What Colors Go With Gold Walls?

When you choose the colors for your home, you also select its overall tone. Decadent and luxurious? Minimalist and neutral? Comfortable and homey? It’s a big decision, but if you choose gold for your walls, luckily you can have them all. It just depends on the other decor-and other colors-you pair them with. So which colors go best with gold walls? We’ve done the research and have all the answers you need.

Colors That Go With Gold Walls:

  1. Blue
  2. Pink
  3. Dark Gray
  4. White
  5. Cream/Tan
  6. Green
  7. Red
  8. Purple
  9. Black

Keep reading for more information on all the colors that go with gold and how you can incorporate them in your home with gold walls. We’ll tell you which color is the complementary color of gold, whether yellow goes with gold, and more.

Gold inspired bedroom designed with gold curtains and wooden flooring, What Colors Go With Gold Walls?

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Colors That Go With Gold Walls

1. Blue

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Yellow accent walls with modern furniture's and dangling lamps

When looking for colors to complement your gold walls, blue should be near the top of your list. All shades of blue work beautifully with gold, but darker shades like the deep blue of this sofa offer an especially lovely contrast. Lighter and brighter blues also look fantastic with gold, so choose your favorite shade to go with your gold walls.

2. Pink

Bohemian themed children's bedroom

Pink and gold make a lovely combination in every way you can imagine to mix and match them. This delightful nursery gets an elegant touch with gold dotted wallpaper and delicate pink accents. But pink and gold are a wonderful choice for a grown-up bedroom also. Consider layering varying shades of pink throughout your decor to dress up your gold-walled rooms. 

3. Dark Gray

Modern cozy hotel bedroom with fur pillows and huge headboard

Gold walls automatically bring warmth to any room. Dark gray bedding is the perfect choice in your gold-walled bedroom when you want to create a warm and cozy space.

If you’re looking to create a neutral palette to balance out your gold walls, consider pairing them with gray. A dark-gray sofa or armchair in a gold-walled living room will give it a modern touch. 

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4. White

Modern luxurious bedroom with wooden flooring, luxurious elegant beddings and gold curtains

When in doubt, go with white! You can match it with just about every color-including gold-and you can use it to create just about any style-from opulent to minimalist. White furniture offers the perfect balance to gold whether you choose an ornate wallpaper like this or a simple and muted gold-tone paint.

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Gold walls can provide the ideal backdrop to white furniture with clean straight lines for those who prefer a simple Scandinavian style. White curtains, carpets, and fluffy rugs also offer an excellent complement to gold walls.

5. Cream/Tan

Gold inspired bedroom designed with gold curtains and wooden flooring

If you love the elegant antique look, consider furniture and decor in shades of cream or light tan to complement your gold walls. Together these colors create brightness and warmth in any space. If your tastes skew more modern, light blond natural wood furniture also goes great with gold walls.

6. Green

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Green and gold make a gorgeous pairing in any space. Opt for a forest green couch with clean and simple lines for a modern look. Or, if you prefer a lush and luxurious look, choose a plush velvet sofa in dark emerald green and be sure to incorporate gold accents in your throw pillows and other decor elements. 

7. Red

A cozy and luxurious two person bedroom with purple and red beddings

Choose deep dark reds to pair with your gold walls for a rich and elegant look. Metallic gold accents in the bedding, pillows, and other decor help add to the feeling of luxury. 

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If you’d prefer a more rustic look, you can also create that with red and gold by choosing warm and muted red tones instead and including accents in tan, brown, and other natural and neutral tones.

8. Purple

Purple throw pillows and a light purple wall with purple curtains

For a fresh and modern look, pair purple with your gold walls. Purple complements and contrasts with gold just as well as blue and green do, but it’s not quite as common. From the living room to the bedroom, including purple in your furniture or other decor pieces will bring an unexpected and fun twist to any space. 

9. Black

Interior of an ultra luxurious bathroom with wooden flooring, gold planted backsplash and black accent wall

For a sophisticated and modern look, choose to pair black with gold walls. Selecting black furniture will allow your gold walls to stand out and shine in any room.

This sleek and stylish black and gold bathroom evokes extra warmth thanks to the brown wood floors. Consider pairing black and gold in your kitchen or dining room as well.

What Is the Complementary Color of Gold?

A porch with yellow walls

Blue is the complementary color of gold. This is because blue appears directly opposite gold on a color wheel. Gold tends to be a warm color, while blue is considered cool.

Gold comes in various shades and hues, ranging from antique olive hues to bright yellows and oranges to light, pale blond shades. As a result, the exact shade of blue that will best complement a particular shade of gold will vary as well. For instance, a purple-blue hue might best complement an old gold, while a green-blue might better complement a brighter shade of gold.

When selecting which shades of blue and gold to pair together, compare a variety of options. If the aesthetic the two colors create is appealing to your eyes, then you know you’ve found the right match. And don’t limit your blue and gold decor to just the living room or bedroom. It’s a terrific choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and offices, too.

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Do Pink and Gold Go Together?

Pink and gold is a classic combination that always looks beautiful together. Pinks provide a lovely accent to rooms with gold walls. From light pale pinks to muted dusty roses to bright flamingo, every shade of pink goes spectacularly with gold.

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Mixing pink and gold will add a romantic touch to any room. Opt for lighter champagne golds and warm rosy pinks if this is your goal. If you’d prefer to make a bolder statement, pair darker gold walls with brighter pinks and make sure to include gold metallic accents in your throw pillows and other decorative elements.

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Do Green and Gold Go Together?

Green and gold are another color combo that looks great together. Deep dark greens look especially lovely when paired with gold, but any shade of green will work depending on the particular vibe you’re hoping to create in your home.

If you’d like to tone down your gold walls, consider a muted green like sage or olive for your sofa and curtains. These tamer shades can help you create a neutral look that goes beyond the ordinary.

If you’re looking to brighten up your bedroom, opt for fresh, fun shades like lime, mint, or grass green. Or choose a blue-green option like teal or turquoise. 

If you’d like to play up the metallic aspects of gold, consider pairing it with a jewel tone like emerald.

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Does Yellow Go With Gold?

While you can technically pair any colors you like and probably make them work, yellow and gold might not always work as well as other combinations. Because the two colors have similar tones, they might not offer enough contrast to bring dimension to a room. A room full of yellow and gold might look too monotone and not allow any unique furniture pieces or other signature elements to stand out.

And because some shades of yellow almost–but not quite–match with gold, the two colors could end up clashing rather than coordinating with each other. 

If you’d still like to try a yellow and gold color combination, go for it, but try to create contrast in other ways. For instance, pairing a super-light gold with an extra-dark yellow, or vice versa. Or include a mix of other colors in your room with gold walls, so the yellow is just one element among many rather than the primary feature.

Also, don’t forget to vary the textures, which can help elevate any room to another level and keep it from feeling one-dimensional.

In Closing

If you opt for gold walls in your home, you have almost limitless possibilities for the furniture, decor, and other colors you decorate with. Gold walls let you make your home as luxurious or as simple as you want it to be.

Take advantage of the warmth gold brings by combining it with other warm and rustic shades. Or play up the decadence and drama of gold by combining it with jewel tones and metallic accents. Or use gold as a base for a neutral palette by pairing it with white, cream, tan, gray, or black. Whatever style you love, don’t be afraid to go for the gold [walls]!

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