What Colors Go With Sherwin Williams Sea Salt?

Sherwin Williams' interior/exterior paint color Sea Salt can most accurately be described as a cool blue-gray-green shade. This pale, tranquil green tone coordinates well with many different colors for a cool crisp look.

Finding accent colors to go with your Sea Salt paint can be overwhelming. We have searched many sources to bring you a wide selection of colors that go with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt paint. 

Different green tones, including Sea Salt, are classically popular in home decor due to the cool, peaceful ambiance they can add to a space. Although this shade is stylish, it can be challenging to pair with other colors.

The Sherwin Williams colors closely coordinate with Sea Salt are Fleur De Sel, Summit Gray, and Spare White. We will discuss the following other colors to go with sea salt:

  1. White
  2. Cream
  3. Tan
  4. Brown
  5. Black
  6. Gray
  7. Blue
  8. Light natural wood tones
  9. Gold
  10. Red
  11. Orange
  12. Red Brick
  13. The vibrant, eclectic look

Finding the perfect coordinating color for your Sea Salt paint is likely only one of many questions during your project. You may find yourself trying to decide what whites coordinate with this shade or whether it is a green or blue tone.

You may wonder if this shade is warm or cool and how to make Sea Salt look green. We will answer all of these questions and discuss other closely related questions, just keep reading!

Classical empty room interior 3d render,The rooms have wooden floors and gray walls ,decorate with white moulding,there are white window looking out to the nature view. - What Colors Go With Sherwin Williams Sea Salt?

1. White

White is the ultimate accent color for many, if not all, paint colors. Many white tones bring out the brilliance of endless numbers of shades and tones. 

Pairing shades of white with Sea Salt adds a crisp, cool, contrasted look. Warm wood floors are a great way to bring warmth and balance. 

2. Cream

Pairing cream shades with Sea Salt gives your space a subtle contrasted look. This look creates a soft, welcoming ambiance with a splash of muted cool color. 

The warm cream colors help to bring out some of the green undertones of Sea Salt in warm lighting. Deeper shades of green and rich, warm golden shades also highlight the green in this paint. 

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3. Tan

Using shades of tan to pair with your Sea Salt walls is a sure way to give your room a beachy ambiance. Sandy shades of tan add a toasty warmth to the cool shade of Sea Salt. 

This color scheme is balanced and fun. Accent this palette with natural greenery and flowers to add to the fun-in-the-sun look. 

4. Brown

Chocolatey shades of deep brown seem to accentuate the slight blue undertones of Sea Salt. Deep espresso-colored wood is a great toasty pairing for Sea Salt walls. 

Oil rubbed bronze hardware for sinks is a great way to create a cohesive look in your space. Shades of white or cream are a great way to soften this look.

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5. Black

Black is a sleek modern shade that can bring out the dramatic side of any shade. This deep shade is the ultimate in dark neutral colors and goes well with most other colors. 

Pairing Sea Salt walls with black bathroom cabinets can give your space an expansive feel with a trendy twist. Using lighter-colored wood accents with brushed nickel hardware and lighting fixtures will add a rustic feel to your area. 

6. Gray

Exotic house plants and chest of drawers near grey wall. Space for text

The perfect mixture of white and black, gray shades bring out the green undertones in Sea Salt. Gray accents create a welcoming modern ambiance in any space. 

White detail adds some crisp contrast to your palette. Black can also give your space a deeper sleeker color that adds dramatic detail. 

7. Blue

Sea Salt can be combined with bright royal shades of blue for a classic elegant look. Sophisticated shades of blue tend to make Sea Salt walls fade into the background of your room. 

Using cool blue shades as a color pairing to your Sea Salt paint brings out the faint green undertones of this shade. Splashes of natural greenery add some extra color to this color scheme. 

8. Light natural wood tones

Bringing natural elements into your space adds unmatched tranquility and relaxation. Natural wood tones are a great way to add nature into your indoor space while also bringing in some soft, warm color. 

Light natural wood tones pair beautifully with Sea Salt for a warm and cool contrast that is easy on the eyes. This wood color also highlights the green undertones of Sea Salt pain.  

9. Gold

For a warm metallic glow in your home, consider using gold hardware and lighting fixtures in your space. Shades of gold pair magically with Sea Salt for a unique warm contrasted look. 

A bathroom is a perfect space to add gold hardware and lighting fixtures. White trim and cabinets make a great color companion to gold and Sea Salt. 

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10. Red

Vivid shades are beautiful color choices for accent colors for your Sea Salt walls. Vibrant and alluring, red is the ultimate in vivid warm shades. 

Pairing a brilliant shade of red with Sea Salt paint is a great way to achieve a cheery look with this muted, cool color. Warm shades of brown and gold are the perfect finishing touches to this look. 

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11. Orange

Modern mid century living room interior with pastel colors.

While this may not be a typical color pairing with green, orange can give Sea Salt a fun retro feel. Accent chairs or other furniture in this funky shade will highlight the green undertones of Sea Salt. 

Smaller accents in black give this color combination a sense of dimension and detail. Add some natural greenery to this color scheme for some darker color and depth. 

12. Red brick

The rustic urban look that red brick adds to any space is unmatched. Brick is a mix of warm rusty colors that cannot be replicated. 

Along with its distinct color, the rough texture and geometric pattern create a look with plenty of charm and style. While walls are a popular way to use brick in a home, brick floors are another great way to use this material. 

13. Vibrant, eclectic look

Interior of a modern living room designed with vibrant colors.

While the eclectic look isn't for everyone, this unique blend of vibrant colors, patterns, and textures gives any space some character and charm. Vivid shades of bright yellow and pink can add a citrusy splash to your Sea Salt walls.

Large patterns on an area rug help to prevent this look from being overwhelming. Throw pillows in solid bright colors brings in some variety without making this palette look too busy.  

What white goes with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt?

Experts in the field suggest Spare White as a coordinating white. Spare White is a subtle cream with slight green undertones. 

In other brands, White Dove by Benjamin Moore is a great color to pair with Sea Salt. Greek Villa and Westhighland White are some Sherwin Williams brand paint that pair well with Sea Salt. 

Is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt green or blue?

Interior living room in green tones with empty wall and sofa set.3d render

The short answer to this question is both. Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is a muted blue-green shade mixed with a gray base. 

This shade seems closer to green, but certain lighting and accent colors can bring out the blue undertones. Sea Salt is a soft green-blue shade that is tranquil and inviting. 

Is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt warm or cool?

Stylish scandinavian living room interior with design sofa, furniture, tropical plants and decoration. Grey wall. Neutral concept. Template.

Because green and blue are both cool colors, this soft green-blue shade is definitely a cool tone. Green shades can lean toward the warmer side when there are strong yellow undertones. 

Cool shades bring a sense of calm and relaxation into your space. Colors that lean toward the cool side of the color spectrum can give your room a sleek, expansive look. 

How do you make Sea Salt look green?

Sea Salt is a versatile color that can look green or blue depending on lighting and surroundings. Making Sea Salt look greener than blue is easily achieved with the right space and accents. 

Natural lighting helps to accentuate the green undertones of this shade. Darker spaces can bring out the blue undertones in this beautiful shade. 

Final thoughts

Sea Salt is a highly versatile color and can adapt to many different colors within your space. It can look green or blue or a brilliant shade of gray when paired with just the right accent colors.

Finding the perfect color pairing for this subtly striking shade can be daunting. We hope the above listing of colors to go with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt has helped to inspire your home decor project. 

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