What Curtains Go With A Blue Couch?

Did you buy a brand new blue couch and wonder what curtains to match it? Or maybe you want to switch up your curtains a little and are looking for new ideas. We researched this topic and have some great choices for you!

If your couch is just blue, with no designs, there is no right or wrong answer regarding the color of curtains to match it. Any color of the curtain would match blue. If you have designs on your couch, make sure the curtains you choose also match those colors. Some of the best colors to go with a blue couch are: 

  • Blue
  • White
  • Green 
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Red

Keep reading this article for some great curtain color ideas to match your blue couch!

A modern living room interior of a luxurious hotel apartment with a designer couch, an armchair and art decorations. - What Curtains Go With A Blue Couch


If you have a dark navy blue couch, consider a lighter tone of blue for the curtains. You could also match the color of your sofa with your curtains. If you have a nautical themed living room, find a beautiful ocean blue curtain to complete the look. If you have a plain blue couch, add some beautiful blue curtains with a gold design or trim. The picture above has a plain blue couch with curtains of blue and other colors mixed. They also added a matching throw pillow.

Check out these beautiful blue and gold curtains we found for your living room.

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Real photo of a modern living room interior with a sofa, armchairs, table, paintings and patterned carpet

Even if your couch has a design on it, white curtains go with anything! They give any room a bright and airy feel and certainly match a blue couch. These are perfect for letting light in and making the room feel bigger. You could use sheer curtains, as in the picture, or use a heavier curtain if you would like more privacy. Either way, white curtains let your couch stand out more. Add 4 or 5 panels for a more full, elegant look on your windows.

Look at these white sheers we found available for purchase!

Panels Solid Color White Sheer Window Curtains Elegant Window Voile Panels

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Green goes great with blue. These colors give a more earthy vibe to your living room. You may even choose a pastel green if you have a light blue couch. This would be perfect for Spring and Summer seasons. Do not be afraid to mix different hues of colors with your curtains. You could use a deeper green on the outside while having some light green sheers in the center of the window. In the photo above, they chose a green curtain with blue flower details in a lighter blue than the couch. Curtains with flowers or embroidery is also a great option!

Take a look at these fantastic velvet curtains!

Block Light Thermal Insulated Velour Rod Pocket Drapes for Bedroom and Living Room

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That's right, black! Black curtains are not only great for privacy, but it makes the room feel more comfortable and warm in the cooler months. Black matches anything and would look fantastic with your blue couch. Perfect for a man's den or even your sofa in your home office. Add some white throw pillows to your couch to balance the light and dark. You could even add white to the curtains. In the photo above, they used a zebra print curtain against a blue couch. It not only adds color but a bit of character as well!

If you like the zebra print idea, take a look at these curtains we found!

Ambesonne Zebra Print Curtains, Striped Zebra Animal Print Nature Wildlife Inspired

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A mustard yellow would look fantastic with a dark navy blue couch! This is a very defined look. You could have a modern or vintage themed living room, and it would still look perfect! Maybe your light blue couch has yellow flowers on it. Find some gorgeous pale yellow curtains to bring out the design on your couch. Light yellow and light blue are perfect for a rustic cottage look or farmhouse theme.

How about these pastel flowered curtains below?

Lush Decor, Yellow and Blue Tania Curtains

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Red curtains with a blue couch add the Americana flair to a living room. The red adds an element of pizazz, while the blue couch is inviting. You may choose to use red sheers or a heavy red drape. The drape will add more privacy, and the sheers will allow light to flow through. If you really want to step it up, use red, white, and blue sheers together. Not only is it Americana, but it can also represent many other country flags. And let's face it, the colors go well with each other!

If you do not want to go with red, white, and blue, check out these beautiful curtains to bring a bit of Bohemia to your living room!

Popular Handicrafts Indian Hippie Bohemian Beautiful Ombre Color

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What Are The Best Practices For Matching Curtains And Couches?

Man hanging window curtain indoors, closeup. Interior decor element

Do not be afraid to mix and match the colors and textures of your couch and curtains. If the couch is a solid color, add some fun designed curtains to add some character. There is no right or wrong way to match them. Have fun with it and keep the colors matching.

How Do You Decorate A Room With A Blue Couch?

Blue sofa in living room interior home background

Any color goes with blue. Add some great lamps and wooden end tables, throw pillows to match your curtains, and a great area rug. Plants are also wonderful to add to a living room. Green and blue bring earthy tones into the room.

Should Your Rug Match Your Couch?

Blue sofa in living room interior home background

You want the color and design to match the couch. Do not mix too many patterns, as it will make the room look busy and cluttered. If the sofa is plain, add a floral rug or one with some embroidery.

In Closing

Retro armchairs with wooden frame and colorful pillows on a navy blue sofa in a vibrant living room interior with green plants. Real photo.

If you have a plain blue couch, any color blue, it is easy to match curtains to it. Any color or any design will most likely look great. Keep with the theme of your living room. If you have a blue couch with a floral design on it, pull out the flowers' colors for the perfect set of curtains. You may choose to use sheers or a heavier drape for more privacy. Just have fun with it!

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A blue sofa in a window on sunny day with table in foreground, What Curtains Go With A Blue Couch?

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