What Colors Go With Cherry Wood Furniture?

Cherry furniture is elegant and radiates luxury. It is a popular color for cabinetry, tables and chairs, desks, couches, and other important furniture pieces. If you have furniture that you want to feature in your home, make sure to design with colors that complement it.

When picking out colors to go with your cherry furniture, first decide if you want to contrast or coordinate with the cherry. If you want to coordinate with it, use warm colors like beige, brown, or soft red. If you want to contrast it, use cool colors such as green or blue. Using warm colors will harmonize with the cherry and help it blend in while cool colors will make the cherry color pop.

Decorating your home is important, but we understand that it can be overwhelming. We’ll describe why each of the colors listed above work in order to help you make an informed decision. Please read on for these details, as well as a discussion about what type of flooring to use with your cherry furniture.

beautiful dining room cherry wood furniture and beige painted walls, What Colors Go With Cherry Wood Furniture

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Is Cherry Wood Warm Or Cool?

Cherry wood is a warm color. In terms of color, “warm” or “cool” doesn’t mean temperature. Actually, it refers to the emotions the color evokes. Warm colors tend to make you think of happiness or coziness while cool colors are calming and soothing.

Put simply, if a color makes you think of a fire, it’s a warm color. This includes red, yellow, orange, and brown, plus any combination or variation of these colors. Cool colors include blue, green, purple, and any combinations and variations. You’ll notice that all cherry — no matter how light or dark the finish is — has red tones, making it warm. This is important when picking out coordinating or contrasting colors.

Coordinating Colors

The purpose of using colors that coordinate with cherry furniture is to help pull the warm tones out of the cherry. It supports the cherry color in making the room feel warm and cozy. Many kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms with cherry furniture feature warm colors.


This is perhaps the most popular color to pair with cherry in kitchens and bathrooms. It isn’t dark enough to appear foreboding, but still gives off luxurious vibes. See how this kitchen makes you want to enjoy a home-cooked meal? Also note the countertops in this kitchen. Part of the popularity of beige is because it’s so easy to pair with granite or marble countertops.

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a new kitchen with contemporary design and cherry cabinets, beige furniture

The designer of this kitchen used black granite to contrast with the beige on the back splash and above the cabinets. But also notice the beige tiling on the floor.

Traditional cheery wood cabinet home kitchen with a black granite countertop, beige walls and floors

Here is a bedroom with beige walls and curtains that has a splash of color with the blue and white bedding and rug.

Interior of a bedroom with cherry wooden bedframe


Gold is a fantastic mix of bright and warm. It works cohesively with dark cherry to create cheerfulness without darkening the entire room. For instance, the bedroom below isn’t overwhelmingly bright, but the gold paint and blanket work well with the cherry.

dark cherry wood furniture with a gold color scheme throughout the room

This bedroom features a lighter yellow paint, but feels warm because the colors work so well together.

A gorgeous cherry wooden bedframe

Thinking about painting your home with a yellow tone? Check out this article first: 21 Living Rooms With Yellow Walls.

Soft Red

Red is probably the most popular warm color in homes. It makes a room feel elegant and comfortable. Be careful though: matching cherry furniture with red paint can be difficult since there are already red tones in the cherry wood.

Also be aware that too much cherry color can make the room feel small. If you want to use red paint, that’s fine; make sure there is enough variation between the colors so that they don’t bleed together. The bathroom below does this perfectly. The red on the walls is distinct enough from the vanity and stool to make it work.

red interior of a bathroom with white vanity

This bathroom also has a white sink, rug, and trim, as well as a beige floor. These things help make the room lighter.

Contrasting Colors

Contrasting with the cherry means using colors that are significantly lighter or darker than the tone of your cherry. This makes the piece of furniture pop. Choose this option if you have furniture that you want to highlight or that is worthy of standing out.

Or, choose this option if you want to brighten up the room. Cherry is often dark in tone and can make the room feel heavy. By picking out lighter colors for the rest of the room, you can still have the positive parts of the cherry furniture while still having a bright room.


