What Curtains Are Best For Cats And Cat Proofing?

Having cats in your household can be challenging regardless of how adorable they are. In this blog post, you will be provided with insights on cat-proofing. We will also be providing you with tips in choosing the most visually appealing curtains that cats won't damage.

Depending on your taste, you can try installing the following cat-proof curtains or opting for cat-proofing alternatives:

  • Use Microfiber Curtains
  • Use Velvet Curtains
  • Use Sunbrella Curtains
  • Use Canvas
  • Use Blinds
  • Install a Cat Perch or Build a Cat Tower
  • Install An Alarm
  • Use a Cat Deterrent Spray
  • Discipline Your Cat

If you have the same dilemma as other cat parents, then you can opt for the solutions that we have provided. We have researched ideas on how to cat-proof your home safely and effectively. Continue reading below for more information on cat-proofing.

Living room with modern curtains, What Curtains Are Best For Cats And Cat Proofing?

Best Curtains For Your Cats and Cat-Proofing 

Family cat enjoying sofa within living room

Having cats play with your curtain can be annoying at times. Below is a list of tips and tricks to help you solve your cat problems when it comes to your curtains:

Use Microfiber Curtains

This is the first material that you should consider if you want your cat to stay out of your curtain. Microfiber curtains are known to have low-pile fabrics which are best in preventing odors because there is less material to trap odor.

It is also tightly woven, which will make it easier to clean and harder for cats to scratch.

Your cat will consider the curtain less satisfying to scratch and will probably end up moving on to another item in your house to scratch, which we will be discussing later.

Microfiber is also an affordable alternative to a regular curtain which is a plus point.


Check out this Nicetown microfiber curtain on Amazon.

Use Velvet Curtains

Dark gray curtain

Just like microfiber curtains, this is also a good alternative material for curtains because it is claw-proof and stain-proof.

Although it might not repel cat fur as well as microfiber, this is still a considerable choice, as long as your cat will stop playing with it.

Aside from being helpful when you have cats, velvet curtains are also considered luxurious and elegant.

Velvet curtains are available in a wide variety and can help elevate your home without you having to worry about your cats scratching it. Lastly, velvet curtains are also good for insulation, aesthetics, and blocking out the sun.

You can check out these velvet curtains on Amazon.

Use Sunbrella Curtains

This curtain is usually used outdoors because of its heavy-duty material. However, this can also be used in your home and can equally bring color and light to your household while making sure that your cat stays away from it.

These curtains are considered cat-proof because the material they're made of is solution-dried acrylic, making them heavy-duty. When cats attempt to play with these curtains, their claws just slide off.

Use Canvas

Canvas is made out of tight weaves and loops, which makes it a good choice for a cat-proof curtain. Cats won't usually play with this kind of fabric, as they will find it uninteresting.

Its thick weave makes it durable and affordable, so you don't have to worry about the expense.

Check out these canvas curtains on Amazon.

Use Blinds

Using blinds instead of curtains/drapes is a trend nowadays. It can be expensive, but it will save you money in the long run, not to mention that you can easily operate and clean blinds.

You also don't have to worry about your cats ruining your blinds because they won't play with them.

Which Blinds Are Best for Cats?

If you are wondering what kind of blinds would be best for your cat and still be able to make it cat-proof, then you are certainly n track. Listed below are the types of blinds that are best for you and your cats:

Vertical Blinds

Sitting room

You cat will probably play with these blinds, but you can easily replace a few broken parts if necessary.

Cordless Roller Shade

This blind still accumulates cat hair, but you can easily brush or vacuum it out. This is also good for your house because of how the light reflects from the inside out. This type of blind is also affordable and has a special coat in it.

Cordless Faux Wood Blind

This pet-friendly blind does not have cords and is made of heavy-duty material, so your cat won't probably won't be interested in it.

Check out this cordless faux wood blind at Amazon.

Interior Shutters

With this blind, there is an assurance that your cat will not bite or play with it because it is made of polyresin.

Blackout Cordless Spring Roller Shade

This is another pet-friendly blind that is made of cotton. Although there is a possibility that your cat may play with it,  you will always have the option of putting it higher so your cat won't reach it.

Effective Cat-Proofing Alternatives

A good alternative when you don't have the means to buy new curtains is to do some tricks to divert your cat's attention away from your curtains.

Having an alternative can also allow you to get to know and train your cat. Below are suggested tricks to help you cat-proof your curtains and your home.

Install a Cat Perch or Build a Cat Tower

Installing a cat perch or building a cat tower will give your cats their own space.  Cats are generally not indoor animals, which means they require constant sensory stimulation.

Cat owners prefer to have their cats indoors because it is safer. But you should note that having your cat indoors will require that you practice caution, because they can damage your furniture.

Check out this cat tree tower on Amazon.

Install An Alarm

Installing an alarm or motion sensor for your curtains may not be a common option for cat parents, but it is a good way of cat-proofing your curtains. 

If you install an alarm and you repeatedly stop your cat from playing with your curtains,  eventually your cat will get bored and realize that curtains are not toys. After all, cats are considered intelligent animals.

Use a Cat Deterrent Spray

A plastic bottle of air freshener in the hands of a maid.

You can either buy or make a cat deterrent spray so that your cat will stay away from your curtains. In making one yourself, you just have to prepare an essential oil or apple cider vinegar and a few drops of water.

Cats don't usually like scents such as citrus, lemongrass, mint, or eucalyptus so they will avoid any area where they can detect these odors.

Discipline Your Cat

High angle view of young woman petting adorable tabby cat while sitting on windowsill.

This is probably one of the hardest yet most rewarding alternatives for cat-proofing your home.

You can train your cat by using a clicker and reward her with a treat so that she knows when an action is considered worthy of a reward or not. Positive reinforcement is always a good way to train pets.

You can also opt to buy your cat some toys so she won't get bored and start playing with your curtains again. Training will also help you bond and get to know your cat more so that it knows who to follow.

Why Do Cats Like To Climb Curtains?

Curious cat

Cats love climbing and playing with curtains because of their innate love of climbing. Out in the wild, cats usually climb to get food, rest, play, and explore, which makes curtains a perfect playing tool for them.

Another reason why your cat is fond of climbing curtains is that she sees it as a means to escape from isolation. Because cats are known to be dominant animals, being on higher ground makes them feel that they own the place.

In a way, this can also be considered a coping mechanism, especially when they are feeling anxious.  This is why training and getting to know your cat is important.

Final Thoughts

Having a pet cat can bring joy to your life, but it can also bring frustration. If you are worried about your cat playing and scratching your curtains, you can cat-proof your curtains and furniture, provide the cats with toys, or you can simply train them. 

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