What Colors Go With Grey Walls? [5 Suggestions]

Grey is a popular choice for wall colors for its versatility and ability to complement almost any aesthetic. But if you have grey walls, you might be looking for the best way to add some color to the room. We've researched the best ones and have put together this guide to help you.

The best colors to go with your grey walls are:

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Beige
  • Green

Each of these options has its own positive and negative aspects. So keep reading for an explanation of each, potential pieces you could add, and answers to a few other commonly asked questions about grey walls.

Stylish coffee table with kinck knacks in front of elegant couch with pillows, What Colors Go With Grey Walls? [5 Suggestions]

Is Grey Still A Trending Color?

Before we begin discussing how to coordinate your decor with grey walls, let's take a minute to discuss whether or not grey is still a hot choice for the walls of your home. 

Grey is still a trendy pick for the interior of homes as long as you use it correctly. There was a time when monochromatic grey was all the rage: different versions of grey walls, carpet, furniture, and light fixtures. But now, brightness and color are becoming popular again. 

In fact, warm tones are growing in popularity. Earthy tones such as olive green, drab brown, and burgundy red are hot, mostly due to the pendulum swinging back toward warmth. Pairing with a bright white or off-white gives the room a cool contrast that still helps it feel light. 

However, there is a way to use grey correctly. Many homes are steering away from dark grey. Instead, a light grey -- almost off-white -- is taking its place. This is a much brighter color, so the room still feels light and airy. It's also more versatile than a dark grey, as it's easier to pair with furniture and flooring. 

If you're looking for a paint to pair with pastels, bold colors, or help a room feel more open, try a light grey. It's still popular and will stick around for years!


Like grey, blue is a cool-toned color. This means there is little potential for ugly clashing, no matter what specific blue or grey color you use. Also, like grey, blue is versatile. Pairing it with your grey walls can enhance whatever style you're going for: bright and clean or deep and striking. 

This living room has several blue pieces, all in different hues. The turquoise loveseat stands out as the centerpiece of the room, but the rug ties it together nicely. Plus, the blue accent pieces on the shelf are tasteful and not overwhelming.

Living Room Interior with Grey walls and blue couch

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In this bedroom, the dark blue curtains, bench, and throw pillows pop compared to the light grey walls. It's plenty of color that doesn't necessarily require risk.

Bedroom design in modern apartment

Think about adding pieces like the ones below to your grey-walled room.

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Want more ideas for bedding to match your grey walls? Read this: What Color Bedding Goes With Grey Walls? [10 Suggestions Inc. Photos]

Is your kitchen primarily grey? Here is some cute blue kitchenware that's both functional and attractive!


Sometimes what a grey room needs more than anything is a splash of color. Not an overwhelming amount, but enough to keep the room interesting. Pink is a great option for this. Though not as versatile or safe as blue, it can mark a confident decision. Any tone of pink -- from a soft mauve to a strong bubblegum pink -- can pair with grey, depending on the look you'd like. 

For instance, this bedding almost hot pink but provides a nice contrast to the grey walls and wooden bedding.

On the other hand, the softer pink in the next two rooms is a fantastic accent without being too strong.

Pink and patterned pillows on bed with headboard in grey bedroom interior

Modern interior with large gray corner sofa and armchair decorated with pillows and blankets in a bright cosy living movie room with light from big glass door to balcony, wooden elements and decorations

Check out these pink pieces that might work perfectly in your grey room.


In the same vein as pink, yellow is a great way to introduce some color into a grey room. While pink says "chic," yellow gives a cheerful and happy vibe. Plus, any yellow will look great with grey walls, so you can make it fit whatever style you'd like!

Be careful not to go overboard with your color. A good example of the right amount of contrast is this stunningly bright bedding in an otherwise grey room.

Yellow and gray modern bedroom

On the other hand, this golden-yellow couch is less stark. It's unobtrusive and accomplishes the purpose without being over-the-top.

 living room showing a yellow sofa, with a lamp, ornate pendant and a table with decoration. There is a gray carpet with two pillows on it. Gray wall surrounding the scene with wooden floor

Try these yellow pieces in your grey room:


If you've decided to paint your walls grey, you probably have a specific aesthetic you're aiming for. A fantastic way to add a little depth to that aesthetic is to add another neutral color to the mix, such as beige or tan. Beige contrasts with grey just enough to be creative and helps the room feel warmer than complete grey. 

This room has both light grey and light beige, which helps it feel bright without too much color. If that's what you're going for, beige might be perfect.

tylish and design home interior of living room with gray sofa

Please note that if you add beige to your grey-walled room, you might want to add some color elsewhere. See how the sofa in this room is calming? It's a nice bridge between the various colors of the throw pillows and the grey walls.

Retro style in beautiful living room interior with grey empty wall

An added benefit is that beige is a popular color for furniture.


Like blue, green is considered a cool color. It's natural and earthy and comes in enough varieties to make it a viable option for your home. In nature, green symbolizes newness and growth, which might be just what your grey room needs. Plus, it's attractive!

See how beautiful the simple greenery and green accents on the rug look with this striking grey wall?

Scandinavian style living and dining room.

This deep green stands out, especially on the velvet couch. If you want to highlight a specific piece of furniture, pair it with light grey walls.

Luxury and minimalistic composition of home interior design

Here are a couple of green pieces to add to your repertoire.

Here's an article with more ideas for couches to match your walls: What Color Couch Goes With Grey Walls?

Plants are life-giving and help your room feel healthy. Check out these plants for a spark!

How Many Paint Colors Can A House Have?

Most designers would recommend having three to five distinct paint colors throughout your home. If you go with five colors, choose one white (or off-white), one neutral, and three colors. This doesn't mean you only have five paint colors in your home, but all the colors should play off those five.

This gives you plenty of freedom but still makes the home feel cohesive and planned. When someone walks through the rooms in your home, they should be able to tell that they're in the same house. But as always, this is your home, so feel free to do whatever you'd like with it!

How Do You Brighten Up A Grey-Painted Room?

Is your room painted grey, but it feels too dark? The easiest way to brighten up a grey room is to add color or brightness to it in other ways. Furniture, flooring, curtains, and light fixtures are all areas that you can install some color into your room. Here are some other tips for brightening up the room.

Use sheer curtains

Natural light is a great way to lighten up a room. The good news about grey is that assuming it isn't an overly dark tone; it will reflect light helpfully. However, while using natural light is a good idea, you probably want some privacy, too. Hang sheer curtains to find the best of both worlds. See how this room with a dark grey wall still feels well-lit?

Panorama of a bright, spacious living and dining room interior with white, wooden furniture, gray sofa and plants

Layout an area rug

A light area rug is an easy way to help any room feel warm and bright, especially if it has grey walls. As we've already discussed, grey is a flexible and versatile color that goes with a host of other colors. If your flooring is contributing to the room's darkness, cover a lot of it with an area rug.

This rug will complement your grey walls nicely.

For a splash of color, check out this rug. It will contrast with the drabness of your gray walls nicely. 

What Color Furniture Goes With Grey Walls?

Perhaps the simplest way to brighten up a room with grey walls is to add some light-colored furniture. There's a wide variety of colors that will work, some of which we've described above. But the easiest way to ensure brightness is to pick out white furniture, like the pieces below:

In Closing

If you're looking for colors to pair with your grey walls, try blue, pink, yellow, beige, or green. These colors will provide a nice contrast to your walls, depending on how you want the room to feel. Whatever you choose, we hope you love your new decor!

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