What Curtains Go With Yellow Walls? [Inc. 16 Photo Examples]

The color yellow is such a bright, sunny hue that's available in a whole spectrum of tones. From soft, pale yellow to vibrant and bold sunflower yellow, the color is extremely versatile. No matter what tone you use to paint your walls, it's sure to bring a lot of cheer with it. 

However, as you begin decorating, you may start to wonder what curtains will go with the yellow walls. Lucky for you, we did the work for you. We put together a list of 16 different curtains that go with yellow walls. So, without further ado, let's get into it! 

Elegant old English style bedroom with yellow walls, What Curtains Go With Yellow Walls? [Inc. 16 Photo Examples]

1. Sheer And Tan

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Yellow tone modern luxury living room area with sofa, wall TV and coffee table

There's no shortage of vibrancy in this room design. From yellow walls to yellow flooring, this room is full of sunshine yellow. With the large, sweeping windows in the room, it's best to have long curtains to cover them. This design includes white sheer curtains as well as tan curtains. The tan color goes well with the wooden elements in the room design, creating a cohesive look. 

2. Textured Brown

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Modern living room interior with yellow walls, leather corner sofa, standing lamps, wall TV and long brown curtains

When your walls are as bright as these ones, it's necessary to have some color contrast to tone down the bold-colored walls. The brown furniture that's used helps with the needed contrast. Textured brown curtains provide some nice vertical color difference and create a lot of depth. Sheer white curtains fill in the middle portion of the window to softly filter light. 

Gold Taupe Velvet Curtains

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3. Ruby Red

Table with a bouquet of tulips on a yellow wall bedroom with red and white curtains

A ruby red curtain panel accompanies yellow walls with another bold statement. The two primary colors, when used together, really do command attention in the room. Even the bedding has blue colors in it, completing the primary color wheel. A vase of cut florals in the room brings fresh fragrance and natural beauty. 

4. Cocoa Brown

Living room interior with yellow walls, leather corner sofa, standing lamps and brown curtains

Yellow walls like these ones highlight all the features incorporated in the room design. While your eyes may directly be drawn to the walls, you'll quickly appreciate the design aspects all around the room. These thick cocoa-colored curtains do a wonderful job of softening the room and adding texture. They help prevent a sense of overwhelmingness. 

5. Tab Top Beige Sheers

Bedroom with large bed, desk, yellow and beige walls with beige curtains

This room features a loud yellow accent wall. Covering this smaller space with the lemony hue may look overpowering, so the single painted wall is the perfect way to add vibrancy without going overboard. The patterned floor adds a nice depth to the room and the white furniture stands out. The beige sheer curtains filter the light as it pours into the room and basks it in warmth. The tab tops of the curtains have a neat aesthetic. 

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Tab Top Beige Sheers

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6. Smoky Rust

Yellow walls with curtained window

A smoky rust-colored curtain panel pair wonderfully complements yellow walls. The colors are in a similar color family, so it's easy on the eyes. The sheer material casts a warm glow of sunlight into the room and will make the room like even more inviting. The white sheer curtain has an elegant embroidered edge that romanticizes the room. 

7. Complementary Patterns

White armchair and a dark wooden table against a background yellow wall with complementing patterned curtains and throw pillows

While your yellow walls can certainly stand on their own, stylistically speaking, patterns and neutral colors do a great job of bringing the elements together. The curtains and one throw pillow share a common pattern while the other throw pillow matches the color of the walls. This mix and match scheme makes the room design look seamless. 

Chevron Curtain Panel

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8. Linen Curtains

Tropical hotel room with balcony, yellow walls, yellow curtains and red tile floor

Linen curtains have a crisp, clean appeal to them. Even the way that they hang down looks nice. While they may not be a material that blocks out a lot of light, they make up for that in their aesthetic. There are many colors of linen curtains that match well with yellow walls. The pooling of the curtains on the floor softens the features of the room.

9. Pattern-Rich Design

Retro couch with patterned fabric in empty domestic room with wood flooring, yellow walls and patterned roller curtains

There's certainly no shortage of patterns in this room. Get playful with the patterns you incorporate into your room design. The yellow walls are accompanied by various shades of yellow visible in the couch pattern and the pulldown, roller curtains. Picking curtains with patterns in them makes for an eye-catching display. You can really get creative with patterns.

10. Floral Infused Curtains

Luxury tropical hotel resort bedroom with yellow walls, floral curtains nearby balcony and sea view

Floral patterns are show-stoppers in any room. Whenever you step into the room, your eyes will be naturally drawn to the pattern. So, even with yellow walls, you can benefit from floral design. When the floral design has even a trace amount of yellow flecks in it, the room will look unified. The fabric material can even range, depending on how you want the fabric to fall. 

Linen Floral Patterned Panels

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11. Color Focal Point

Living room interior design with fireplace, rustic cabinet, parquet floor and long red curtains

It's easy to create a focal point in the room with the color of the walls and the curtains that are hung. The yellow walls help draw the eyes into the vibrant color of the curtains. The rich red curtains help pull the room together and prevent it from looking too spread out. It connects all the furniture elements of the room as well.

Red Rod Pocket Curtain Panel

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12. Great Color Combination

Interior of hotel resort with bed and wooden ladder to mezzanine

Yellow and blue are complementary colors, and this room highlights just how well these colors go together. Bringing in a cool color with the curtains against the yellow walls gives the room a sense of freshness. The blue curtains also have a unique pattern that adds texture and visual interest to the space. Use the same curtain pattern on all of the windows. 

13. Monochromatic Color Scheme

Interior design of a luxury tropical hotel resort bedroom with yellow mustard walls and curtains, balcony and sea view

You can't go wrong with a monochromatic color scheme. This room features both yellow walls and curtains, which makes the room look warm and inviting. The yellow of the curtains is slightly bolder than the yellow of the walls, which breaks up what otherwise might be visual monotony. This monochromatic scheme is executed to perfection.

14. Textured Walls

Empty antique interior with mustard yellow textured plaster wall, white curtain and white hardwood floor

This yellow room features an amazing medley of colors and textures. The deep yellow walls have a textured finish, and the white curtains are thin, whispy, and airy. The result is a combination that looks balanced and elegant. The curtains pool at the bottom, which gives them even more of an elegant look.

15. Priscilla Curtains

Elegant old English style bedroom with yellow walls and white tied back curtains

Priscilla curtains are elegant and oh-so-sweet. In a primitive-style room, this type of curtains matches perfectly. Its soft white color and ruffled, flowy style are absolutely charming. The faint ochre color of the walls accentuates all the furniture and other decorative items used in the room. 

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Priscilla Curtain Pair With Tiebacks

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16. Wallpaper Whimsy

Elegant and classic bedroom with soft light reflecting through the window

Wallpaper is coming back in style with more options than ever before. There are multitudes of colors, patterns, and more to choose from. This wallpaper pattern is whimsical, charming, and full of soft colors. The pale yellow walls are accompanied by winding vines in its design. The curtains used in this design complement the wall colors with their similar hues. Tassels at the top of the curtains bring attention to the window treatment.

Let us know in the comment section below what kind of curtains you decide to pair with your yellow walls! Before you go, make sure to check out these other excellent decor guides:

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