What End Tables Go With Leather Furniture?

A leather couch could always use accompanying furniture to bolster your room's style points. Have you wondered what type of end table would look best with your leather furniture? We researched various wooden, metal, and glass end tables to complement leather sofas, loveseats, and chairs. Read on to discover an array of attractive and practical end tables for your home.

Leather furniture exudes timeless, classic beauty, so it should be paired with an equally high-quality end table. Consider choosing one of these types of end tables to sit with your leather couch or accent chair.

  • Abstract wood
  • Antique brass
  • Classic wood with drawer
  • Drum style
  • Glass minimalism
  • Nesting tables
  • Rustic farmhouse
  • Tray top 
  • Woven rattan

End tables provide additional space in a room to display artful objects, plants, and mood lighting. Continue reading to discover inspiring and visually stunning end tables that will delight your senses.

Modern spacious living room with a fireplace, big flat TV screen and leather furniture with end tables, What End Tables Go With Leather Furniture

Stylish Tables For Leather Furniture

Leather furniture makes a powerful statement in and of itself, but adding an end table creates balance and more visual interest. When pairing a table with a leather sofa, couch, or accent chairs, keep the following points in mind.

  • Keep your furniture and accent pieces within a similar color range based on the leather's finish or stain.
  • Play with texture by adding a table that is smooth glass, rough woven, or cool metal in an antique finish
  • Choose a table that has a height that is slightly above the couch or chair arms. 
  • Be practical and select end tables that provide storage or have ample space for books, TV remote, lamp, etc.
  • Stick to your sense of style and aesthetics

There are many ways that you can position an end table with leather furniture, so it looks effortless and chic. Place an end table between two opulent leather armchairs, or sandwich a leather sofa between two similar or different end tables. Have fun mixing and matching tables that have a similar texture to your main furniture, or opt for a table that stands out just enough without competing with your sofa or loveseat. An end table is a perfect place for magazines, houseplants, table lamps, and a cup of coffee over a conversation.

Abstract Wood

Bring home a touch of nature that is complementary to primitive, earthy leather furniture. A piece of unfinished wood in the form of a tree stump looks good in a home with a rustic, minimalist, or modern style. Choose this type of versatile end table and stool for leather furniture of all colors.

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Antique Brass

Whether you have a classic, bohemian, or chic modern home, an end table made from intricate metal is a winning choice. Pair this type of stylish table with an architectural lamp, exotic houseplants, or a vase. The notes of the metal's antique brass finish play well with leather furniture that is tan, beige, chocolate brown, or white.

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Classic Wood With Drawer

Choose a wooden end table that is sophisticated and timeless and includes a drawer for practical hidden storage. Make sure to choose an end table that comes in a finish that complements your furniture. A table of this quality is suitable for vintage, classic, or modern style rooms.

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Drum Style

Start a conversation with a drum style end table made from wood, metal, or ceramic. Choose this table style for an industrial, minimalist, or boho look when paired with more structured leather chairs or sofas.

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Glass Minimalism

Leather sofas and chairs have a formidable and sturdy look, so soften things up with a sleek, transparent glass end table. Choose an artsy end table that looks elegant in a minimalist, modern, or industrial-style space.

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When guests visit, a set of nesting end tables increases space for cups of coffee, tea, or afternoon refreshments. Choose a set of tables made from wood or natural woven fibers like seagrass or rattan to pique visual interest. 

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Rustic Farmhouse

Give your country style, boho, or classic style home a new look, and pair a reclaimed wood end table with your leather furniture. The contrast between a rough painted wooden table and the sheen of tailored leather works well anytime.

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Tray Top 

A modern tray top style side table with a side pocket for magazines, books, or the TV remote is a great fit for the living room. Pair a tray-style end table that takes up minimal space and is suitable for an industrial, modern, or classic aesthetic.

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Woven Rattan

Add a touch of texture to a room and pair a woven rattan end table with a leather couch. Choose a woven table in a light or dark color depending on your leather chair or sofa's finish for a delightful bohemian or high-art look.

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Do I Need An End Table?

Moderm Living room Interior design with black couch/ rustic wooden wall background and end table

Depending on your personal sense of style, budget, and amount of living space, you may question if an end table is necessary? Although some people may worry an end table will attract clutter, having one provides practical space for a desk lamp, a house plant, or a book. An end table creates a more pulled-together look for a living room when placed between two accent chairs or at the side of a couch.

Can An Ottoman Be Used As A Table?

An ottoman is more optimal as a form of seating or a rest for your legs. However, you can get away with using an ottoman as an alternative table, depending on its style. An end table or coffee table is more practical and suitable for placing drinks, plants, or lights on its top. Some people like the look of an ottoman as a side table, especially if it is a storage ottoman.

What Colors Go With Leather Furniture?

When pairing colors with leather furniture, warm browns bode well with rich reds, brassy tones, oranges, and mustard yellow. Silver, brass, and gold look good with leather furniture that is white, sand, dark brown, or black. Muted blues and greens create a cooler vibe when paired with leather furniture. Let your heart be your guide and consider your aesthetics, wall, and floor treatment when placing furniture together. Also, get comfortable with color theory when executing a home decor project.


Modern spacious living room with a fireplace, big flat TV screen and leather furniture with end tables, What End Tables Go With Leather Furniture

End tables are a charming piece of accent furniture that is functional and decorative when paired with leather furniture. You will want an end table nestled next to your sofa or armchair when you need a place for a drink, a TV remote, or a small table lamp. End tables may come with useful storage space to stow magazines, display books, or have drawers to hide small items. Explore how visually stunning wood, metal, glass, ceramic, or woven grass end tables can best complement your leather furniture.

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