What Goes With a Red Couch? [14 Ideas With Pics]

Few pieces of furniture make as bold of a statement as a red couch. A red couch will be the visual focal point of a room, the piece of furniture that draws everyone's eye as they enter the space. But with great decorative power comes great decorative responsibility, which includes pairing your red soda with decorative elements that will work well together to achieve a balanced and visually appealing aesthetic.

This is certainly easier said than done. Finding decor that complements a red couch's bold color can be challenging. A lack of complementary decor surrounding a red couch can leave the space feeling too visually heavy and unbalanced, and adding too much will take away from the couch's appeal. The key is to find decorative pieces that add balance without taking too much attention away from the beautiful red couch. 

To help you do just that, we created a list of 14 ideas of decor to pair with a red couch. We'll also recommend some amazing products to help you achieve a similar look. Without further ado, we'll get to it, shall we?

Red corner sofa in modern interior, What goes with a Red Couch? 14 Ideas with Pics

1. Complementary Formal Decor

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Beautiful peach and red living room interior with fireplace

Red is certainly bold, but a red couch can also ooze elegance and luxury. Thus, a great way to complement it is with other formal decor. This luxurious white chair balances out the colors in the room, and it contributes to the luxurious mood. The lamp in the corner further accentuates this elegant look.

2. Abstract Wall Art

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Yellow large modern living room with red couch and paintings on the wall

Another great way to spruce up the space around a bold red couch is by hanging abstract art on the wall behind it. Unique art adds just enough character and boldness to support a red couch's decorative statement. The lamp next to the couch also adds some fun character to the space.

Abstract Wall Art

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3. Decorative Pillows

Vintage retro living room couch with throw pillows

Decorative pillows are a simple yet effective decorative complement for a red couch. They add a subtle hint of character that supports the aesthetic without detracting from the vibrant red color. Pillows with a floral pattern are a great choice. Don't be afraid to mix and match colors and patterns.

Pair Of Decorative Flower Pillows

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4. Color-Coordinated Pillows

Red leather sofa and throw pillows

If sleek and coordinated is your aesthetic, consider complementing your red couch with some red pillows. These pillows have a gray floral pattern that adds depth and visual intrigue. The combination of the red couch and color-coordinated pillows makes this space look clean, crisp, and put together.

5. Elegant Black And White Pillows

Red couch on white interior wall

A couple of simple pillows go great with a red couch. If you have a minimalist aesthetic, consider using pillows with more muted colors like the ones on this couch.

6. Vibrant Green Houseplants

Red corner sofa in modern interior

Any home's aesthetic will benefit from some vibrant green plants, and this is especially true for a house with a bright red couch. After all, red and green are complementary colors, so the combination is perfect. Strategically intersperse houseplants for the best visual results. 

Artificial Houseplant

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7. Modern Decorative Accents

Modern living room with red corner sofa on black carpet

This red couch is flanked by some gorgeous houseplants and a few modern decorative accents. The result is a crisp and satisfying look that commands attention. Other than the green of the plants, the complementary colors used are neutral, so they don't detract from the red couch.

Set Of Gray Accent Pillows

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8. Sleek Lamps

Modern living room interior with red sofa and grey shaggy rug

Sometimes a couch just needs two lamps, and this is especially true with a red couch. Remember, red is a bold statement color, so don't be afraid to add multiple lamps to complete and balance the room. The shag area rug, throw blanket, and accent pillows are also color-coordinated, accentuating the contrast and the room's aesthetic appeal.

9. Minimalist Complementary Decor

Modern living room interior design with large blank frame and red sofa

Believe it or not, a red couch is compatible with a minimalist style. To achieve this aesthetic, simply adorn the area with a few dainty and minimalist pieces. In this room, a houseplant, whiteboard, and small table do the trick.

Modern Minimalist Accent Table

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10. White Walls And Unique Textures

Modern home interior design with red sofa set, parquet floor, bookshelves and fruits on white glass table

White walls make a visually stunning backdrop for a red couch. The contrast between the sharp red and soft white is spectacular. In this room, the look is completed by the various decorative items interspersed throughout the space. The colorful area rug and the bookshelf add depth.

11. Medley Of Interesting Textures

Living room interior with red sofa and fireplace

The unique visual qualities of a red couch can also be accentuated in a space with softer, warmer textures. This red couch is made of corduroy, so the soft tan carpet is the perfect complement. A couple of natural wooden pieces of furniture add just the right amount of visual contrast.

12. Black, White, And Gray Area Rug

Interior of a hotel suite with red sofa set

The decorative piece that best complements this red couch is the area rug. As we've seen, black, white, and gray goes well with red couches. These colors are further utilized in the walls and other decorative elements like the coatrack, coffee table, and entertainment center.

13. Houseplant Accents

Cozy living room interior with corner sofa with pillows and painting on the wall

The visual impact of houseplants and a red couch is further evidenced here. This couch is flanked by a snake plant and another houseplant suspended on a hanging shelf. A piece of abstract art also hangs behind the couch. The result is a space that looks perfectly balanced, comfortable, and inviting.

Artificial Snake Plant

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14. Brass Accent Decor

Classic Parisian luxury interior with red chaise lounge and gold floor lamp

Brass is one of the best-kept secrets in the world of home decor. The visual effect of using brass can't be overstated, and that can be seen here. Luxurious and vibrant brass is the perfect complement for a regal red couch. With the help of some accent pillows, curtains, and natural light, the space looks magnificent.

Drop us a comment and let us know how you plan on complementing your gorgeous red couch! And before you go, be sure to check out these other home decor guides that might be of interest:

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