What Curtains Go With Beige Carpet?

Beige is a color that is loved for its neutrality and versatility. It can be warmed up or cooled down depending on what colors you choose to pair it with. Some people think beige looks boring but paired with the right accents such as pillows, blankets, and curtains, a beige carpet can look really spectacular in a room. In this article, we’ve identified curtain color pairings specifically for beige carpeting.

The best color curtains to pair with beige carpet are: 

  • Beige
  • Brown/Dark Brown
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Light Pink
  • Orange
  • Red
  • White

Choosing the right color curtains to pair with beige depends partly on your individual style preference. If you’re having trouble deciding, keep reading for design suggestions and find out why each color works with the beige carpet.

A mansard room with a small chair, beige carpet flooring and a gray curtain, What Curtains Go With Beige Carpet?

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Interior of a beige colored living room with beige curtains, white chairs and sofa and a beige carpet on a wooden flooring

You may be thinking that beige curtains and beige carpet can make a room look dull. This combination actually works really well because it helps to streamline the room. Pairing beige curtains and carpet with white furniture and gold and copper accents, all of which are similar in color to beige, can help a room look really clean and modern.

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A luxurious and spacious bedroom with beige carpet flooring matched with retro styled furniture and a green curtain on the background

Brown or dark brown curtains pair well with beige carpet because they are both neutrals and part of the same color family. Different shades of the same color always look great together because they provide noticeable contrast and cohesiveness at the same time. 

In a living room, furniture in light colors and metallic accents keep the room from looking too dark by reflecting light around the room. In a bedroom, dark wood furniture with brown curtains and beige carpet can dim the room’s lighting, making it cozier.

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A mansard room with a small chair, beige carpet flooring and a gray curtain

Grey and beige is a classic pairing. They are both neutrals but aren’t in the same color family. Grey can give any room a clean look, but pairing it with beige gives off hotel spa-like vibes and makes a room feel calm. 

Beige is a warm color, and grey is a cool color. Using them together creates a nice balance. Choose grey accent pillows to pull the room together, or use brighter ones for an unexpected pop of color.

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Modern contemporary living room with green curtains, wooden flooring and a white painted cabinet with an indoor plant

Green and beige pair well together because they are both earth tones and help to bring in the outdoors. Green can help ground a room while providing visual contrast against the beige. 

Any color green works well, but shades like olive and jade green give off forest vibes while jewel tones like emerald and dark green give off lush, tropical vibes. Add some wicker accents and plants to really pull the room together.

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Light Pink

Ladies bedroom with a bed with pink beddings, light pink sofa, and a small curtain with a huge window

Light pink curtains in shades like dusty pink, rose, or blush add a feminine touch to the beige carpet. Even though beige is a lighter shade, beige carpet can sometimes look rough depending on the texture, but pink helps to soften it. Lighter shades of cream and gold and rose gold accents compliment pink and beige really well.

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Living room with beige carpet, square arm sofa and orange curtains

Pairing beige with orange tones like burnt orange or tangerine can make a room feel extra warm and cozy. Add in white or cream upholstery and fabrics to keep the orange from overpowering the room. Dark wood furniture adds a rustic feel to the room.

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A retro themed living room with a white sofa and a red accent chair inside a beige colored living room

Red is timeless and classic. Pairing red curtains with a beige rug is a bold choice, but it works really well because red looks good with any neutral color. Because they create such a contrast, red curtains can become the focal point of a room with beige carpet.

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A Scandinavian themed living room with wooden flooring, beige carpet, white sofa with throw pillows and white curtains on the window

White is a great complementary color to beige. Pairing white and beige makes rooms feel light and airy and gives them a farmhouse look. Because they are both neutrals, white curtains and beige carpet can be accented with upholstery and decor in the same color palette or mixed with any other color and still look great.

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Do You Match Curtains With Carpet?

Curtains often act as an accessory to a room. This means that curtains don’t necessarily have to match the color of the carpet. Of course, they can match if that’s your preference. But you have so many options when it comes to choosing a curtain color!

Choosing a curtain color that matches your carpet can make the room look monotonous. Curtains that don’t match the carpet help to add visual interest to a room. If you don’t want your curtains to match the carpet, there are three basic guidelines to keep in mind.

Choose curtains in the same color palette

Maybe you don’t want your curtains to be exactly the same color as the carpet, but you still want a streamlined look. To achieve this, you can choose colors in the same color palette but different shades than the carpet.

For example, if your carpet is beige, you can choose curtains in a lighter cream color or tan or light brown. If your carpets are grey, colors such as white, darker grey, or black are in the same color family and really complement each other. Colors within the same family create a harmonious look.

Choose curtains in accent colors

Do you have a set of throw pillows that you absolutely love? Maybe those pillows are light blue, pink, or yellow and really stand out against the beige carpet, creating a nice accent color. You can actually match curtains to accent colors instead of the carpet, although this look works best if your walls and carpet are both neutral colors.

If you have light blue throw pillows, choose light blue curtains as well. The brightness will be striking against the beige carpet. But accent colors only work as long as the colors you choose don’t clash with the walls, the carpet, or each other, like pairing purple walls, beige carpet, and orange curtains together.

Keep curtain materials in mind

If you have a specific look that you want to achieve, choose your curtain materials carefully. Sheer or thin curtains can look different in the packaging than they do when hanging up. This is because of the amount of light that passes through thin curtains. 

Curtains are more compact when they are in the packaging, so the color can look darker than it actually is because the light isn’t passing through as much. Likewise, when they hang up in front of a window, more natural light is passing through, so the curtains’ color might appear lighter. Thicker curtains such as ones that block light are usually more true to color.

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In What Rooms Does Beige Carpet Go Best?

In theory, beige carpet can go in any room except the kitchen or bathroom, where laminate or tile flooring is the better choice. But just because beige carpet can go in any room, that doesn’t mean it should.

Since beige is such a light color, beige carpet will show dirt really easily. This means that it may not be the best choice for rooms that see a lot of traffic from outdoors, like the entryway. If you have kids or pets, it’s probably not the best choice for the family room either, as any dirt or spills will show up.

Beige carpet goes best in bedrooms or more formal living rooms because they don’t get a lot of everyday foot traffic, dirt tracked in on shoes or spills. Having beige carpet in your bedroom or living room means that you can pair it with many different furniture styles and accents, and the carpet will still look clean and amazing.

What Color Sofa Goes With Beige Carpet?

Interior of a spacious whtie living room with white sofas, brown chairs and white curtains on the background

Any color sofa can go with beige carpet, but the most popular choices are other neutral colors such as:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Grey
  • Tan
  • White

These colors are neutral and will pair with any decor and accents that you choose. Add neutral decor and accents to create a clean and modern look, or thrown in accents in pastel or bright colors like purple, green, blue, pink, yellow, or red for an unexpected pop of color.

Sofas in bold colors can also go with beige carpet, but they only work if your other decor is kept to a minimum. This means neutral, more muted accent colors. Using too many different colors together can clash or look too busy, creating a space that isn’t cohesive.

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Beige is such a great color because it goes with everything. Hopefully, this guide has given you ideas for curtains to go with your beige carpet. Whatever color and style you choose will look great as long as you’re happy with the result.

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