What Colors Go With Brushed Nickel?

Are you planning on using a brushed nickel finish on your home hardware but aren't sure what colors go with brushed nickel? Well, you've come to the right place. We've done the research to bring you this guide on which colors go best with a brushed nickel finish.

These are some great color options to pair with brushed nickel:

  1. White
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Tan
  5. Gray
  6. Pink
  7. Purple
  8. Yellow
  9. Black

So what colors are more popular with brushed nickel? And are there any specific ones that work better with it than others? Keep reading to learn all about the best color matches for brushed nickel. 

Shiny brushed metal background texture. Polished metallic steel plate. Sheet metal glossy shiny silver, What Colors Go With Brushed Nickel?

What Colors Work Best With Brushed Nickel? 

Neutral colors are always a safe way to go with any hardware finish, but they don't always make the biggest impact on a space.

Dark shades also tend to work really well with brushed nickel because they create a stunning contrast against each other. Brushed nickel is technically a neutral shade itself, so it works with many different colors.

1. White

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bathroom sink faucet

Shades of white are a great, safe option to use with brushed nickel. Off-white tones are also a good choice and can help the nickel stand out better than with stark white tones. White is the most trustworthy shade to use in just about any situation and tends to look great with any accent color you throw at it. 

KILZ Tribute In Eggshell White

This off-white eggshell shade will look great with brushed nickel hardware. It's just dark enough to create a slight contrast against nickel for a sophisticated look. 

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2. Blue

Light and bright closeup of bathroom sink with brushed nickel faucet home, decor, room, interior design, detail, style, clean, modern, minimal, copy space

Brushed nickel looks great with most shades of blue. Light blue with nickel offers a gentle, low contrast appearance while dark blue with nickel will have a stark and elegant contrast. Even turquoise and teal shades will work wonders with brushed nickel. 

Prestige Paints In Honorable Blue

This dark blue shade will create a brilliant contrast against brushed nickel hardware. It's also available in four different sheens.

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3. Green

Pale green shades are an excellent option to go with brushed nickel hardware. Whether you choose a sage green or a pale minty shade, brushed nickel feels at home against green. Avoid highly saturated hues that could overwhelm the space.

Prestige Paints In Pastel Green

This chic herbal shade of green will allow the brushed nickel hardware to shine through. It's a fun, fresh way to make your home feel more earthy. 

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4. Tan

Brushed chrome light switch on a wall with patterned wallpaper

Tan is another neutral shade that balances well with brushed nickel. It offers even more contrast than shades of off-white, making the nickel accents pop nicely in your home. Nickel will look good with both light and dark shades of tan, but the darker the shade, the more contrast you'll achieve.

Montage Signature In Desert Tan

This deep tan shade will let your nickel hardware pop. It's available in three different sizes for large and small jobs.

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5. Gray

If you want to go with gray paint, make sure you choose a dark shade. Light shades of gray will blend in too well with brushed nickel, leaving it almost completely unnoticeable. Before you choose a gray tone, make sure you compare it closely to your hardware color to see the effect it will have.

KILZ Tribute In Motor Gray

This super dark gray will contrast nicely against brushed nickel hardware. It's a gorgeous color that provides an enchanting depth.

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6. Pink

Pink and brushed nickel pair nicely together. Light shades of pink like blush are the best route. Avoid saturated tones like magenta, which quickly become overwhelming when used on walls. Gentler pink shades are a safe choice that plays well with nickel.

Prestige Paints In Pale Pink Satin

This beautiful blush pink shade is a great choice to pair with brushed nickel. It won't feel overdone when used as a primary color, but it offers a fun feminine appeal.

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7. Purple

Most purple tones will look great with brushed nickel hardware, whether it's a heavily saturated hue or a gentle pastel shade. Bright purple colors can become obnoxious quickly, so lighter shades like lavender are recommended. Light purple colors are a great way to add a calming and quirky feeling to any room. 

Prestige Paints In Lavender Quartz

This beautiful lavender hue is light and playful enough for any room. It will work very nicely with brushed nickel accents since they're both cool colors.

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8. Yellow

Rain drops on french door facing marina at Drayton harbor, Blaine, Washington

Yellow and brushed nickel balance each other out surprisingly well and create a stunning modern feeling in any home. A pastel yellow or a bright sunny yellow shade will create an interesting appeal. Pair this theme with some dark gray accent pieces for a stunning modern look.

Prestige Paints In Confidence Yellow

This rich yellow color will be toned down when paired with brushed nickel hardware and gray accents. Use a flat or matte finish to really allow the brushed nickel to pop against this color.

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9. Black

Black works well with brushed nickel, but it's not normally recommended as a primary room color. It works better mixed in sparingly as an accent color or a secondary shade.

Be careful not to overwhelm the room and create a gloomy, dark atmosphere. Use black for decorations, furniture, or rugs. Small pops of black spread throughout the room will have the best impact.

The One Paint & Primer In Black

This deep black shade is a great choice for an accent color to go with brushed nickel hardware. It will provide a stark contrast and will result in an extravagant color scheme.

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Is Brushed Nickel Going Out Of Style?

No, brushed nickel is a tried and true hardware finish that has withstood the test of time. This finish is here to stay and has remained widely popular for many years. It's a faithful and reliable investment choice for any home.

Is Brushed Nickel A Cool Or Warm Color?

Grey / Gray cabinet, vanity with brushed nickel handles for bathroom or kitchen, close-up

Brushed nickel is a cool tone, although it is warmer than a standard nickel finish. Brushing it adds a touch of warmth to the shade, allowing it to fit in better with a wider variety of colors. This ensures that it's easy to match and that it will fit into any home.

Moen Brushed Nickel Robe Hooks

These hooks in brushed nickel are well suited for a bathroom, bedroom, or closet. The three hooks offer plenty of extra room to hang clothing and accessories in storage areas.

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What's More Modern, Brushed Nickel Or Chrome?

Chrome has a more modern look than brushed nickel. Chrome offers an unfiltered silver sheen while brushed nickel has been brushed to tone down the silver and add warmth. If you want to achieve a very modern look in your home, choose chrome for your hardware finish.

Can You Mix Brushed Nickel And Chrome?

No, it is not advised to mix brushed nickel with chrome because there is a very noticeable difference between the two finishes, and they tend to clash with each other.

Chrome and nickel may seem very similar, but if you compare them side by side, you'll see just how different they are. Chrome is a sharp, cool color, and brushed nickel has some warmer tones that become obvious against chrome.

What's The Difference Between Satin Nickel And Brushed Nickel?

Brushed nickel has a glossier finish than satin nickel which tends to be more matte. Because they're both nickel, these finishes can be used together if desired, but the difference will still be noticeable under close inspection.

In Conclusion

Now that you know all the best colors to go with brushed nickel, you're ready to start testing colors to see what works best for you. Make sure to observe samples alongside your hardware finish to see how they look together before you purchase a large amount of paint. Good luck and have fun redecorating!

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