What Colors Go With Navy Blue?

Navy blue is one of the most popular color choices, whether in fashion or in interior design. Despite its dark shade, navy blue works beautifully in rooms and furniture. In this post, we’ve looked into the various colors that go well with navy blue and other combinations that go well with this particular shade. 

Navy blue is a pretty neutral shade from all of the blues; this dark shade is complimentary to most colors. Navy blue goes well with colors like white, yellow, pink, ochre, red, gray, or gold. Navy blue also goes well with other blue shades, perfect if you’re going for a monochromatic color scheme.

We know that there are about a dozen or so possible combinations that can go well with navy blue, and choosing just one can be a bit confusing. Fortunately, we’ve listed the best and most popular combinations for you to choose from. Keep reading as we also give you suggestions on wood choices that you can use for navy blue-colored rooms in your home.

A navy blue bedroom with wood framed windows a bed sitting on a rug and hardwood floors, and a Peloton - What Colors Go With Navy Blue

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What Colors Go With Navy Blue?

Navy blue is a shade of blue that sits in the middle of blue and black. Out of all the shades of blue, navy blue does well as a neutral color because of its black elements. Since it is a little darker than other blue shades, a good number of colors can be used to complement or accentuate them.

When using navy blue for your interiors, you can choose to use it either as your wall color or as the base for your furniture color. Most interior designers like using navy blue on walls to give off an intimate or masculine vibe to a space. In lighter rooms, navy blue colors add a beautiful eye-catching shade that draws people in.

Navy blue can go well with many colors, and here are some of the more popular combinations used in interior design.

Navy Blue and White

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Gold elephant and a leaf in a glass vase placed on marble desk in blue living room interior with decor on metal rack

A classic combination, navy blue and white, goes well together because of the colors’ neutral profile. This combination is simple and elegant, and it features a really classic feel in any room with this pairing. With a navy blue and white color combination, you’ll have a palette that can carry other accents and a multitude of furniture that fits well with the scheme.

Navy Blue and Yellow

Modern room with navy wall and white furniture

With yellow being a natural contrasting color to blue, it comes as no surprise that it does well to combine this color with navy blue. Adding yellow to the mix brings about a brightness to the otherwise dark color, and it gives off vibrant energy to any room. The color yellow can be added as an accent or as a striking piece of color that draws visitors to the room.

Navy Blue and Pink

Patterned carpet in luxurious living room interior with blue sofa against white wall with pink painting

Navy blue is quite a masculine color, but it doesn’t mean that it cannot pair well with a feminine shade such as pink. Light, candy-colored pink shades add a softness to the darkness of navy, and it is perfect for adding in intimate spaces like bedrooms or living rooms. This color combination works beautifully in spaces that receive lots of light to emphasize both colors.

Navy Blue and Ochre

Real photo of a teal green armchair standing next to a blue couch i living room interior with flowers on a wooden stool and painting on the wall

The color ochre is an earthy, deep yellow tone that goes well with navy blue because of its warmth. While it almost looks similar to yellow, ochre brings about the richness and depth of a room. Since ochre is close to yellow hues, it contrasts well with navy blue, but it looks richer and a little more glamorous to look at when used in your space.

Navy Blue and Red

Small, wooden cupboard with a plant and navy blue armchair standing in living room interior with Monstera Deliciosa

Another classic, the combination of navy blue and red, is very reminiscent of nautical-themed spaces. However, different shades of red can be used and depending on how light or dark this red is, the feel of the room will drastically change. Darker, heavier red hues are more elegant, while brighter, striking firehouse reds are sure to bring in the heat to the room.

Navy Blue and Gray

Mockup of gold frame in navy blue living room interior with armchairs and settee.

A great choice for more masculine spaces, navy blue and gray work beautifully together to create a neutral palette. Varying shades of gray can be used to create a calming, natural palette that goes well with navy blue. The color gray also makes the perfect base palette to add different accents and furniture to suit a minimalist-looking space.