Have you ever seen a color wheel? A color wheel is a device that demonstrates which colors complement each other. The easiest way to use a color wheel is to contrast colors that are directly opposite from each other. The color directly across the color wheel from red — the color of cherry — is green.

This makes it an excellent option for rooms with cherry furniture. Mint or light green makes the cherry pop and distinguishes it from the rest of the room. In this kitchen, your eye is immediately drawn to the cherry flooring and cabinets, thanks to the green walls and accessories.

Modern new brown kitchen with cherry floor and living room in green wall paint

The same thing happens in this dining room. Also notice the white trim and wainscoting that makes the room feel bright.

Green walls in large dining room with cherry floor


Blue is a naturally calming color that can brighten any room. Pairing it with elegant cherry furniture makes the room stand out. It combines the best of both worlds. This office is bright without being blinding, thanks to the blue walls.

Interior of a modern and very beautiful workplace

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For a darker cool tone, check out this almost-navy paint that pulls out the stateliness of the cherry cabinetry. Combined with the light countertops and table, the room looks inviting.

Kitchen and dining in luxury home with cherry wood cabinets and blue wall panels

What Flooring Looks Good With Cherry Wood Furniture?

One common issue when decorating with cherry furniture is deciding what type of flooring to use. When picking out your flooring, keep the same principles described above in mind. Decide whether or not you’d like the floor to contrast or coordinate with the cherry furniture.

Popular floor colors that contrast with cherry furniture include off-white, grey, or blue. Find carpet or tiling that features these grey and blue undertones.

If you want to coordinate, aim for beige or brown flooring. This can be carpet or tile. Pay attention to whether or not the carpet or tile has speckling in it. If it does, look for red or cherry-like speckling. This will ensure that the flooring will look good with your furniture.

What Other Wood Goes With Cherry?

Other than carpet, tile, and laminate, the most popular flooring type is wood or faux wood. If this is the direction you’d like to go, it’s best to contrast the cherry wood with a lighter wood color. In particular, maple wood can look really nice with cherry wood. Ash, poplar, and white pine are other light woods that might work, but they’re harder to find.

When purchasing wood or faux wood flooring, make sure the grains do not clash with each other. Also, recognize that the finish of a wood can affect its color and appearance. The stain, gloss, and finish of the wood are important factors in how well it complements the cherry furniture.

In Closing

To best complement your cherry wood furniture, you first need to decide whether you want to coordinate or contrast with the cherry. Colors that coordinate with cherry are generally warm, including beige, gold, and light red. If you want to contrast with the cherry, pick out a cool color such as green or blue.

Warm colors will accent the red undertones in the cherry while cool colors will make the cherry pop and stand out. Use these same principles when picking out flooring, whether it’s wood or some other material. Hopefully this article has given you some ideas for how to decorate around your cherry furniture. Good luck!


What color wall paint goes with cherry wood floors?

A neutral color, such as beige or gray, is a great complementary wall paint color to cherry wood floors.

What color goes with cherry wood floors?

Cherry wood floors look best with colors that complement their warm, reddish hue, such as beige, tans, and light browns. Other colors that pair nicely with cherry wood floors are muted greens, blues, and grays.

What paint color looks good with cherry wood?

A warm grey, such as Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl, is a great paint color to pair with cherry wood. Other great colors to pair with cherry wood are soft blues, taupes, and earth tones.

What colors go with red wood floors?

You could go with a light gray, beige, or white for the walls. You can try navy blue, teal, or olive green for accents.

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  1. I picked up a beautiful king size cherry bed frame. I already have a white Chester and dresser. What color should I paint the white to go with bed frame. I like red

    • Hi Karen,
      Most people prefer to keep a theme going with keeping furniture in a similar color. With wood colors that can be tricky. White, or another natural tone, could work well here, depending on the color scheme in the rest of the room. For more specific advice, you may want to consider working with an interior designer who can assess the overall room layout and color scheme.

  2. I have a log home. My bedroom is cherry wood walls. I have red cedar log furniture and green carpeting. I need advice on redecorating this room. I am thinking of changing the flooring and need advice on bedding and what could I add to my bare walls to make this room more inviting?

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