What Curtains Go With White Walls?

Whether you're trying to keep a pleasant, airy atmosphere to your living room, or add some contrast to make it feel cozier, curtains can be the end-all, be-all when it comes to your chosen aesthetic. When combining that with white walls, you're essentially starting your room with a blank canvas.

You have several main options when it comes to curtains in your room. You can use the curtains as a type of accent wall, and you can use them to provide height and lift to your room, or to help make your room seem bigger. A well-selected set of curtains can make all the difference when it comes to the aesthetic of your room.

So what are your best choices?

  • White Curtains - Can make the room seem bigger with uniform color and more light.
  • Gray Curtains - Provides some neutral contrast, without being too overwhelming.
  • Navy Blue Curtains - They give severe contrast, but they add needed color as well.
  • Burgundy Curtains - They add color, and perhaps more importantly, warmth to a room.

Here are some examples we've collected to help you!

Gray curtains and white walls with dark matching sofa, What Curtains Go With White Walls


1. Cohesion

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Comfortable modern guest room with red sofa, carpet and wooden interior

One of the basic mistakes you can make with selecting curtains is only using one style. A sheer curtain to let in light, framed by a color of your choice can make a window a work of art.

2. Simplicity

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Window with white curtains, watering pot and house plant on brown vase

Using white curtains can make the room seem bigger and brighter, but you can still select white curtains with a stripe of color to keep some variety.

3. Matching Shades

Side angle of blue living room interior with pink and golden accents

If you're not sure what colors to choose, choose curtains that will complement other colorful features that are showcased in your room bu your furniture.

4. Minimalism

Plain cozy hotel bedroom interior in pastel colors with TV on top of white drawer

If the different colors featured in your room are lighter, neutral shades, try out a darker neutral color for your curtains for a contrasting look and a homey feel.

5. Sandstone

Modern white living room with sofa, coffee table, picture on wall and parquet flooring

If you're struggling to find the right color, try selecting a theme to work with. For example, a desert theme with corresponding furniture and accent pillows can help the curtains pull the room together. Click here to learn how to install these light, airy curtains without putting nails in your walls!

6. Transparency

Modern white, black and gray two zone living room interior with dining table

Sheer curtains are a great way to cover windows without sacrificing too much light. You can keep the curtains closed while still keeping natural light in the room.

7. Wallbound Texture

Modern style living room with white wall on wooden floor and sofa armchair

Try some patterned curtains instead of monochrome. This will add some nice texture in an unexpected spot, freeing up space in other areas of the room for different, complimenting colors and textures.

8. Match the Furniture

Modern living room with sliding glass door, fireplace, sofa and glass coffee table

With big windows come lots of light, which can be a good or bad thing. Once you've picked a color, consider trying out blackout curtains to keep light and heat out when they're closed.

9. Light and Dark

Modern living room interior with sofa, wooden coffee table, TV and pictures on white wall

White walls are essentially a blank canvas, essentially enabling you to choose any color palette when it comes to your curtains and decor.

10. Neutral Palette

Modern living room interior with cozy sofa, laptop on coffee table, bookshelf and parquet floor

You don't have to use one style of curtain. For example, this room includes a sheer curtain as well as a blackout curtain. The gray hues of the curtain matches the couch and the throw pillow exceptionally well, keeping a calm, neutral aesthetic in the room.

11. Light and Airy

Modern living room design with big striped carpet, sofa and wooden interior

White walls are perfect for helping small rooms seem larger and brighter. The use of white sheet curtains helps keep things light, while the contrasting black in the carpet helps ground the room.

12. Contrast

Modern interior design of bright living room with Italian style furniture and big sliding doors and windows

If you want to use more than one style of curtain, consider using layers as opposed to hanging them side by side, using different colors to create an aesthetically pleasing contrast. These curtains don't match anything other than the table and the lamp, but they don't need to either. Complimenting colors can be used just as often as matching shades.

