What Curtains Go With Red Walls?

Red walls can be a real design statement. It can create a look that is bold, daring, exotic, or even romantic. However, as red is such an evocative and unusual color, it must also be used carefully and with precision. The wrong accent can throw the whole room off. So once you have the right red, what color curtains work with your new paint job? We've collected some of our favorite pairings to help you pull off this fun and exciting look in your home.

Red walls go great with curtains that are:

  • Green
  • White
  • Gray
  • Beige
  • Purple
  • Pink

Keep reading for examples of each color, and get ready to show your flair for style with this bright, bold statement color. This article also covers whether you should pick a shade for curtains that is lighter or darker than your walls. And finally, if your thrilling new paint packs a little too much punch, we'll give you some tips on softening the look without giving up your modern and trendy red walls altogether.

Modern kitchen with four seater table, red walls and white curtains



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Oriental bedroom with red walls and green curtains

If you really want your curtains to stand out and draw the eye, using contrasting colors is a sure-fire way to accomplish it. While it's hard to draw attention away from a red wall, green curtains will add a pop of color that you can't help but notice.  

This sage green curtain would look great in a red room:

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Modern kitchen with four seater table, red walls and white curtains

White is a classic color that pairs well with red. It makes a chic look that is bold and solid but also bright and airy. If the room is a bit on the smaller side, white is a great color choice to keep the overall effect from being overwhelming. 

Pick a style like this, which has a warm cast to it, rather than a pure, cool-toned white:

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Bedroom interior with red walls and gray curtains

If red and white have a likeness to Valentine's Day for you, try gray. It's a strong color that can hold its own against a fiery red, yet mellow and calming to help balance the room. Be sure to pick a warm-toned gray, which is ideal for other warm colors like red.

This curtain would work well:

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Bedroom interior with red walls and beige curtains

Beige and red together are a warm and inviting combination. It's a great pair when you want a welcoming look. Beige maintains the vibrancy of red without being overstimulating. 

These room-darkening beige curtains would pair nicely with a red room, and they are insulated:

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Bedroom with baldachin, red walls and purple curtains

Putting red with purple is a bold and intense statement that needs to be done carefully. But, when done right, it can make for a fabulous team. Red and purple are elegant, refined, and regal. Try adding lots of neutral accents like white to avoid a room over-saturated with the richness of two strong colors.

Consider a strong purple curtain panel like this one:

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Window in cherry home office with red walls and pink curtains

Pink and red together have a fun, cute aesthetic. It's playful and romantic and has a way of turning down the volume on an otherwise loud red wall. If you want to be daring, consider using hot pink. It's also a great combination for a bohemian style.

Check out these pretty pink curtains:

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In What Rooms Are Red Walls Stylish?

Red is a color that can be used in any room, as long as you're careful not to overdo it. For example, red is often used in the kitchen or dining room. Red is thought to be a stimulating color that can provoke the appetite and add energy - making it a perfect fit for a kitchen.

In the living room, red can make for a bold decor, but you may want to use it sparingly. Consider red for an accent wall, rather than the entire room. A large room like the living room, in all red, may easily become overwhelming or too intense.

Like the living room, red as an accent in a foyer or entryway can also be a fun way to make a strong first impression in your home. Again, just be sure you don't go too heavy - with red, less can usually be more.

Red can even be used in the bedroom. It makes for an unusual but memorable choice. Red may be too high energy, however, to be a good choice for a calming room designed for sleeping. Again, if all-red walls are too much, consider it for an accent wall. Learn how to design an accent wall for the bedroom here.

How Do You Soften A Room With Red Walls?

There are a few key ways to minimize the zing of bright red walls:

  • Using dark accent colors such as black or gray can tone down a lively red.
  • Avoid busy, bold patterns, which will only enhance the excitement of the room.
  • Pair red with soothing, calm green, which is a complementary color that acts as the anti-red.
  • Pick walls with a lot of furniture to break up a solid red wall. For example, use red on a kitchen wall that features cabinets or appliances. Another alternative idea is in the living room behind a large bookshelf.

Should Curtains Be Lighter Or Darker Than Walls?

For curtains that pop, go with a complementary color that stands out. On the other hand, picking curtains similar to the walls has a subtle, softening effect. Using fewer colors consistently tends to make rooms seem larger and more open.

If you do decide to go for curtains that match, rather than contrast, your walls, be sure to pick curtains that are at least a shade lighter or darker than the wall. It doesn't matter which direction you move; just avoid matching too closely. You don't want your window treatments to disappear entirely against a too-similar wall. Pick a shade that coordinates but doesn't blend.

Alternatively, if you don't like either option, there is one final, common style. This is to pick a color for your curtains that coordinates with another prominent feature in the room (for example, furniture). You can read more about picking curtains here.

In Summary

Large red living room with hardwood, white curtains and antique furniture, What Curtains Go With Red Walls?

Red is a bright, bold, and fiery color that can be strong and evocative in interior design. It takes a certain style and flair to pull it off well, but the overall look is classic and timeless. For great results, pair red walls with curtains that flatter, such as shades of green, white, gray, beige, purple, and pink.

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