What Colors Go With A Limestone Exterior?

When it comes to finding the right hues for your limestone exterior, you might feel a bit overwhelmed at first, but don't worry! Thanks to its soft, earthy tones, pairing limestone with appropriate shades is quite simple. We've searched for you the list of colors that would complement your exteriors right here.

Limestones' natural colors are from its makeup of a mix of minerals and different types of rocks. This makes it easy to pair with any color, whether you're looking for a complementary shade or something that pops. Take a look at the limestone and determine which colors dominate the surface.

  • If your limestone leans toward a warmer shade, hues such as yellow, red, orange, and brown will pair excellently.
  • Colder tints such as blue, green, gray, and black are your perfect choices if your limestone is dark-colored.

Limestone is a very versatile material. However, there are a few caveats to look out for. Keep reading to know more.

A brown door with limestone exterior, What Colors Go With A Limestone Exterior?

Best Colors For Warmer Shades

Here are the best color options you can choose from if you have a warmer shade limestone exterior:


You can never go wrong with adding a fun pop of color to your limestone exterior with yellow hues. It doesn't have to be an obnoxious fluorescent shade of yellow—pastels and neutrals close to yellow such as beige, tan, and ivory can make for a classy and polished look without being too boring.

If you want a complete farmhouse feel, you can go for deeper shades such as mustard, chrome yellow, or maybe even banana yellow. Mix it up with vibrant hues of green, blue, and red for a more youthful and welcoming façade.

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The exteriors of your home are the first thing everyone will see, so your property must make a strong visual statement right away. And what better choice would it be other than a powerful yet vibrant shade of red? Add a touch of pink into your trimmings, furniture, or even your garden to watch your home romantically transform into something luxurious.

If you're not a fan of bolder colors, you can stick to rustic tones such as maroon, terracotta, or brick red. These are classic colors that are prominent in older towns and give off a nice vintage touch.

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A classic shade of brown excellently brings a sleek farmhouse look to any modern house. When paired with brick walls and a cool-toned roof, you can see how the example house above has transformed into a Mediterranean home but still remains stylish and timeless.


Pairing colors with your limestone exterior doesn't mean you have to stick to one color everywhere! You can spruce up your front door with a striking color, such as orange, which in turn could make for an excellent focal point.

Best Colors For Dark Shades

Go for the following color options if you have a dark-colored limestone exterior:


By choosing blue for your limestone exterior, you can effortlessly create two distinct looks. A light blue hue can help give off a soft, subtle chic finish, while a dark blue color leaves a regal but comforting feel. Play around with it by using different styles such as color blocking, using it as an accent, or painting your brick walls blue.

You can also add ivory-colored paint to the trimmings to achieve a more refined look. Blue is also very fitting for any season, so your home can stay in style all year round.

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Gray can undoubtably bring a cool, calm, and contemporary look to exteriors. Since gray is a neutral color, it'll match your limestone exterior without needing a repaint, saving you time and money.

Check out our detailed guide on the Benjamin Moore Gray Owl, which can pair itself with up to nine different colors. It's a popular gray paint with warm undertones to give your home a classic yet modern look.

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Black is the perfect color for a perfect balance of elegance and gothic chic. Since its such a staple color, finding other hues to match the details of your roof, door trimmings, railings, windowsills, and more will be a breeze.

This gives you more freedom in decorating your entire home.

Still unsure? It might help you decide when you read through this article on "What Color House Goes With A Black Roof?".

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Bring nature closer when you go with a green exterior. It's a unique choice that can grab attention without being too over-the-top. Darker shades such as hunter green, moss, olive, and pine are very easy on the eyes and would blend well with any limestone color.

If you have some shrubbery and leafy plants on your front porch, this choice can also give off a mysterious look from the outside.

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Best Practices When Choosing Colors For Your Limestone Exterior

Rough multicolored stacked stones in japanese fortification

While almost any color will go with limestone, you should also consider what colors will complement your home's other exterior features, such as the roof, siding, windows, doors, and gutters. A quick and easy way to figure that out is by going for a walk around your neighborhood and observing your area to find inspiration.

  • Coastal areas might use bolder colors such as navy blue, emerald, and red, regardless of the limestone's surface. Meanwhile, suburban places could lean towards the opposite due to restrictions set by some homeowners' associations.
  • Avoid colors that would complement the color of the roof to avoid overpowering the entire façade. Opt for something around the same color spectrum.
  • Consider the color scheme of your interiors to create cohesiveness.

Is limestone good for outdoor patios?

Sidewalk paving, natural yellowish limestone.

Yes, it is! Limestone is very durable and can stand the test of time. Although a little high-maintenance, its natural colors allow it to blend excellently well with your garden and other outdoor furniture.

Despite being sensitive to harsh elements, it would take a long time for limestone to completely break down. Pair it with the right amount of TLC and you'll witness how hardwearing limestone can be.

Limestone is also easy to find, so you won't have any trouble stocking up on it for the construction of your patio.

What is the difference between limestone and sandstone?

From afar, the looks of limestone and sandstone can be very confusing. One way to differentiate them is through their texture. Limestone is generally chalky, while sandstone is a little rocky. Limestone also does not have the distinct horizontal lines that sandstone has due to its multiple layers.

It's tough to differentiate between limestone and sandstone through images, so it's always best to check these personally.

Does limestone darken or fade over time?

A luxury modern farmhouse home with a stone and vertical board and batten siding, large windows, and beautiful landscaping.

Multiple factors can affect the appearance of limestone, such as the weather, ultraviolet (UV) rays, and how one takes care of it. For example, acid rain can neutralize limestone, causing it to corrode.

Generally, limestones with dark colors can fade over time, while those with lighter colors might eventually show traces of grime and dirt.

How To Clean And Maintain Your Limestone Exterior

Construction worker installing stone on architectural facade of new building. details of construction industry

Keep your limestone surfaces in pristine condition by cleaning them often (roughly at least once a week) with a pH-neutral cleaner. Avoid using general household cleaners. They're acidic and could quickly deteriorate the quality of the surface.

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Make sure to only use gentle microfiber mops or cloth when washing the surfaces of your limestone to prevent scratches. Once you're done, rinse the soap with warm water and dry it with a piece of soft fabric. Never let the water dry on its own to prevent the water from seeping in.

If the stains are only minimal—such as drink spillage or bits of dust, try cleaning it off first using a soft brush and your pH-neutral limestone cleaner to see if it will come off.

In Closing

There are no rules on what color paint you should use on your exteriors, but there are some general guidelines you can follow. And if you want something unique, you can always experiment with different shades and hues. You can go with a plethora of choices as it all comes down to the aesthetic you want to achieve. After all, your home is your happy place, so feel free to make it as personal as you want it to be.

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