What Furniture Goes With Cherry Wood Floors?

What is the best furniture to go with your cherry wood floors? In its natural state, cherry wood has a deep reddish tone to think about when choosing furnishings. We’ve researched some of the better color options out there to coordinate furniture pieces with your cherry hardwood floors.

Some of the best furniture colors to go with cherry wood floors are:

  • Neutral upholstered pieces with dark legs
  • Brown leather furniture
  • Burgundy upholstered pieces
  • Cherry wood furniture pieces
  • Black painted furniture pieces

So there you have it, some great options to go with cherry flooring. We’ll look at examples of each. We’ll also talk about if wood furniture always has to match your flooring, if you can stain cherry floors, if cherry is a warm or cool hardwood, and how to protect your hardwood floors from your furniture. So please, keep reading!

Image of a luxury home with cherry hardwood floors, fire place, mantle, and furnishings, What Furniture Goes With Cherry Wood Floors?

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Great Furniture To Pair With Cherry Hardwood Flooring

Cherry, especially wood floors installed in the late ’80s and ’90s, tends to have a rich reddish tone. Though you can achieve different colors through stain and sanding, the red will remain a predominant undertone to the wood. Let’s look at what furniture colors, from our answer, look great with cherry flooring.

Neutral Upholstered Pieces With Darker Wood Legs

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Living room with cherry wood flooring

This room has beautifully refinished cherry floors and an elegant cherry hardwood banister on the stairway. Because the home styling and room are traditional, the designer has chosen classic upholstered pieces of a soft creme color. You also see an area rug complementing the furniture and side tables in darker wood tones.

Brown Leather Furniture

Living room or Foyer with cherry wood floors

Both brown and cherry are rich in red tones. Which is why brown leather upholstered pieces work so incredibly well with cherry flooring. In this simple living room a chocolate brown sofa is arranged with two matching armchairs and an ottoman. The fireplace is the focal point of the room, and the rugs also share red tones.

Hydeline Laguna Top Grain Leather Sofa Couch

This beautiful brown leather sofa is a stellar match for cherry flooring. Click here for this on Amazon.

Suede Pieces in Burgundy

Family room with fireplace and cherry wood flooring

This warm, cozy family room has not only cherry hardwood flooring but a beautiful cherry wood, built-in fireplace surround. To emphasize the red tones, oversized upholstered pieces in suede of a burgundy color fill the space. A beautiful, neutral rug brightens the space and anchors the seating arrangement, also trimmed in the same burgundy. It’s a very cohesive and lovely room.

Cherry Wood Furniture

Classic red dining room with antique furniture and cherry wood flooring

In this vibrant dining room, the designer decided to really highlight the redness of the cherry. The walls have been painted a bold red to emphasize the floor’s color. And the beautiful wood dining table is also made out of cherry as well as the armoire and small buffet table. Though the stains’ tones aren’t exactly the same, they work well together.

Furniture of America Coble

Here’s a super elegant, five-piece dining room set in cherry wood. The table’s base supports a 54″ diameter glass tabletop; four upholstered chairs feature cherry frames around black leather upholstery. Click here for this on Amazon.

Black Painted Furniture Pieces

Reconstructed modern bedroom and living room with cherry wood flooring

Another great combination is cherry flooring with slick black wooden pieces. Here a black wooden futon frame and a black console table look great with the Brazilian cherry floors. If you look through to the bedroom, notice the coordination of the bedding with the colors of the cherry and the black furniture.

Wood Futon Frame Only, Full or Queen Size

Here’s a great black wooden futon frame for your cherry floors. The great thing about futon sofas is that you can swap the upholstery color easily by buying another cover in a different pattern or color. Click here for this on Amazon.

Does Wood Furniture Have To Match Wood Floors?

Wide angle shot of a brand new custom home with art deco interior. Home has an open concept, hardwood floors, huge windows, fireplace, bookshelves and a flat screen TV

Here at Home Decor Bliss, we understand that design is individualized. This is why we don’t think that wood furniture has to be an exact match to your hardwood floors. As you can see in the above room, a yellowish hickory flooring runs throughout the whole open-concept space. The dining table and chairs are in a much darker walnut-hued stain. The open shelving, also wood, has been stained more of a reddish cherry tone. That’s three different colors of wood in one beautiful room.

Modern mid Century and vintage interior of living room ,green lounge chair with wood table on white wall and cherry wood floor in front of a window

Even when you’re trying to get your wood furniture close in tone to your wood flooring, it can be hard to have an exact match. Here a modern mid-century chair and dresser closely match the wood of the window ledge. However, the flooring is a degree or two lighter than the furniture pieces.

Is Cherry Wood Warm Or Cool?

Beautiful luxury home kitchen with red cherry wood cabinets.

Cherry is one of the warmer-toned hardwoods. It typically displays rich reds that show through even in an unfinished state. When finished to let the natural tones shine through, it has an almost glowing resonance as can be seen in this luxury kitchen.

Franklin Brass Round Ringed Cabinet Knob

Here you can see the color of unfinished cherry wood in these cabinet doorknobs. The rich reddish tone of the wood really stands out. It’s such a beautiful color and does well with a simple natural finish to bring out its inherent colors. Click here for these on Amazon.

How To Protect Hardwood Floors From Furniture?

Hardwood floors are some of the most beautiful flooring options out there. And even though they are often finished with a sealer and several coats of polyurethane, it doesn’t mean they won’t scratch over time. Your unprotected floors can end up with little divots or scratches beneath the furniture’s legs with the weight of furniture. So what’s the best thing to use to protect your hardwood floors from heavy furniture?

Felt Furniture Pads Premium Huge Pack

Felt furniture pads that have a soft felt on one side and adhesive stickiness on the other are a great solution. Simply peel and stick onto the bottom legs of chairs, tables, and couches to keep your hardwoods from scratching. They also help when you need to move furniture pieces. Click here for this on Amazon.

Medium Dark Walnut Silicone Chair Leg Floor Protectors with Felt Pads

These soft silicone furniture cups are another solution for your hardwood floors. They simply slip over the legs of chairs and small tables to keep your floors looking pristine. Click here for this on Amazon.

Can You Stain Cherry Wood Floors?

Cherry floors can be sanded down and stained just like any other flooring. Perhaps you want to refinish older floors and bring them back to an original luster. It’s simply a matter of taking off the old stain with a good floor sander, then finishing the floors with something more natural.

However, maybe you’re not a fan of the rich red of some popular cherry flooring and you want it to be a bit more neutral. The trick to neutralize the red in your cherry flooring is to find stains with green undertones, such as walnut or oak-colored stains. If you want to go lighter with your cherry floors, then consider bleaching or whitewashing them for lighter hues.

Cherry Wood Is The Hardwood On Top

If you have a home with cherry floors, count yourself lucky. It’s a beautiful dense hardwood that should last in your home for many years. And with so many stains and finishing techniques available, you’ll be able to achieve any color you might want. Which makes finding the perfect furniture easy as well.

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