What Flooring Goes With Saltillo Tile?

Designing a space necessitates matching key features with each other. You would have to consider aspects like color, texture, and durability. If you have a Saltillo tile accent wall, fireplace, or patio flooring, choosing the right flooring to match can be tricky.

Your options to choose from can also feel overwhelming. To help you out, we’ve compiled the best flooring options to pair with Saltillo tile.

The flooring that goes well with Saltillo tile can vary depending on your visual and functional needs. But it’s best to keep your flooring options simple.

So you can opt for any of the following:

  • Wood or Laminate
  • Saltillo Tile
  • Porcelain

When it comes to matching home design elements, choosing the right combination of colors and textures is just as vital as selecting the material itself.

By extension, knowing how to treat and maintain the material helps ensure it lasts. Keep reading to learn more about the types of flooring that can go with Saltillo tile!

A Mexican blanket sits on a background of saltillo tiles in preparation for a Cinco de Mayo festival celebration, What Flooring Goes With Saltillo Tile?

What Flooring Goes With Saltillo Tile?

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Saltillo Mexican tiles

Saltillo is a type of tile that comes in various warm-toned colors. Saltillo tile can also make for an eccentric accent wall. It's well suited for the kitchen, hallways, or fireplace.

It is a great choice for wetter areas like the bathroom or pool.

Consider the room's function when picking flooring that goes well with Saltillo tile. Is it a living room or a kitchen? Is it a bathroom or outdoor space that will be exposed to moisture often?

This will help make choosing between a wooden floor or a non-porous tile floor much easier.

Wood Or Laminate

Wood flooring is one of the most common flooring options. It has a straightforward look that can harmonize nicely when paired with Saltillo tile.

Finishing wood flooring with varnish for a smooth sheen matches the shine of Saltillo tile as well. Just be sure to choose the wood that suits the look of the tile you have.

A more affordable alternative to wood flooring is to use laminate. It is synthetic flooring that can simulate wood, marble, and tile.

Laminate is easy to install compared to wood floors, but its appearance is not as renewable as wood. Once it is damaged, it cannot be repaired through refinishing.

Both wood and laminate floorings come in various shapes, colors, and designs.

This makes for an unrestricted way to pick a design that works with Saltillo tile. As for function, these types of flooring are best for interiors such as hallways, living areas, and bedrooms.

Saltillo Tile

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Empty Rustic Room with White Adobe Brick Wall and Tiles

Floors made of Saltillo tile are some of the most common uses of the material. While it is guaranteed to match Saltillo tile as flooring, one thing to note is its high porosity.

This is partly due to its material and make, resulting in a textured surface. As a porous type of tile, it needs a good sealant to prevent damage.

DIY beginners might find Saltillo tiles more challenging to install without prior knowledge of working with porous terracotta tiles. Porous tiles tend to absorb the water from mortar and grout.

When this happens, installation can become a pain and take way longer to do than necessary.

The good news is that some tiles are already sold pre-sealed. Pre-sealed Saltillo tile will make installation much easier for those who are inexperienced in working with sealants.

Another way is to use a different, non-porous terracotta tile, such as porcelain. Saltillo tile is a great flooring for the kitchen, bathroom, or poolside when sealed.


Porcelain is a ceramic tile that makes for an excellent flooring choice that is just as versatile as wood and laminate. Unlike a full Saltillo tile flooring, you wouldn’t have to worry so much about the upkeep of porcelain tiles since it is waterproof and temperature resistant on their own.

Making a space look finished and modern is an easy thing to do with porcelain flooring. On the other hand, Saltillo tile has an old-world look, so having both in an interior can create interesting thematic contrast.

Porcelain flooring can work for almost any room, whether wet or dry.

What Colors Go Best With Saltillo Tile?

Kitchen with saltillo tile and beam ceiling

Different hues of white are the safest option for pairing with Saltillo tile. For a pop of color, the earth tones of Saltillo tile can be contrasted with pinks, blues, and greens. Vibrant colors pair nicely if done right.

Potted plants and elements of nature are an easy way to elevate the look and feel of Saltillo tile interiors. Decor that has woody or clay elements will also naturally fit into the space.

Any use of Saltillo tile can benefit from a basic knowledge of design and color theory. As a rule of thumb, warmer colors work best with warm colors, while cooler colors work best with cool hues.

Knowing this, there are plenty of ways to mix and match color families and still get pleasing results.

How Can I Modernize Saltillo Tile?

Saltillo Tile Mexican Floor Background, Full Frame

The use of terracotta dates as far back as more than 5,000 years ago. Though it is still popularly used today, there is a thin line between a classic and something out of style.

If not styled carefully, terracotta tiles like Saltillo can make interiors look dated.

There is nothing wrong with going for a more vintage aesthetic. There are certainly ways to pull it off. But, like in any other space, poor design planning can risk looking tacky. How do we avoid this?

You can pair Saltillo tile with solid-colored furniture.

Simple shapes and wide space between elements can help as well. A statement carpet in a bright color can also look sleek and modern when used with Saltillo tile.

Where Should I Use Saltillo Tile?

Saltillo tile is more popularly seen in warmer regions. You can expect to see it used in various ways within South America and along the Mediterranean.

It’s rare to see Saltillo tile used in colder climates due to the textured and porous nature of its surface. It wouldn’t last very long or at least be as durable in lower temperatures.

Using Saltillo tile can add a warm and cozy flair to any space. Check out the following ideas below:

This elegant kitchen and hallway use a clean design and white walls to contrast against the rustic flooring.

This setup includes the natural elements mentioned previously. The lemon tree on the side adds vibrancy to the room, while you can see how the tile was used in the fireplace.

Remember to use sealed Saltillo tile, especially when it will be around water!

How To Maintain Saltillo Tile

Worrying about upkeep should not be a problem for a well-installed Saltillo tile. The material is quite durable. But, when used as flooring, it is more susceptible to wear and tear. The scuffed surface of the tile can stain when untreated.

A basic cleaning job for the tile only requires soap and water. It should be cleaned regularly to ensure the longevity of the tile.

When used as flooring, it is recommended first to sweep and vacuum Saltillo tile.

After getting rid of the dust and tiny particles, mop the floor. Inspect the floor for any cracks or areas that may need repair. Apart from this, polishing the tile helps maintain a clean shine.

Sometimes, you will have to repair the tile or do a total strip and reseal. This task is admittedly more difficult and time-consuming.

You can avoid doing this too often by resealing the tile every couple of years. Even then, just cleaning the tile is the bare minimum.

To Wrap Things Up

A Mexican blanket sits on a background of saltillo tiles in preparation for a Cinco de Mayo festival celebration, What Flooring Goes With Saltillo Tile?

Saltillo tile has enough versatility to pair well with wood, laminate, and other terracotta floorings such as porcelain or Saltillo tile itself.

These floorings are commonly used for interiors and are not too difficult to install. With the available options for each material, you are sure to find flooring suited to your needs.

Although finding the perfect flooring to match Saltillo tile may seem daunting, hopefully, this article has helped guide you in your decision-making.

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