What Furniture Goes With A Metal Bed?

Metal beds have been around since the mid-1800s, but nowadays, what furniture do you match with a metal bed? We've done the research to find out how metal beds look best for today's interior designs. Let's see what we found.

Here are some great furniture looks to go with a metal bed:

  • Pair a metal bed with a simple metal bookshelf.
  • An iron bed, painted white, looks great with white furniture and brightly colored bedding.
  • Go grey using modern minimalist furniture to go with an iron bed frame.
  • Traditional wooden nightstands neatly frame a brass bed, flanked by brass table lamps.
  • Play up the old-fashioned metalwork with a quilted coverlet.
  • Buy a matching side table with your metal bed.

Let's take a look at each of these ideas more in-depth. We'll also answer your questions about what metals these beds are, if they squeak, and how you can style your frame. Let's get into it!

Modern interior of a white and industrial themed bedroom with a metal framed bed and white curtain on the side, What Furniture Goes With A Metal Bed?

Great Furniture Styles To Pair With A Metal Bed

We've found so many great ideas for pairing furniture with a metal bed. Take a look at these design inspiration photos and perhaps get ideas for your own bedroom.

A Simple Metal Bookshelf

Modern interior of a white and industrial themed bedroom with a metal framed bed and white curtain on the side

This classic metal bed frame is simple and beautiful. In that vein, the rest of the room is also simple and beautiful. We love the large moon poster, the gold stars on the wall, the simple pendant lamp, and the elegant metal bookcase. This great example of a non-matching bedroom set works well together because the proportions are all so similar.

A plug-in pendant lamp like this would look super with an iron bed frame, and you wouldn't need to get an electrician. Click here for this on Amazon.

White Iron With White Furniture & Bright Bedding

Interior of a retro themed bedroom with a gray plastered wall, retro designed bed, and a small white sofa on the side

In this pretty bedroom, a white-painted iron bed frame pairs with white furniture. Both the bedside table and chest of drawers are wood pieces painted white. In addition, a comfortable armchair upholstered in white gives a cozy spot to sit other than the bed. Bright pillows in red and soft green, along with a red throw, bring color and happiness into the room. 

Here's a really cute set of red plaid throw pillow covers to get the look on the bed above. Click here for this set on Amazon.

Minimal, Grey Modern Furniture

Interior of an ultra modern high ceiling bedroom with a huge picture window on the side and a small gray rug on the floor

This bedroom boasts gorgeous natural light through enormous floor-to-ceiling windows. The simplicity of the furniture allows the outdoor scenery to take center stage. Here, a simple metal bed frame sits against one wall. A tripod floor lamp in grey matches the armchair upholstered in grey velvet. An area rug, chest of drawers, and small chair table all follow the color scheme. Each piece is minimalistic and small in scale to create a unified look.

Here's a similar tripod floor lamp finished in grey. Though not identical to the lamp in the photo, it will definitely give you a similar feel. Click here for this on Amazon.

Traditional Wooden Nightstands & Brass Accents

A gorgeous cream colored bedroom with a dark brown carpeted flooring, a king sized gold plated metal bed with white and red beddings

Brass beds have been around for a very long time. So it's no wonder we often find them in more traditional design schemes. This room uses a repeat of the material in the brass candlestick lamps on the night tables. The night tables are finished in traditional mid-brown wood. They go well with the overall warm color scheme of the paint.

Here's a lovely set of brass bedside lamps. These will be beautiful with a brass bed frame. Click here for this on Amazon.

Old-Fashioned Quilted Coverlet

Interior of a small and narrow white walled bedroom with a bed with white beddings

This beautiful antique-style painted brass bed takes its inspiration from its age. The room is simple, with only the bed, one chest in the corner, and a large standing mirror. However, things are made interesting with the addition of bright pillow shams and a beautiful quilt folded at the end of the bed.

Here is a beautiful classic brass bed frame to dress with your favorite heirloom quilt. Click here for this on Amazon.

Matching Side Table

Interior of a small rustic inspired bedroom with wooden laminated flooring, white painted walls, and a cozy and comfortable bed

If you're at a loss for what works with your metal bed, then see if you can find one that comes with a matching side table. This metal bed with a geometric inset pattern stands alone in this small bedroom. The perfectly matching side table is dressed with a large ceramic lamp, and a house plant brings warmth to the room.

We found a lovely two-piece set on Wayfair.

Does Bedroom Furniture Have To Match?

Your bedroom furniture doesn't have to be an exact match. When putting a room together, the most important thing is thinking about things like style, proportion, and color. Find pieces that create the look you want, and don't worry about them being a total match.

That being said, if it's easier for you to match items, then there are certainly wonderful bedroom sets available. Typically these sets will come with a bed frame, a chest of drawers (or two), and bedside tables. You'll have to provide the mattress and bedding on your own when you buy one of these furniture sets.

This queen-sized white lacquered set comes with five pieces: the bedstead, nightstand, two chests of drawers, and the mirror. You can also buy it with an additional bedside table if you choose. Buying a set like this allows you to add other elements to your rug, curtains, and bedding. Click here for this on Amazon.

What Is A Metal Bed Frame Made Of?

Let's first differentiate between a bed frame and a bed. A bed frame is often just the platform that the mattress and box springs rest upon. Hidden by bedding skirts, these frames are typically more utilitarian than decorative in nature. Though, with the rise of platform beds, decorative choices are available. These bed frames and platform beds are typically made of steel or iron.

As for metal beds, the most common styles are iron and brass. Brass beds were first manufactured in the mid-1800s in England. These beds were developed to help fight against the pests common to wooden beds. The impermeable material and the rise above the ground helped fight off bed bugs, ticks, and other nuisance creatures. Iron beds developed around the same time as a lower-cost alternative to brass.

Are Metal Beds Noisy?

All metal beds are not made the same. You'll find that the higher quality beds mitigate any squeaks. Lower-cost beds might squeak, but you can do things to help with it. Use a graphite lubricant anywhere you have connection pieces, and that should keep noise away.

Using a lubricant like this anywhere you have connections will help get rid of squeaks. Click here for this on Amazon.

How Do You Style A Metal Bed Frame?

Styling a metal bed frame is not that different than styling any other bed. You'll want your standard sheets, pillows, and comforter. You may want to add some larger backrest pillows because the nature of the headboard is not like an upholstered headboard. It can be a smidge uncomfortable.

A large bed wedge reading pillow provides a really comfortable headrest with a metal bed frame. Click here for this on Amazon.

We also really love a beautiful quilt or blanket folded at the bottom of an iron bed. Whether your room is traditional or contemporary, there are gorgeous quilted blankets out there to look great and keep you cozy.

This gorgeous contemporary quilt will look great in a neutral room on either an iron or brass bed. Click here for this on Amazon.

An Old Material That's Never Lost Its Style

Metal beds have been around for hundreds of years. Fortunately, we can choose them now for style, rather than fighting off pests. We hope that some of these rooms have inspired you to think about your metal bed frame in a new way. 

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