What Curtains Go With Wood Paneling?

Do you have wood-paneled walls and are wondering what curtains to hang? Maybe you just want to switch up your decor a bit along with new curtains. We have looked into what curtains would look great with wood paneling to find inspiring colors and designs for you! 

If you want to maintain the darker colors, go with a deep purple, burgundy, or navy blue. You can also use lighter beige, tan, or pastel-colored curtains to brighten up the room. If you have a theme in the room, consider matching the curtains' pattern to the theme. 

Continue to read through this article for great curtain ideas that will go nicely with the wood paneling in your room. We'll also touch on whether wood-paneled walls are still stylish and how you might improve this look without painting. 

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Curtain Colors for Wood Paneled Rooms

You can lighten a paneled room or even enhance a darker, luxurious feeling, depending on curtain color choice. Let's have a closer look at why these color options work so well with wood paneling. 

Deep Purple

A deep purple shade can go with any style or tone of wood paneling. If you have blonde colored wood paneling, the purple adds a luxurious jewel tone to the room. Purple will bring out the wood's red hues to create a warmer feel if you have darker wood paneling. These darker colors would be perfect in a library or sitting room area. You can also continue to accentuate with jewel tones by adding throw pillows or blankets to a couch or chairs. 

We found some beautiful deep purple velvet curtains below to go with your paneled walls.

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Burgundy is a wonderful color for the cooler months of the year. Both darker, maroon, and burgundy give a room an Autumn feel and bring warmth and comfort into the space. This color goes well with dark cherry wood or darker oak paneling. Burgundy will bring out the red hues in the wood as well, matching everything perfectly. If it feels too dark, pull the curtains back with trendy tie backs and welcome some natural light. 

Here are some burgundy colored curtains we found that would look great with your wood paneling. 

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Navy Blue

Navy blue curtains would look great with light wood paneling. It not only gives the room color and character, but you can tie in any theme to the room. Navy is a color that goes with pretty much any decor or furniture you may have in the room. If you choose a sheer curtain, it will allow light into the room if you do not want a heavier drape. Navy blue will also look great with darker paneling and will flow well throughout the year. 

We have found some great sheer navy blue curtains below. 

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Beige & Tan

Beige and tan are colors that go well with any decor and wall paneling. Because it is a neutral color, the beige will bring out the wood grains. These curtains' colors will not only tame the darkness of the paneling, especially for a darker oak, but they will bring in a lot of light to the room. Bring a little bit of nature into the room with some plants and create an inviting space. 

We have found some great tan curtains with a bit of texture that would look amazing with your paneled walls!

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Pastel colors such as yellow, blue, pink, and orange would do well with darker wood paneling. These creamy soft colors will not clash with the dark walls and brighten any room. Pastel colors are not only good for children's rooms, but they can be used in a living room or even an office. These lighter colors will make the room feel more cheerful. 

Add a little character to your room with these beautiful herringbone pastel curtains. 

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If you have paneled walls and love a cabin theme's idea, why not have cabin themed curtains! You can choose camouflage, woodland creatures, or even just a red buffalo plaid print. These types of curtains and themes would also be perfect in a lodge or hunting cabin. Plaid curtains would go great with paneled walls and come in a variety of colors and tones. 

Here, we found some awesome red buffalo plaid curtains perfect for your paneled walls. 

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How Do You Brighten A Room With Wood Paneling?

Consider your decor and keep it at a lighter color than the paneling. Incorporate some brightly colored, potted flowers and greenery, and tie back those curtains to let the sunlight shine. Toss in cream-colored or pastel throw pillows and blankets. Or even select lighter colored furniture. You can also draw the eye to the floor by finding a great area rug that incorporates your color scheme but isn't as dark as your walls.

Is Wood Paneling Outdated?

Some people may think that it is outdated, but there are many ways to update it and keep it looking fresh. You can always paint the paneling if you so choose. Paneling is also often used in camps, lodges, and cabins. If that is the theme you are looking for, go with it! Paneling is definitely of personal preference. 

How Can You Improve The Look Of Wood Paneling Without Painting It?

If you do not want to paint the paneling itself, paint the trim around it. This will add a bit of color or brightness to the walls and make a big difference. The artwork on the walls can also improve the look and keep walls up to date. Be mindful of your furniture as well. Switch up different textures and designs to bring the eye to the furniture and not the walls. 

In Closing

There are plenty of styles, colors, and designs of curtains that will look wonderful with your paneled walls. Using jewel tones like deep purple, burgundy, and navy blue will bring out the walls' beautiful wood grains and tones. You can also use pastel-colored curtains to tame down the dark walls and allow light in. If you have a cabin theme, use a beautiful buffalo plaid curtain to tie in the woodsy feel! 

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