What Colors Go With Terracotta Tile?

Deciding what color goes well with your terracotta floor may be a challenge. Will the color go well and be in the style of your choice? We have made it easier by researching for you. Read on and get the lowdown on the best colors to use with your terracotta tile.

Terracotta is a warm, rustic color with a traditional and classical look because of its earthy appearance. You can use the following colors found in nature to contrast or complement its warm color.

The colors that go well with your terracotta tile include:

  • Off-White
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Beige

You can use the above guides to start with. To add to them, we have broken down each color and design element to help you achieve the specific look or style you are going for. So read on and start exploring the possible combinations of color and design that will give you the best look with your terracotta tile!

Glass sliding doors and white curtains with terracotta tile flooring, What Colors Go With Terracotta Tile?

Best Colors For Terracotta Tile

Terracotta tiles are a classic and timeless element because they remind us of nature and the rustic Mediterranean, Spanish and Latin look.

Being a classic, several colors have been consistently paired with it. Below are the colors that work best with terracotta:

Wicker chairs and sofas outside an entertainment area of a resort


Off-white shades of white traditionally look great on walls with terracotta tile. It gives it a neutral base that balances the warmth of the reddish tile hue of terracotta. Use neutral warm, or milky white for the walls. White metal furniture has also traditionally been paired with terracotta tile floors.


If you are looking for contrast to have some pop, use light green. You can get this through blinds, throw pillows, or accent pieces. But the best and most natural source of green is live plants!

Plants lend to the psychological appeal of the earthy and languid breezy oasis associated with the Mediterranean, Spanish and Latin appearance. It also has a way of bringing the external garden and nature into the interior room.

Another good combination is green-grey which is a perfect balance to the warmth of terracotta. You may use it for cabinets, bed covers, curtains, or upholstery.


Another contrasting color to terracotta is blue. Like green, blue is a natural color you find in nature, such as in the sky and the sea, and also has the effect of bringing in the external natural color scheme to the interior space.

Blue balances the warmth and spontaneity of terracotta with its cool and calm visual effect and is excellent as an accent for window sills, sofas, colored pots, or even an accent wall.

A small splash of blue on a bohemian chic deco arrangement will add life to your room.

A wooden chair and a wooden table

The excellent contrast between the blue-grey wall and the terracotta tiled floor can be seen above.


Orange is another color rooted in nature that you may use if you are looking for a complementary color to match the terracotta tiles. It harkens to the color of fruits, vegetables, and spices and has a tone-on-tone effect that gives variety with unity.

You may use orange, orange-yellows, orange-reds, and orange-browns. They will all work and add vibrancy. You may use orange on vases, flower pots, curtains, throw pillows, or lampshades.


Yellow is another color, like an orange, that reminds of fruits and flowers. It adds a dynamic ambiance and a happy earthy feeling.

Use vibrant yellow paired with blue as an accent color for throw pillows, lampshades, curtains, and the like. You may opt for raw sienna, mustard, and similar yellow-related colors.


Another natural color to use with terracotta tiled floors is beige. Again, it is an earthly color and is usually used for walls as they give off a neutral tone to highlight the terracotta floor.

You can also use beige on cabinets, rugs, upholstery, or curtains.

Creating A Modern Look With Terracotta Tiles

While the terracotta look is timeless and classic, you may want to give it that modern look. You may either go with an ultra-modern or a mix of the old and the new.

Below are several ways by which you can do this:

Terracotta tile flooring and a matching gray fireplace

Think Geometric Shapes

Clean lines and obvious geometric shapes characterize the modern design. You may choose and arrange furniture, fixtures, and accent pieces in a straight-on-the-box or obvious geometric composition.

Be A Minimalist

Another element of modern design is the use of minimal home decor. Spaces are free and uncluttered, prioritizing function over other considerations.

Try Something Monochromatic

Use neutral colors such as beige, white, grey, and some black.

Though strictly speaking, modern design steers clear from bright colors; you may use this palette to highlight one or two bright colors to accent the entire look.

Choose Natural Materials

The modern design also gives a premium on the honesty of materiality. This means an inclination to show off the wood's natural grain, uncolored concrete's texture, or even the rust of metal.

Terracotta itself lends to this being a natural material made of earth.

Use Abstract Art

The Modern Design Movement arose during the early 20th century that combined elements of art and functionality. It was synonymous with the emerging Abstract Art Movement.

Use abstract paintings, sculptures, accent pieces, and terracotta floor to frame the sculptural works and bring out the form and geometric shape.

Where Else Can You Use Terracotta Tiles?

Interior of a modern house with white painted walls and terracotta tile flooring

You may ask where else you can use terracotta tiles beside the living room floor. Here are some other options you may want to consider:

Shower Floor And Wall

You may use sealed terracotta tiles for a non-porous surface for the floor and walls to give that warm appeal inside your bathroom. Pair it with natural grey stone, concrete, or off-white areas to create a modern touch.

Make sure to use glazed terracotta tiles for the bathroom floors and walls because it has an impermeable layer against moisture. Unglazed and natural terracotta may be used in the powder room or other areas where no water contact occurs.

Interior/Exterior Walls

Terracotta tiles for a wall will give it that rustic and warm look. There are many shapes to choose from besides the typical square tile. This includes hexagonal walls and rectangular brick-shaped tiles.

Using terracotta tiles on a wall is also an easy project that can transform an otherwise ordinary room into an interesting one.

Staircase Tiling

Terracotta tiles are also excellent for the stairway. They provide good noise absorption, which is another reason to choose them.

They may be used in traditional or spiral staircases and are usually paired with dark metal balusters, or in the case of home entrance stairways, off-white or earth-colored cement balusters or low walls.

Kitchen Sink Backsplash

The kitchen sink backsplash is a common area where you'll see terracotta tiles being used. This may be interspersed with patterned tiles or outright use Spanish or Mexican terracotta peel-and-stick tiles for that vibrant look.

As with the bathroom, terracotta tiles may be used if you seal them well to avoid moisture.

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What Furniture And Decorations Go With Terracotta Tiles?

Orange colored wall and a matching white window with a lamp on top

Choose furniture based on the design style you are looking for. To give your space a modern look, go for low, rectangular furniture with no ornamentation.

For a classic Mediterranean and Spanish Style look, use furniture with classical design, including white or black wrought iron.

For a bohemian look, cozy furniture is the key. You may opt for natural wood combined with upholstery or a brightly colored sofa, balanced, of course, with more muted and neutral colors.

You may add woven baskets and fabrics to add texture. Also, interesting shaped plant vases with light green colored plants will always add to the rustic appeal of your room.

However, make sure not to overdo it to take away from the terracotta floor since it is a statement.

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To Finish

Glass sliding doors and white curtains with terracotta tile flooring

Choosing which colors add to the design style you're going for is essential. For the classic Mediterranean, Spanish, or Mexican look, colors found in nature will work well.

For a more modern aesthete, monochromatic and complementary colors, in addition to the geometric and precise line arrangement of furniture, are the key.

In all cases, remember that the final decision will be based on your taste. So use the above as a guide instead of a solid rule, and most importantly, enjoy your home as it is one of the best pleasures you will have in life!

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