13. Artful Drapes

Modern house living room with large windows

Curtains of any kind, whether they be sheer or not, can be arranged in different, stylistic ways that can accentuate your room in ways that merely hanging your drapes on a curtains rod can't do. For example, since the edges of the curtains will be elevated, you're provided with an opportunity to incorporate things like fancy edgings and borders to add a little something extra.

14. Elements of the Room

Modern house interior with white brick walls, cozy living room and kitchen with island table

Using pleated curtains create vertical lines that will draw your eyes towards the ceiling, helping make the room seem taller. This style will also allow for more curtains to be used, as in this example, where both sheer and solid curtains are used.

15. Effective Use of Color

Interior of a compact smart apartment with walls divided into areas for work and recreation

This decorating scheme is reminiscent of the ocean. A gray bedspread, white and gray walls, and accented by the sea blue curtains hanging on the walls. While having curtains that match something specific in your room is a great way to provide evident cohesion, it isn't necessary. Curtains can be a stand-alone statement as well as a functional item.

16. A Dreamy Effect

Interior design of a small bright modern bedroom with widescreen TV on large mirror

White walls are great for making your room seem like it's bigger and brighter than it is, but that doesn't mean you have to keep your room devoid of color. Use a light, neutral color palette, and you'll have a bright room complete with a personality.

17. Blackout Curtains

House modern kitchen and living room interior with parquet flooring, bookshelf and cozy gray sofa

If you have a window that gets constant sun exposure, you may end up with more light in the summer than you want in the evening, and you might have issues keeping your house the right temperature. Blackout curtains are a great way to keep out light and help regulate the ambient temperature of your house.

18. Tinted Sheer Curtains

Glamour style gray bedroom interior with quilted headboard of the bed

Sheer curtains are fantastic for rooms where you want more light. However, that doesn't mean your only options for sheer curtains are white. Look for other shades that compliment your room, like these sheer gray curtains.

19. Layers

Elegant and comfortable designed living room with big corner sofa, wooden floor and big windows

Blackout curtains and sheer curtains may accomplish two entirely different purposes, but that doesn't mean they can't work well together! If you layer them, keeping the sheer curtains in the back and install the blackout curtains in the front, you have a wider variety of options when it comes to light and color.

20. Sheer Curtains

Cozy living room interior decorated in pastel colors with painting on wall, house plant, study table with laptop

If you have too much color in your room and are worried about curtains adding too much to the room and making it seem busy, stick with white curtains. They will match the walls, and give uniformity to the room that many people may prefer.

Read more about sheer curtains and how to use them for home decor.

21. Complimenting Tones

Cozy beige bedroom with picture, lamps, nightstands and round carpet

If you're working with a living room, you can opt to coordinate your curtains either with your sofa or your carpet. If that seems like a little too much, but the couch and carpet are similar shades, pick out curtains that are a shade in the middle.

22. Geometry

Cozy beige bedroom with picture, lamps, nightstands and round carpet

Some rooms, like this one, have a lot of structure when it comes to the room and its decor. To help lighten the room and open it up, use sheer white curtains to give it a slightly weightless feeling. White curtains will blend well with your white walls, which helps things feel more peaceful and put-together.

23. Shades of Brown

Contemporary living room with cozy gray sofa, throw pillows, coffee table on carpet and TV

The light brown hue of these curtains compliments so many different aspects of this room. The wood paneling of the floor, in addition to the many throw pillows, gives several opportunities for the curtains to find a match and cohesion with the room.

24. Coordinating Patterns

Bright living room consisting of a white sofa, colored pillows, curtains and drawer unit with table lamp

These curtains are perfect for this room, effortlessly match the walls, couch, and accent pillows. They were likely purchased as a set, which makes the process of decorating and coordinating just about as easy as you can make it. Click here to view different curtain color ideas for a variety of differently colored walls.

25. Matching Stripes

Black and white themed living room with modern interior

This primarily black and white room features a set of fantastic black and white curtains that not only easily complement the walls, but the couches, table TV stand, and pillows as well. You don't need to include a lot of colors to achieve a classy look!


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