What Curtains Go With Green Walls?

Curtains are an absolute essential when it comes to decorating your home. Without them, the room would end up looking rather incomplete. Curtains do a wonderful job of adding character and visual interest to the room. They also help to filter the natural light the spills through the windows.

Green is a bold, fresh color that's absolutely captivating in a room design. Since it is a strong color choice for the walls, you'll have to be more mindful of the curtain color you choose. Consider the other decorative elements in the room as you select your curtains. This ensures that the room design looks balanced and harmonious.

As you consider your room color more, you may be wondering what color curtains will look best in the space. In order to help you out, we created a list of 11 curtain ideas that go with green walls. Let's get to it!

Modern and cozy living room with corduroy sofa, pillows, big window to the garden, What Curtains Go With Green Walls

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White Curtain With Green Walls

White is a timeless, classic color that goes well with virtually any other color. It's light and airy, making the space feel soothing. White is one of the most popular color choices considering its excellent versatility. 

1. Patterned White

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Pillows on sofa near armchair in flat living room interior with table and shelves against green wall

White curtains do a wonderful job of lightening the room and filtering a gentle warmth into the room. These white sheer curtains feature an interesting pattern that elevates the aesthetic of the room. Curtains like these are full of character. 

2. Tab Top Sheers

Modern home living room interior with green door, light green walls and hardwood floor

Tab top curtains are ideal for a room where you don't have to frequently move the panels. These sheer tab top curtains go well in this room design and frame the windows nicely. The white trim throughout the room is the perfect complement for the curtains. 

White Tab Top Curtain Panel

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3. Whispy Sheers

Tropical plants in modern stylish living room with green walls, mosaic painting and white curtains

Whispy white sheer curtains are just what you need for an elegant look in your green-walled room. With rich green walls and metallic features, white sheers are ideal. They're not overbearing in the room, but they do upgrade the look.

4. Pooled Bottom

Empty vintage interior with lime green textured plaster wall, windows and white curtains touching the white floor

If you're looking for an elegant way to hang you white curtains, look no further. Allowing curtains to pool at the bottom makes the room look elegant. This style of hanging works best if you don't need to frequently open and close the curtains. 

5. Off-White Cotton

TV screen on the wall with wooden plate above the cabinet in modern living room with off-white curtain and floating geometric shelves

The off-white, textured cotton curtains in this green-walled room soften its features and complement the other colors in the room. The natural wood entertainment center gives off a calming organic vibe. Using cotton-blend curtains completes the organic feel of the room.

Off-White Textured Curtain

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Green Curtain With Green Walls

Green on green is a bold choice. Pick at least a slightly different green hue for the curtains in order for them to stand out rather than blend in with the walls.

6. Emerald Green

Black fancy chandelier in fashionable teenager bedroom with single bed and wooden cylinder side tables

Varying shades of emerald green are utilized in this cute room design. The curtains are made from velvet, which adds unmatched dramatic flair. The combination of textures in the room is what really makes it captivating. 

7. Hunter Green

Modern and cozy living room with corduroy sofa, pillows, big window to the garden

Hunter green is a dark green hue with a slight gray tint to it. This color looks awesome when it's incorporated with all kinds of green shades, which is why the curtains work exquisitely in this room. Using a room-darkening curtain provides privacy if you wish. 

Hunter Green Grommet Curtain Panel

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8. Plaid Kelly Green

Modern elegant living room interior with animal skin carpet, ruffled leather sofa set, wooden furniture and hardwood floor

These kelly green curtains complement the vertical stripes on the wall with their subtle plaid pattern. They slightly blend in with their surroundings but still add valuable character to the room. The floor-to-ceiling length makes great use of the space and maximizes the design.

Other Colors With Green Walls

There are multiple other colors that go well with green walls including yellow, red, and gray. Don't be shy to try out new color combinations. 

9. Mustard Yellow

A living room with mustard yellow floor length curtains with a minimalist approach living room design

Emerald green and mustard yellow pair wonderfully together. Since both colors are very rich, they're commanding in the room. Utilize patterns in various room decorations in order to create some more dimension in the design. 

Room Darkening Curtain Panel

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10. Ruby Red

Vintage themed living room with comfortable chairs, pink and brown throw pillows, and a red floor length curtain

If you're looking for an eye-catching pop of color in your green-walled room, then a ruby red pair of curtain panels is incomparable. The red hue is an exemplary accent for this Oriental-themed room.

Semi-Sheer Curtain Panel

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11. Silt Gray

A white living room apartment with a wall mounted TV, floating TV stand, and a silt gray floor length curtains

Gray and green combine for a stunning color combination. The silt gray curtains match incredibly well with the gray sectional, area rug, and the gray-painted French door. The floor-length curtains create valuable depth in the room.

We hope this guide helped inspire you and help you determine what color curtains to hang up in your room with green walls! And before you go, make sure to check out these other insightful home decor guides:

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