garage, accentuate or varnish the door to keep the wood panel natural yet distinctive.

4. Bonfire Pit

Backyard of a pool home at night

For get-togethers or picnics, maximize your backyard patio with a metal fire pit. The yellow-orange flame is great for giving warmth and grilling barbecue or veggie skewers. 

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5. Outdoor Parasol

Beautiful outdoor sitting area near blue house.

Choose a bright or multi-colored parasol, so you will not feel blue even though it is raining.

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6. Canopy

White poolside pergola, gazebo taken from the swimming pool. The reflection of the pergola can be seen in the blue rippling water

A canopy or pergola provides protection from extreme weather conditions. Either fixed or temporary, it is perfect for open spaces. Building a poolside veranda can amplify your style as well.

7. Glass Porch

Family house with weedy front yard on blue sky background. Residential house with glass barriers of the patio

Because glass is luxurious and durable, use a glass railing for your porch steps. While it is less maintenance than wood, other advantages are a seamless view, waterproof surface, and solid barrier.

In addition, the average installation cost ranges from $150 to $850 per linear foot, depending on the style.

We share a selection of deck color options in this guide: What Color Deck Goes With A Blue House? [A Complete Guide].

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