What Goes With A Gold Couch? [Colors And Decor Explored]

Gold may not be the color you think of when choosing furniture, but it’s definitely a color worth considering. The color gold is a deep, rich, saturated shade of yellow–think of a dusky yellow or golden topaz. But what colors go with gold? Having gone through and scrutinized interior design recommendations about this gorgeous color, we found the worthiest gold color combinations and how to use them to create an inviting living space.

To confidently choose the right hues to surround your gold couch, stay away from bright colors; however, that doesn’t mean to avoid colors altogether! In fact, the right color scheme will perfect the look of your room. Luckily, we uncovered the color combinations that best match a gold couch. They are:

  • Navy
  • Green
  • Dark Red
  • Orange
  • Gray
  • Muted Blues, Greens, or Pinks
  • Monochromatic 
  • Neutrals

You may or may not have heard of these color schemes, but we assure you, these options will not limit your possibilities. Keep reading to discover the wide range of colors that complement a gold couch and how to use home décor accessories to balance your room’s mood.

The Color Gold

Mock-up in elegant interior background, modern style with gold couch, What Goes With A Gold Couch? [Colors And Decor Explored]

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Gold can be a shiny, valuable metal used to denote great value or premier status, and it is often associated with success, achievement, and luxury. But in terms of interior design, gold creates a cozy, centering atmosphere. Specifically, gold couches create an elegant yet bold statement piece or a grounding presence in an open room.

Is Gold A Warm Or Cool Color?

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Stylish sofa on light background

It is well-known that colors invoke certain feelings, create moods, and often represent human characteristics. In fact, the psychology of color is a fascinating combination of art and science research and is the foundation of most interior design concepts. A subset of this study labels colors as either warm or cool. Yellow’s neighboring hues on the color wheel–orange and red, as well as the shades they create–are warm colors. They suggest heat, comfort, light and can tend toward earthy colors like terra-cotta and sand.

Is Gold A Good Feng Shui Color?

Feng Shui, the ancient philosophy that identifies the elements of Fire, Earth, Wood, Metal, and Water as creators of energy, seeks to balance and bring harmony among each of these energies. Feng Shui is oftentimes applied to home design in terms of home layout, furniture placement, and, of course, color.

Unsurprisingly, gold is a popular and well-regarded color in Feng Shui. Its association with money, wealth, and success, as well as a representation of the sun, offering light and life to all, makes gold a central and significant color of energy in Feng Shui design.

Recommended Colors For A Gold Couch

Color that goes with a gold couch, What Goes With A Gold Couch? [Colors And Decor Explored]


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A luxurious gold-colored velvet couch set against a navy wall is a stunning example of a bold glamour mixed with comfort. Despite two such deeply contrasting colors, an ivory neutral color in the rug, pillow, artwork, and flowers unifies the look. Here, a gold metal table is used as well as pillows that bring in other colors to offer additional visual interest.


[PIN id=”477100154275207104″ size=”large”]


Here, the gold couch is paired with forest green walls, creating a bold distinction similar to the navy and gold contrast. And, again, the ivory from the fireplace and artwork bring the look together. With a hint of rosy blush color, the patterned rug brings texture and dimension to the room.

Interior designers working with rich, contrasting colors also recommend that a wood table and perhaps a dark wood floor can also be neutrals to balance the gold and green combination. Forest green, however, is not the only shade of green that can go with a gold couch; an olive green or another muted green hue will bring out an earthy feel combined with the warmth of gold. 

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Dark Red

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A deep red or dark-wine color is a perfect color to complement a gold couch. While red, like gold, is a warm color, it is also a vibrant shade and brings a pop of color against a golden hue. The wood floor and surrounding tables in this photo act as a neutral color to balance the fiery red and gold combination.

Interior designers also suggest beige, ivory, or even brown as ideal neutrals for the color gold. So, it would also be appropriate to incorporate a rug or curtains in those colors. And finding an appealing pattern will give the room dimension.

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Like a dark red, orange is another warm color that goes nicely with a gold couch, evoking autumn feelings. In this case, the brown furniture is grounding, while the white trim work keeps the room from becoming too dark.

