What Goes With A Blue Couch? [5 Color Schemes Explored]

Blue is such a gorgeous color, so what are some good color schemes to mix with it, particularly if you have a blue couch? We’ve found some super color combinations for you. In this post, we’ll look at each one and talk about why they work so well. We’ll show you examples and some great looks for each grouping.

Here are some great color schemes to go with a blue couch:

  • Blue, White, and Wheat
  • Blue, Grey, and White
  • Brown, Blue, and Grey
  • Pinks, Blues, and Grey
  • Blue, Yellow, and Tan

We’re going to look at each of these combinations in more depth in the post below. Then we’ll answer a few more of your questions, including how you might decorate your couch, what color rug you might choose, what color curtains to think about, and great accent colors for blue sofas. So please, keep reading.

A small gorgeous bohemian themed living room with a blue long sofa with orange and red throw pillows, a blue carpet in front, and a white wall with indoor plants all over, What Goes With A Blue Couch? [5 Color Schemes Explored]

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Blue Upholstery With White And Wheat

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Interior of a simple minimalist inspired living room with a blue accent chair, light gray sofa, and dangling golden lamps

We love this beautiful combination. Shades of sapphire blue in the upholstered chair are mirrored in similar colored throw and throw pillows. The futon sofa is the palest shade of greyish blue. White walls and flooring are sharp and clean and make the room feel expansive. Artwork pulls in the blues and whites, while the pendant lamps are the natural wheat tones of the furniture legs, woven pouf, and decorative baskets. 

Here’s a modern take on the blue velvet wingback in the image above. It’s got great lines and that beautiful sapphire blue with light-toned wood legs.

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Blue Couch Accented With Grey And White

Interior of a brightly colored living room with white walls, blue sofas and chairs, indoor plants with a gold lamp on the background

Grey is another natural choice to work with on a blue sofa. The two tones are very similar yet different enough to provide some contrast.

Overall, the look you’ll get by choosing these elements is soothing and calm. In this room, a pale grey accent wall provides a backdrop for the deep midnight blue sofa.

A softer blue and white patterned rug provides a focal point to gather the furniture around. The side pieces use gold-toned metals to keep things consistent, and the abstract wall art has some shades of yellow and blue to tie these elements together. 

This Morrocan trellis rug is very similar to the one in the above room if you like its looks.

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Blue Couch With Brown And Grey Accessories

A simple rustic themed living room with a blue long sleeper sofa and a gray carpet in front

Blue is such a lovely color to work in with neutrals that you can pair it with most combinations, and it’s a sure winner. Here, a soft blue sofa is paired with grey, brown, and tan elements. We love the accent circle of blue painted on the grey wall behind the couch.

Also, the greige rug nicely ties together the back wall and the brown and tan furniture elements. This room looks beautiful and comfortable.

A comfy brown leather pouf like this is the perfect accessory for your blue couch. It can be used as a footrest, a small table, or extra seating for your friends.

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Blue With Pinks And Greys

A Scandinavian themed living room with mock up picture frames, blue long sofa, and industrial made furnitures and table

Here’s a fun take on a blue couch color combination. This teal-colored sofa is accented with shades of pink, grey, and white.

The tiniest details like the flower pots, the books on the shelves, and the sofa accessories area were all chosen with this color scheme in mind.

The black and deep greys of the frames, flowerpots and lighting choices are a nice grounding element for the fancier pink and blue combination. 

Blue Sofa With Bold Yellow And Natural Tans

Interior of a simple minimalist living room with a blue sofa and square modern end table

This stripped-down room lets the colors do the talking. Here, a sunflower yellow wall is the perfect bold backdrop for an almost navy sofa.

The light-toned wood floors, beige-toned throw pillows, and modern wooden side tables are the perfect accent color for the two brighter tones. If you love color, this is a great choice for any blue shade your sofa may be.

How Do You Decorate A Blue Couch?

Interior of a gorgoeus rustic living room with a blue sofa with floral blue throw pillows, and a small lamp on top of the end table

When we talk about decorating a couch, we’re typically talking about throws and throw pillows. So which colors are best for a blue couch?

We suggest looking at the list above and choosing any of the colors that work within your color scheme. Choosing blues also works great with a blue couch, as illustrated by this image above. Also, think about greens, oranges, and even blacks that would work with your blue sofa.

Here’s a cute set of four throw pillow colors in blues and whites that are super for a navy or light blue couch.

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See our link here: Throw Pillows for a Blue Couch [12 Awesome Ideas with Pictures]

What Color Rug Should You Get With A Blue Couch?

Rugs are a wonderful way to add some interest to your room easily. And though some rugs can be costly, there are certainly many lower-cost options that allow you to change out colors and styles when you want to.

When choosing a rug, you want to think about how you’re using it. If you want to lighten a room with darker floors, then choose a lighter color rug like something with natural tans, light greys, or even white.

This pretty grey and beige rug even have some splashes of blue, making it a perfect contemporary neutral to lighten up a room.

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If you are looking for a bold statement with your blue couch, go for something bright, like a vibrant orange or a sunflower yellow rug. 

This bright yellow rug would like great with a darker blue sofa.

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Modern blue inspired living room with a blue long sofa, blue painted wall, and a blue carpet

Of course, a sure bet is to go with something blue to match your blue rug. Whether you choose the same shade or something lighter or darker, blue with blue is always a sure choice.

What Color Curtains Go With A Blue Couch?

When choosing curtains for your blue couch, you have lots of options. Of course, you can never go wrong matching your curtains to your couch, but it’s not a rule that you must follow.

If you want to let in a lot of light, you’ll probably want to pick curtains with lighter shades. Maybe whites, cremes, beiges, and light blues will work great with your sofa.

If the light is plentiful, or you’re trying to block out some light, then go for darker colors. Chocolate brown, charcoal grey, evergreen, and burgundy will all work as curtain colors to go with your blue sofa.

(For more on this, check out our link here: What Curtains Go With A Blue Couch?)

What Is A Good Accent Color For Blue?

When designing a room, we like to think about main colors and accent colors. For instance, if you have grey walls, a blue sofa, and tan chairs, that is your main color scheme. But you can add a pop of color by choosing one or two accents. 

For blues, you want to think about colors that live near it on the color wheel or those opposite it. That means that greens and yellows make nice accents for blue. Orange is its complement, so though a bold choice, it actually works very well. Lately, we’ve noticed a lot of pink making its way into home interiors that also use blue. 

What types of objects are good for introducing accent color in a room?

When you’re thinking about bringing in an accent color, think of the smaller items of decor. Artwork, pillows, vases, picture frames, all of these small things can be used to bring in a pop of brighter color. What’s great about them is they are easy to store or sell or give to a friend when you’re ready to change it up again.

Bright vases are a great way to introduce accent colors to your decor.

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In Conclusion

Blue is a bold choice for a sofa but an easy one to blend with other colors. It works fantastic with all of the neutral tones and with many of the bolder colors as well. We hope this post has given you some ideas for how you can stage your blue sofa in your interior.

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