What Colors Go With Coral [15 Interior Design Ideas]

When deciding on interior colors for your home, coral may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But coral is the perfect mixture of pink and orange that is sure to turn heads. We'll discuss expertly recommended colors to pair with coral for different design looks.

Some experts suggest using light shades of blue or white to pair with shades of coral. While these colors are striking when coupled with coral, there are plenty of other colors that will also make a statement in your home. Consider the following choices:

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Gray
  4. Navy
  5. Light Blue
  6. Green
  7. Mint
  8. Beige
  9. Tan
  10. Dark Brown Wood
  11. Light Natural Wood
  12. Teal
  13. Yellow
  14. Purple and Magenta
  15. Electric

Although choosing the perfect color to go with coral is an integral part of the decorating process, there are other issues. You may wonder about accessorizing and whether coral is even in style. We will discuss these and other closely related topics, so keep reading!

modern living room interior. Living coral design style, What Colors Go With Coral [15 Interior Design Ideas]

1. Chic White and Coral Bedroom

Interior of the room in light colors. Bedroom with a bed and a cot in colors of the year 2019 living coral

Nothing makes stark white shades pop like a bright color pairing. A coral-colored headboard can make a great statement piece in a bedroom. 

Shades of white are crisp, clean, and bring a stunning contrast to any color in any space. 

2. Captivating Black and Coral Living Room

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Black is a sleek modern color that makes coral shades pop in any place in your home. Pairing black with coral tends to bring out deeper undertones of this orangy pink shade. 

This color scheme is a bit moody, but can quickly turn dramatic and eclectic with the right accent and decor pieces. Black can easily become overwhelming, but adding some bright color to this palette will balance and lighten this look. 

3. Stable Gray and Coral Bedroom

Work space interior background

Coral is the perfect color for a brilliant colored accent wall. This color is especially striking in a subtle gray room or space. 

Grey is a perfect mixture of black and white and is a very popular cool neutral color in home decor. Light-colored, natural wood is the perfect color to accompany this breathtaking color palette. 

4. Intriguing Navy and Coral Geometric-Inspired Sitting Room

Stylish room interior. Idea for renovation and design with living coral color

Coral coupled with a deep navy blue creates a sophisticated color palette. This elegant color scheme is simple yet striking. 

Pensive shades of navy blue add some depth and richness to this bright-colored space. Add a unique flair to your room by painting a geometric-inspired pattern on an accent wall.

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5. Tranquil Light Blue and Coral Bedroom

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For a calming beachy feel in your space, pair citrusy coral hues with light cool shades of blue. Light blue shades emphasize the orange undertones in coral colors. 

This color palette adds a hot and cold contrast to your space that is unmatched. Pops of white and tan, representing clouds and sand, emphasize this beachy ambiance in your home and add some muted softness. 

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6. Charismatic Green and Coral Nursery

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Light shades of coral can be a great bright pastel color for a nursery. For a brilliant contrast, consider accenting muted coral colors with rich shades of green. 

Pillows and accent pieces with unique patterns are a great way to subtly add some of this cool jeweled tone to your space. Patterned wallpaper in neutral colors stabilizes this palette while still adding some personality to this room. 

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7. Retro Mint and Coral Living Room

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A cool shade of mint can add a colorful, cool contrast to a coral color. Invigorating shades of mint bring out the orangy undertones of coral colors.

Coral tones make the mint shade look fresh and brisk. 

8. Timeless Beige and Coral Kitchen

kitchen interior design in modern style

Pairing vivid shades with neutral shades can create a sense of balance and stability in your space. Coral and beige color palettes are no exception. 

Warm neutral beige colors can add a subtle coziness to your space and can create a softened look with coral. Coral tends to bring out the warm undertones in beige shades. 

9. Cozy Tan and Coral Bedroom

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Tan is deeper and a bit more intense than neutral beige. A light-colored brown shade, tan adds an unmatched warmth to a coral color scheme.

Toasty tan tones are classic and sophisticated, creating an inviting ambiance in your home. Deep shades of warm browns are a great way to add some depth and a detailed look to your space.

10. Traditional Dark Brown Wood and Coral Bedroom

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A fresh coat of coral paint on your walls can be the key to sprucing up traditional brown furniture. Coral walls can give your traditional-looking room a modern update. 

Adding brown to a coral room will help to ground this vibrant shade while coral highlights the dramatic dark undertones of chocolate browns. These shades complement each other for an inviting rich palette. 

11. Eye Catching Light Natural Wood and Coral Living Room

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Coral and light natural wood shades add the perfect subtle warmth to make coral tones pop. Coral also amplifies the bright undertones in light wood shades. 

Achieve an eclectic look by throwing in some pops of other strong colors like black, white, rich golds, and deep green shades. 

12. Glamorous Teal and Coral Bedroom

Bedroom interior.

A cool jewel tone, teal can be a fun and unique shade for any room. Coral brings a vibrant, energetic shade that makes a great color companion to your teal space. 

Different patterns and textures add character and charm to this color scheme. 

13. Bright Yellow Accents

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Yellow can seem like an unlikely color companion to coral but this pairing can make for an interesting look. This cheery bright color scheme adds a lively fun ambiance to any room. 

Black accents can add a sense of detail and dimension to this color palette, while also grounding this bright color combination. 

14. Purple and Magenta

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Combining purple and magenta with coral tones gives your space a layered look. The orangy shade of coral will accentuate the cool undertones in both purple and magenta. 

Because these colors are close to one another on the color spectrum, this combination will look layered. The deeper undertones of magenta and purple bring out the orange undertones of coral colors. 

15. Coral Eclectic

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The hallmark of eclectic style is a mixture of different colors and vivid patterns. These strong shades come together for a bright fun look. 

Geometric patterned accent pieces and wall art add to the funky ambiance in this space. 

Gold versus silver is a timeless argument. The decision comes down to one's preference. 

Gold and coral are a classic pairing, dating back to ancient Roman and Egyptian times. Silver can create a stunning cool contrast when paired with the color coral for a more modern look.

Named after the vividly colored sea animal, coral is a mixture of two warm colors, pink and orange. This color can range from bright to pastel, but it's considered a warm color. 

This shade is softer than red, warmer than pink, and more subtle than orange. Coral brings a unique bright glow into any space. 

Coral is a bright warm shade of orange-pink but it can be hard to distinguish what color is dominant. According to several experts, coral is a shade of orange mixed with shades of red and pink. 

Shades of coral can range from predominately orange to more red or pink. Different accent colors will bring out different shades within a coral hue. 

Is Coral Color Out of Style?

You can find different shades of coral in a beautiful sunrise or sunset and probably among a stunning bouquet. Because this color exists in nature, coral shades will always be a popular color in home decor. 

Coral is a unique and fun color that will probably never really go out of style. This brilliant warm shade makes a big impact in any space. 

Final Thoughts

Coral home decor can add a splash of fun color to any room in your home. Although there are no real rules when it comes to decorating your personal space, there are several colors that seem to bring out the best of coral tones. 

With all of the available options for pairing colors with coral, finding the right look for your room may seem overwhelming. We hope that this article inspires a look that is perfect for you. 

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