What Curtains Go With Brown Walls [8 Suggestions with Pics]

Curtains are arguably one of the most important design elements in a home. They add character and visual appeal to the space, and they control the amount of natural light that enters the room.

Brown is one of the most common wall colors inside of a home. From a decorative standpoint, brown acts as a blank canvas that can be complemented and adorned with a wide variety of curtain colors. This makes the process of selecting curtains for brown walls fairly simple. However, it takes a good eye to choose curtains that won't simply blend in with the space but rather stand out and enhance the room's aesthetic. 

To help you do just that, we created a list of 8 ideas for curtains that go with brown walls. Without further ado, let's get into it!

A gorgeous living room with a beautiful sofa set and a beige colored curtains, What Curtains Go With Brown Walls [8 Suggestions with Pics]

Brown Curtains With Brown Walls

Brown curtains pair well with brown walls considering their shared hue. From light brown to dark brown, there are plenty of shades to choose from. When pairing brown curtains with brown walls, be mindful not to select curtains that make the rest of the room look too plain. 

1. Dark Brown Regal Curtains

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A dark themed living room with a dark colored curtain, brown sofa, and a light brown wall

These dark brown curtains add an air of regality to the room. The dense fabric looks luxurious and picks up the other rich colors in the room. Jewel tones and metallic finishes complement the aesthetic. Without these rich curtains in the room, it would not look as dramatic. 

2. Tan Linen Texture

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A modern living room with brown curtains and a brown wall with a blue chair

In a room design full of texture like the red brick wall and geometric wood paneling, tan linen curtains soften the bold features and offer warmth. All the brown features in the room feature various textures which only add to the intrigue of the room. It also helps spotlight accent colors in the room like the soft green velvet chair and throw pillow. 

Linen Textured Curtains

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3. Brown Curtains With Tie Backs

A brown curtain with a lace and a beige wall

Keep your brown curtains hanging in an orderly fashion by utilizing curtain tie backs. Curtain tie backs make it easy to keep the curtains held back when they're not covering the windows. These curtains have a subtle herringbone pattern on them which adds a level of interest to the room's design. 

Curtain Tie Backs

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4. Color-Matched Wall And Curtains

A beautiful bedroom with a white bedding set, a brown wall, and a light beige colored curtain

Creating a seamless look is as easy as selecting a curtain color that is similar in color to the walls. While the texture is different, the shared color is just right. Add interest by hanging the curtains in a pleated style.

5. Light Brown Curtains

A gorgeous living room with a beautiful sofa set and a beige colored curtain

Light brown curtains have a minimal visual footprint on the overall design of the room, but they still provide necessary depth and contrast. The floor-to-ceiling curtains break up the monotony of the room. Without the curtains in the room, it could look rather ordinary.

Taupe Curtains

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White Curtains With Brown Walls

Whether sheer white or solid white, this curtain color is nice and airy. If you're looking for a way to lighten up the room, this is an excellent color choice. 

6. White Sheer Curtains

A modern room with brown wall, and a white curtain, and wooden flooring

The white sheer curtains in this room design lighten the features and allow natural light to flood into the room. Since there are other white features in the room, it creates a harmonious look. 

White Sheer Curtains

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Dark Gray And Black Curtains With Brown Walls

Dark gray and black curtains are dark and demanding, similar to the color brown. When placed in a room together, the colors are eye-catching. Ensure that you use a balance of color so as not to overwhelm the space with too much dark color. 

7. Plaid Curtains

A living room with a wooden flooring, a brick walled cladding, and a huge window with a stripped curtain

Patterned curtains are a wonderful way to incorporate more visual interest in the room. Sometimes a solid-colored curtain panel doesn't bring enough style into the room. A patterned curtain panel may do just the trick. Their vast vertical expanse adds valuable depth, too. 

Black And Gray Plaid Curtains

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8. Curtain Layering 

A modern living room with a beautiful furniture, and a wooden wall with black and white curtains

Layering curtains is an excellent use of space. Sheer white curtains covering the entire width of the windows filter light, while solid curtains block all sunlight when pulled shut. The color blocking technique gives the room more visual impact.

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