What Goes With Mirrored Furniture? [An Exploration Of Options]

Have you decided to change up your decor a bit in your home? Are you looking into some beautiful mirrored furniture but do not know what will go well with it? We researched what decor and furniture types look well with mirrored pieces and have some great ideas for you! 

Crystal, wooden, and silver accents look great with mirrored end tables and dressers. Add warmth to the mirrored surface with gold-trimmed decor, a dash of color using plants, or dazzle with glass decor. You can put almost any furniture or decor type with mirrored furniture to make amazing focal pieces in your rooms!

Continue to read through this article for some awesome decorating ideas to use with your mirrored tables, dressers, and nightstands. We'll suggest some chic decor and furniture themes for you.

Interior of a luxury kitchen with a large mirror hanging on the wall., What Goes With Mirrored Furniture? [an Exploration of Options]

Decor That Goes With Mirrored Furniture


Close up image of crystal on chandelier with bokeh background

Believe it or not, crystal decor goes perfectly with mirrored tables. The lights bounce off of both the crystals and the mirror and make the room glow. Brighten things up and use crystal lamps, candleholders, or even quartz crystals on a beautiful charger plate. You may also choose to use crystal sconces on the wall behind your mirrored table or dresser to add some ambiance and character instead of using a tabletop lamp. Crystals add richness and sparkle to any room! 

We found some great crystal touch lamps available for purchase that would look great on your nightstands! 

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Often, we think of mirrored furniture being silver or gold; however, many pieces are often inlaid with wood. This gives the furniture a glow from the mirrors and adds a bit of a natural feel with the wood being incorporated. Do not be afraid to add wooden candlesticks, a wooden mirror behind the table or dresser, or even spruce it up with some plants. Having the wooden effect will make the piece feel more refined and a bit less dramatic. 

Check out these wooden candlesticks that would look great on your mirrored table!

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Silver Accents

Contemporary Wall Mirror Over Wooden Bedroom Dresser With Lamp & Decorator Items

Silver is a great color to pair with mirrored furniture. These accent each other well and easily go with other pieces in the room as well. Silver lamps are a great option to pair with a colorful, unique shade. Bring out grandmas sterling silver platter and put candles on it for a warm glow. You may just want a small silver frame with a family picture in it to display on top of the table or dresser. 

Look at this cute silver photo frame that would go great with your mirrored dresser. 

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Gold Accents 

Pearl jewelry placed on a golden mirrored plate

Just as silver looks wonderful with mirrored furniture, gold does as well. If you have some golden metal mirrored pieces, add more gold! This leaves the room feeling a bit warmer than silver. How about using a gold server with some beautiful glass decanters. Make it a mini bar for your living room! A simple gold statuette on your mirrored nightstand can also bring some character to your bedroom or guest room.

Check out this gold serving tray. 

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Colors and Designs

Candle inside a stained glass

Do not be afraid to mix numerous colors and designs with your mirrored tables or dressers. The different colors will bounce off of the mirrors. Stained glass wall hangings or decorative plates are an awesome idea for your tables. Use different textures and designs in artwork or candles. Make it unique and fun! 

We found a beautiful stained glass wall hanging perfect for above your mirrored table. 

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Vintage wooden table shelf with pebble and potted bloom bonsai, green flowers, white background with copy space, zen concept interior design

Adding a natural element such as plants and flowers will also make the mirrored furniture look fresh and beautiful. Succulents are great plants to use and easy to maintain. You may even choose a small bonsai tree to place on your mirrored table. This will also create a calmer space in the room you are decorating. 

Look at this awesome bonsai tree we found for purchase.

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Other Furniture 

Beautiful wooden chest of white with mirrored facades

Mirrored tables, dressers, and nightstands can go with any furniture style that may be in the same room. You can use modern furniture and decor, wooden furniture, even farm-style furniture. Antique couches and chairs would look great with the mirrored tables as well. You really cannot go wrong with what you're pairing with your mirrored furniture.

Is mirrored furniture trendy?

Absolutely! Right now, mirrored furniture is in high demand. It is a bit expensive but very stylish.

Is mirrored furniture hard to keep clean?

It is not that the furniture is hard to keep clean, but you will have to clean it fairly regularly. Dust will accumulate, so going over the pieces with a soft cloth at least once every other day will help keep it looking clean. Fingerprints are definitely going to happen. Using a glass cleaner will help remove them. This type of furniture is going to need to be cleaned daily if little fingers are around. It is higher maintenance than basic wood pieces. 

Do dressers need mirrors?

You may want a mirror on or above your dresser to do makeup or see how your outfit looks for the day. However, this is all based on personal preference. If you want a mirror, go for it! It is not a necessity that has to be on or above your dresser. 

In Closing 

Interior of a luxury kitchen with a large mirror hanging on the wall., What Goes With Mirrored Furniture? [an Exploration of Options]

Mirrored furniture can look great with almost any other piece of furniture or material. Adding crystal decor or even stained glass creates a beautiful look and will allow the colors to bounce and glow from each other. Using silver and gold accents will also add richness to the mirrored furniture and room itself. You may even choose to add natural elements to the furniture, such as wood elements or plants. Have fun and make it what you want! 

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