What Curtains Go With Brown Carpet? [9 Awesome Options]

If you have brown carpets in your home, what color curtains will work the best with them? We've put together a list of super color combinations for you based on the best research. Let's take a look at what we found.

Here are great color curtains to go with your brown carpet:

  • Brown
  • Creme
  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Burgundy
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Patterned

Let's look at examples of each of these combinations to see what might be best for your decorating style. In addition, we'll answer some other questions, like what color curtains make a room look bigger if your carpet should be lighter or darker than your walls, and how you might brighten a room that has brown carpet. So please, keep reading for more good ideas about your carpet and curtain combination.

A classic English bedroom design with carpet floor and curtains on window, What Curtains Go With Brown Carpet? [9 Awesome options]

Great Curtain Colors To Go With Brown Carpet

The color brown sometimes gets a bad rap for being too old school, dark, or dull. But today, brown is no reason for interior design dismay. With all of the shades and all of the ways to bring a room to life, your brown carpet can be a real star. Here we'll discuss some curtain colors that look great with your brown carpet.


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Living room modern interior

Choosing a curtain to match your carpet is a way to get a cohesive look. If your walls are a different color and your upholstery different as well, the look will seem unified but not too matchy. However, a totally monochromatic look can be incredibly striking, so don't discount that either.


These curtains are shown here against brown hardwoods but imagine brown carpet. The 2-layers of curtains in biscotti colors are a beautiful and lightening contrast for the room. The heavier curtain blocks out all of the light, while the chiffon front layer provides drapey-light-producing elegance.

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Bright lounge modern style

White goes with virtually everything, and that's no exception when we're talking about curtains to go with brown carpet. White is a lovely fit and will even help brighten up your room and bring more light to your space. Brown and white color combinations are perfect for both contemporary and transitional spaces alike. 


Modern interior living room with corner sofa and curtains on large glass windows

Blue is another color that is easy to use with other colors. Here deep midnight blue curtains pair beautifully with a soft brownish tan carpet. Matching darker curtains with a lighter-colored carpet is a tried and true method for pairing the two components. Here it's used to good effect.

Living room with cozy corner sofa and carpet flooring

Blue comes in as many tones and shades as brown, and here we see the use of a light turquoise with medium tan carpeting. The furniture also coordinates with the color look for a bright and fun room that would be great for a den or family room.


Green and brown are a perfect combination. It's bringing the colors of trees into your world. Add some natural toned furniture and lovely house plants, and you'll create a soothing space you never want to leave. Here sage green sheers look elegant and clean against a medium brown floor accented with a creme colored area rug. This combination is truly a breath of fresh air.

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Hotel bedroom with red curtains on window

If you want to create a richly colored space and light is not as much of a concern, consider burgundy curtains with your brown carpet. Both tones are rich and beautiful. Because brown has some natural reds in it, the combination is a natural fit. 

If you need to keep a room dark for someone with a daytime sleep pattern or a particularly hot window, consider burgundy blackout curtains. Blackout curtains are super for really keeping light out when you need it. This burgundy color will be great with any shade of brown carpeting.

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Lovely bedroom interior with soft beige walls and checkered sheets

This combination of pink sheers, gorgeous cappuccino colored drapes, and a soft beige carpet is a beautiful look for this bedroom. Pink gives you the same richness as the deeper burgundy but allows more light and softness in design. You can even pair it with other colors, as shown in this striking image. 


Classic English bedroom design

Orange is another color related to pink and burgundy that works well with browns. This color combination was big during the mid-century modern design period and is making a resurgence as those styles gain mainstream popularity again.

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Don't rule out the use of patterns and florals when choosing curtains to go with your brown carpet. Think of the other tones in your room and pick those pieces that match well. Here a subtle windowpane plaid linen curtain in soft blue tones works exceptionally well with the brown flooring.

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These leaf embroidered sheers in a chocolatey brown and white are a feminine and romantic choice to pair with brown carpet. Add some soft creme bedding and a few linen throw pillows, one with a pop of soft pink or moss green, and you'll have a luxurious moment as you enter your room.

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What Color Curtains Make A Room Look Bigger?

If you want to make a room look bigger, what color curtains should you choose? In general, lighter colors will create a feeling of space and expanse. So when choosing curtains, look to the lighter end of the spectrum. It doesn't mean you can't choose a color; it just means that rather than a navy blue, you'll choose a pale blue, or instead of emerald green, you'll pick a soft sage color. 

Should The Carpet Be Lighter Or Darker Than The Walls?

Whether your carpet is lighter or darker than the walls is really up to you and what you want out of your design. If you've got a dark carpet because of heavy foot traffic, then you might choose a light to medium tone wall color to brighten things up. If you've got a very light carpet and want a bit of warmth in the room, you may choose to go with slightly darker wall color. 

There's no rule about this to apply to every situation. In fact, you may choose to paint your walls the same color as your carpet, then vary things by adding different color curtains and furniture. We suggest finding images or an online visualization tool like many paint stores offer to look at your ideal color combinations. 

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How Do You Brighten A Room With Brown Carpet?

If you're renting, can't afford to change a carpet, or whatever reason why you want to design around a brown carpet, what can you do to brighten the space? There are several things to help. Brighten your furniture. Pick items that are light natural wood or soft painted colors. For upholstery, go with whites and cremes or bright pastel colors. You can also utilize a large-sized area rug. Lay down a brighter rug over your brown carpet to help lighten the space.

You can also paint your walls a bright, clean white and pick lighter colored sheers that let in as much light as possible. Add area lamps, and be sure your fixture bulbs are outfitted with the proper voltage to shine cool light in the room. All of these things will help to brighten up your brown carpeted room.

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Curtains Are The Jewelry For Your Windows

Though you don't have to have curtains in every situation, they can really dress up a room. Think of them as the jewels that frame your gorgeous window. And in some cases, it helps block out less than desirable views. Whatever the reason you need curtains, we hope some of these color combinations work for your design ideas.

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