What Colors Go With Olive Green Walls?

Olive green is a trendy color that can work well and look great in any room in your house from the living room to the kitchen or the bedroom and every place in between. If you love olive green, you're probably considering all the ways you can incorporate it in your home. Furniture, curtains, throw pillows, and other accent pieces are easy and obvious choices, but have you thought about your walls?

Olive green is a great option for any wall in your home because it not only stands on its own as a unique and interesting color choice but it also provides a complementary backdrop to so many other colors and styles. It balances well as a subtle complement to other neutrals or as a contrast to a bright pop of color.

Whether your preferred home decorating style is simple and understated or bright and bold, you can't go wrong with olive green walls. To provide some inspiration for all the ways you can mix and match olive green walls with other colors, we've collected 11 examples of rooms with olive green walls. Check them out below, and have fun imagining all the ways you can decorate the olive green rooms in your home!

An interior green boho bedroom with plants, What Colors Go With Olive Green Walls?

1. Yellow

A living room with a fun wall color like olive green deserves fun furniture, and you can't help but smile when you see this bright yellow couch. Yellow and olive green are a natural pairing, and the bright furniture brings warmth and light to the darker green walls.

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Modern living room with sofa

When choosing colors to incorporate into your olive green room, don't feel like you have to stick with just one. A dark blue pillow is a nice extra touch that balances well with the green and yellow. A patterned rug adds another fun dimension to this modern living room.  

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2. Pink

Stylish composition of bedroom interior

Pink is another fun color that pairs well with any shade of green, including olive. This lovely bedroom features pink in both the bedding and the wall decor to help create a relaxing and romantic oasis.

Choosing a green sham and blanket for the bed helps to tie all the pieces together with the walls. Including lots of plants also feels right at home and brings an extra burst of freshness to any olive green room.

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3. White

Comfortable plush bed

White always works with olive green. This bedroom keeps it clean and simple by opting for plain white bedding and matching black side tables and headboard.

Matching the throw pillows to the olive green walls is all that is needed to create a cohesive look. If you can't decide on your favorite color or simply like a clean, fresh look, white is the ideal choice for any bedroom. 

4. Gray

Interior of a modern bedroom decorated with modern furniture with pastel tones

Gray is a great choice to pair with olive green. This bedroom opts for a dark gray bed to balance against the lighter olive green walls.

A light gray rug, light wood furniture, and lots of natural light ensure this room stays light and airy despite the darker bedding. If you like a neutral look but want something with more dimension than white, consider any shade of gray to pair with your olive green walls.

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5. Brown

Living room with brown leather sofa

Brown furniture is a natural choice for any room with olive green walls. This living room features a brown leather sofa against a dark olive green wall. Browns in any shade pair well with any shade of olive green, from light to dark.

For a warm and cozy feel, find different ways to include brown in your olive green rooms. Wood and leather furniture are two options, but also consider using various shades of brown in your bedding and other decor items as well.

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6. Beige

Bathroom interior in natural boho

Beige is another neutral color that works amazingly well with olive green in any room. In this boho-style bathroom, beige is the perfect option for the tile and cabinets.

In a living room, bedroom, or kitchen, opting for natural wood furniture and other accents in shades of beige, tan, or cream is also a smart choice for those who want to evoke a sense of the natural world in their olive green rooms.

7. Orange

Bedroom with green wall

This bold bedroom is proof that you truly can pair almost any color with olive green. The walls here are a brighter shade of olive green than some of the other rooms, providing the perfect base for all the bright orange accents.

When choosing bold colors for your bedroom, you might as well go all in and choose bold patterns as well. This room succeeds by not only connecting the various elements with green and orange accents but also by featuring a similar pattern throughout. Notice that circular shapes appear in the rug, the bedding, and the lamp—a simple touch that packs a big punch.

8. Peach

Bedroom interior an elegant luxury room

If orange is a little too bold for you but you like the contrast it offers to olive green walls, consider peach instead. Peach brings a cheery warmth to any room. Keep the touch of color subtle and simple with just a couple of peach pillows against a neutral bed like in this room.

Or go for a bigger splash by opting to include a peach sofa or chair. Gold elements like the mirrors and lamps here always work well with peach and provide an extra hint of luxury and elegance in any room.

9. Lavender

Wide bedroom new interior style with frame behind green wall decor

For a beautiful balance to olive green, look no further than lavender. Any shades of greens and purples work beautifully together, but these two muted tones are especially nice when coordinated in a bedroom or any other space in your home.

When you think of a lavender plant with its delicate light green leaves and pretty purple petals, you can't deny that olive green and lavender make a natural pairing. 

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10. Red

Olive tone family room with fireplace

Red provides a good contrast to olive green, and together the two colors can create a warm and rustic vibe in any room. Just like the pimento in the center of a green olive, adding a touch of red to an olive green room can add just the right delicious flavor it's missing.

Throw pillows, artwork, and even the brick of the fireplace are all places to consider adding a small splash of red to your olive green living room. 

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11. Olive Green 

Boho Chic bedroom, simple and comfortable design with trendy rattan home accessories on green wall

This might seem obvious, but what pairs better with olive green walls than more olive green? If you really love the shade, you don't have to include any other colors in your room decor. Opting for a diamond pattern in the bedding provides texture in this bedroom and keeps it from feeling monotonous or one-dimensional.

Incorporating furniture pieces in natural fibers also helps add interest without detracting from the singular color palette. Other shades of green also look fantastic when mixed and matched with olive green. Choose an assortment of green shades and play around with patterns and textures to turn any room into a relaxing green retreat. 

In Closing

As you've discovered after exploring all the examples above, you can pair almost any color you want with olive green walls.

Whether your favorite palette is natural and neutral, striking and bold, or something in between, you're sure to find the perfect pieces to feature in your olive green rooms to create the exact look you want. Add just a touch of color with an accent pillow or throw, or make a bigger splash by choosing a sofa or bedding in your color of choice to complement your olive green walls.

Whichever colors you choose to combine with your olive green walls are sure to look fabulous. For more inspiration on decorating your rooms with olive green walls, check out these articles:

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