Navy Blue and Gold

Real photo of a navy blue armchair with a golden frame standing against dark wall with molding in living room interior with gray rug on wooden floor

Gold might sound like a very opulent color, but mixed with the darker shade of navy blue, the color gold definitely brightens the color beautifully. Typically used as an accent or as an adornment, gold adds a touch of sparkle and elegance to any navy blue room without becoming overwhelmingly too bright. 

Navy Blue and Other Blue Shades

Modern bedroom interior with a stylish combination of trendy blue and light wood texture

If you are looking to do a monochromatic theme for your space, navy blue works beautifully with other shades from its family. Colors can range anywhere from the light blue shades to the more classic blues, and it will create a beautiful gradient of calming blue colors. Make use of neutral whites and grays to accentuate your space for a crisp, classic look.

What Color Wood Goes With Navy Blue?

Due to its neutral profile, navy blue goes well with different colors of wood, depending on the feel you’d like to have in your space. If you are looking to add hardwood floors to your navy-colored room, you’re in luck. Navy blue goes well with many hardwood floors, ranging from the lightest white hardwoods to the darker, richer mahogany hardwood floor.

Navy Blue and White Hardwood

Cozy blue and white loft interior with sofa and bicycle

Coming in with the lightest color, navy blue and white hardwood floors go other to create a beachy, fresh, and airy look to your space. The light hardwood floors will definitely brighten the darkness of the navy blue shade, without taking over too much of the room’s vibe. It also goes well if you are going for a distressed, rustic look in your space.

Navy Blue and Gray Hardwood

Hairpin desk with books, laptop and lamp in dark industrial living room interior with decor on metal rack, carpet and three clocks on the wall

Grays are not typically used as hardwood floors, but more recent modern interior design enthusiasts are leaning towards this neutral color. Navy blue and gray work beautifully in a masculine-looking room, and you can do this easily by incorporating hardwood floors of this shade into navy blue. This combination is very simple and crisp and great for modern design.

Navy Blue and Chestnut Hardwood

Brick fireplace with painted mantel in a Victorian living room with navy blue walls & ten foot ceiling in one hundred-year-old home.

Chestnut hardwood floors are generally common in many homes, as the rich brown color works well with any if not all colors. With navy blue, it becomes richer and warmer, making your room look inviting and intimate. Warm chestnut hardwood floors can work with many different furniture pieces, and they can be used whether you have a traditional or modern-looking space.

Navy Blue and Mahogany Hardwood

A navy blue bedroom with wood framed windows a bed sitting on a rug and hardwood floors, and a Peloton.

Mahogany wood is rich and very deep in color, which some people might think would be too over the top if used with navy blue. However, mahogany hardwood floors also carry a beautiful red hue that contrasts well with the navy blue color. Used correctly with other complementary and contrasting colors, navy blue and mahogany can make your space look intimate and warm.

What Are The Shades of Navy Blue?

abstract grunge dark navy blue background. rough decorative textured pained backdrop. graphic design, banner, arts poster

Navy blue has a distinct color that instantly takes precedence every time this color is incorporated. However, in the world of paints and interior design, navy blue has varying degrees of darkness and lightness, which you can all use for your space. Some navy blue shades are a tad lighter than the standard navy blue, while some are a lot darker, nearly close to black.

The color navy blue carries quite a lot of the blue pigment. This is what we generally associate with the color, with the hint of black being mixed in with the original blue color.

A lighter version can be called nautical blue, with the addition of a little white to the original navy color. This shade is a lot lighter, and more refreshing to look at.

Towards the darker side of things, we have navy or galaxy blue. These colors have more blacks in them, making it a lot deeper and darker when used in the room. It tends to make spaces a little small, so be careful in using this shade as it can be almost comparable to using grays or blacks in interior design.

Final Thoughts

Have fun with the color navy blue! Despite its dark appearance, this shade does really well with a multitude of colors without creating harsh and shocking combinations. The color works beautifully for walls or furniture, and it brings about a calming vibe to the space. Make sure to accentuate your interiors to bring out the best in this color.

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  1. painted our kitchen a dark navy blue. we love it . Since it is between the living room and den and open I am thinking of extending blue to the den. Already did living room accent wall in the same navy blue. maybe make den a lighter blue. lots of light in these rooms.

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