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[PIN id=”351912447835894″ size=”large”]


Gray with yellow and gold has become an increasingly popular color combination. These colors work well together, even with darker hues of gray, as shown here. This example uses lemons, candles, and flowers to accessorize the room, but other colored items would work, too–ivory and gray candles, a light-gray fuzzy throw, or a gold and gray patterned rug.

Muted colors

While a gold couch is indeed a rich, deep color, it doesn’t demand that other coordinated colors have to be similarly warm and earthy. Pastel colors create a breezy, light-filled room even with minimal color. Here, pale pink walls and gold or brass light fixtures complement the room’s simplicity, while the gold couch makes a bold statement.

[PIN id=”198228821088488548″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


In the color pallet below, note how the pastel colors are light but not bright. They demonstrate that a golden color can be paired with cool, lighter colors without overwhelming them.

[PIN id=”471118811023896058″ size=”large”]



Using only shades of gold to create a monochromatic theme is tricky but certainly not impossible. The number-one tip all experts agree upon for a monochromatic room is to use texture, texture, and more texture! Otherwise, they say, the room will fall flat. So be sure to choose patterns, varying fabrics of all kinds, three-dimensional decor, and, when in doubt, use ivory or light beige as your neutral.

[PIN id=”8233211820003621″ size=”large”]



Yellow sofa in the living room

And lastly, what will always go with a gold couch are neutral colors. As shown above, gray is an excellent accompaniment to gold, but the best neutrals for gold are beiges, ivories, and shades of brown. These colors also accentuate the warm, comforting feeling the color gold is known for.

Decor Accessories

The world of living room accessories is endless! Stores, the internet, even antique shops offer enough merchandise to decorate your home and your neighbors’ homes, ten times over! Sometimes it’s hard to know what color and which kind of accessories are appropriate when working with an unusual color like gold, so we have outlined a few options below.

Artwork, Vases, Candles, And Flowers

These decorating pieces are a classic way to work accent colors into a room that has bolder-colored furniture. Whether in accent colors or even black and white photographs, artwork adds personality or personal interest to a room.

Vases, greenery, and flowers are a quick and easy shortcut to make your room look fresh instantly. And, especially in color combinations such as gold and navy or gold and dark green, don’t overlook how metal pieces–brass candlesticks, gold frames, and other warm-hued metals in sculptures and light fixtures–can be a creative alternative to compliment all the colors in a room.

Stylish living room interior with comfortable sofa

Rugs, Pillows, Throws, and Curtains

While combinations of solid colors described above are ideal, the textiles in your room are best used to add texture and visual interest in the form of patterns, color blocking, or even floral designs. To keep a room feeling updated and renewed, pillows can be rotated based on the season–perhaps velvet for fall, themes during the holidays, and linen when spring arrives. Incorporating at least one neutral-toned accessory into a room full of rich, jeweled-toned hues will go a long way to balance the mood and feel of your room.

Real photo of an armchair, pouf as a table and wicker couch on a terrace

Should A Rug Be Darker Or Lighter Than The Couch?

There are no hard and fast rules that say a rug must be darker or lighter than the couch; it is really a matter of personal preference. In general, though, most designers recommend that if your couch is a darker color, a lighter rug will provide a nice contrast. And, vice versa, too; a darker carpet with a lighter couch is also a good combination.

Wood Floors, Trim, And Furniture

As discussed above, gold, and many of its coordinating colors, is a warm tone. Therefore, darker wood on floors, shelving, and/or furniture creates a comforting, appealing look with golden fabrics. Look for wooden coffee or side tables or furniture with wood legs to function as the room’s natural elements. 

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Mock-up in elegant interior background, modern style with gold couch, What Goes With A Gold Couch? [Colors And Decor Explored]

Not knowing which colors go with a gold couch is no reason to keep you from using this beautiful, jewel-toned color. As noted above, a wide range of colorful shades will go with a gold couch. Together with a seemingly endless supply of home decorating accessories, you can create a comfortable haven for yourself and your family. 

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