What Goes With A Green Couch [16 Examples to Follow]

If you want your home to stand out in terms of decorative appeal, a green couch may be a good choice for your living room.

Green sofas have the perfect blend of luxury and character, rendering them an exceptional addition to any home.

Living room interior design with hardwood floor, carpet and green couch, What Goes With A Green Couch [16 Examples to Follow]

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However, you might be stumped at the prospect of pairing other decor items with a green sofa. After all, a green sofa is a style statement, so it should be complemented accordingly.

But fret not, because we have created a list of decorative concepts that will give you some ideas for pairing decor with a green couch. Without further ado, check out these photos for inspiration for what to pair with your statement green sofa!

1. Minty Green couch

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Brilliant living room with green sofas and yellow walls with a fireplace in white complemented with a painting above hanging on the wall, a flower vase and a horse decor figurine on top of the fireplace

Minty green couches have a beautiful subtle tone of green without being overpowering in the room. The subtle color goes well with a wide range of accent colors.

Take red, for example. Red tones are used throughout the room design in the use of florals, throw pillows and the area rug between the couches. The red is bold and commanding in the room design.

2. Earthy Tones

70s style living room interior design with hardwood floor

In this room design, it’s almost as if the green couch doesn’t stand out too much. The other earth tones and rusty colors complement the mossy green couch.

The complementary tones create cohesion in the room and really balance each other out. Notice how the area rug shares colors with many of the other decorative objects in the room, creating harmony with the elements.

3. Bold Artwork

Stylish living room with green velvet sofa and abstract art on wall

An amazing way to complement the color and texture of your green couch is through the use of carefully selected artwork.

This large, abstract art piece takes up the complete width of one of the walls in the room, calling attention to itself. The houseplants positioned throughout the room also help reflect the tones seen on the couch.

Metallic accent pieces add that perfect level of glitz and glam to the aesthetic of the room.

4. Dark Accents

Modern living room design with green sofa set, throw pillows and black coffee table

Since a bright green couch can be a very loud piece of furniture, dark accent furniture and decor can help tone down the visual noise and create contrast in the room.

Whether it’s dark brown wood or black accent throw pillows, they’re sure to do the trick. Interspersing the dark colors throughout the room makes the design work together rather than against itself.

Black And White Throw Pillow

5. Matching Accent Wall

Modern design living room interior with green sofa and beautiful view through the huge glass windows

Why not go all out with your green tones? These colors are truly tremendous and gorgeous, providing rich depth and structure.

Slightly different shades of emerald are used throughout the design—the accent wall, throw pillows, and even the curtains. The herringbone flooring creates appropriate contrast with the other room features.

6. Floor Lamp

Modern design living room interior with green sofa and beautiful view through the huge glass windows

Give your green couch a companion with a statement floor lamp. Not only does this add some nice vertical structure, but it also provides more warm lighting to the room. You can really never have too much lighting in a room.

The glow from the lamp’s light casts warmth into the room and helps create a cozy atmosphere.

7. Minimal Yet Tasteful

Minimalistic home interior with green velvet design sofa and round pouf, lamp, elegant blanket and pillows

If you love a more minimalistic look, go for it. Minimal doesn’t equate to boring, that’s for sure.

You may have to be more mindful of the items that you use in the room design to ensure the items work together to create a cohesive look.

The ottoman in this room matches the color of the couch perfectly and complements the fabric of the throw blanket. 

8. Midcentury Modern Aesthetic 

Luxury home living room interior with design furniture, armchair, tables, round pouf and accessories

Maintaining a consistent decorating style throughout the room will do wonders for your green couch.

Since green couches come in a multitude of styles, make sure you pick one that fits into your existing style.

The midcentury aesthetic of this room is apparent through the use of all the furniture pieces. It involves clean, simple lines without many decorative embellishments. 

9. Sleek Design

Light luxury interior design living room with neon green sofas near a white and light brown wooden bar counter

In a room focused on sleek design, clean lines are important. Select only a few colors to use—this room focuses on light-colored natural wood, white, and a nice vibrant pop of lime green.

Metallic and glass pieces are incorporated into the design to help foster this sleek look. The lime green is sure to be the standout feature in the entirety of the room.

10. Tasteful Artwork

Knitted blanket on wooden sofa, comfy round pouf and basket with soft pillows in cozy living room interior with natural green accents

Artwork is clearly a very important aspect of room design. The frames hung on the wall match the wood tones of the couch, making all the elements in the room work together.

Each frame features a different frond from a plant. This serves as an excellent example of how you can utilize your creativity to make your own artwork. 

11. Sheer Curtains

Interior of a luxury apartment living room with beige and green sofa set, beige curtains and painting

The coloring of this couch is very unique. It has a color-blocked pattern of creamy white and mossy green.

The sheer, cream-colored curtains in this room complement the couch colors as well as the interesting patterned wallpaper. Sheer curtains are a wonderful way to welcome in natural light while toning down its harshness. 

Sheer Ivory Curtains

12. Open Room Concept

Home living room interior with hardwood floor, green sofa and wall framed paintings of trees

An open room concept can help a space feel much larger and brighter than it really is. This type of room concept helps the green couch stand out in the room design.

This chesterfield-style couch is mesmerizing, and it serves as a focal point in the room. The artwork selected for above the couch can really make a difference in the overall feel of the room. 

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13. Rich Color

Home interior in living room with green sofa, house plant and wooden coffee tables

If you really love the color of your green couch and the effect it has on the home, try using more of the hue in other ways around the room.

The couch color is complemented with other dark green features like the wall color, curtains, and even houseplants.

The nesting coffee tables’ legs match the color of the couch’s legs and even the herringbone floor. With a monotone color palette, patterns really carry the style a long way. 

14. Throw Blankets

Green sofa with pillow and blanket beside a wooden coffee table complemented with a small colorful patterned rug

Throw blankets are a wonderful way to add to the overall aesthetic of the room. The soft texture ensures that it won’t create a harsh contrast.

Throw blankets are both functional and decorative. One of the best things about using throw blankets is that you can change them out as frequently as you’d like. This provides a lot of versatility in your design. 

15. Accent Chairs

Green leather sofa in a luxurious hotel bar

Accent chairs are a wonderful way to complement your green couch. The chairs can help pull attention away from the couch, helping it to blend in more.

That is, of course, if that’s the look that you’re going for. Accent chairs can help pull all the attention away from the couch and pull in the other decorative elements in the room.

16. Throw Pillows

Cozy green and black corner sofa with black and green throw pillows

Using throw pillows is one of the easiest ways to decorate your green couch.

The options are nearly endless, and you can really create any style you wish with the help of these pillows. You can use as few or as many pillows as you’d like, too.

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