What Hardwood Floor Goes With Cherry Cabinets?

Choosing the right hardwood floors for your home can be tricky sometimes. If you have gorgeous cherry cabinets, you might not know what type of hardwood floor will best complement them. So, what hardwood floor goes well with cherry cabinets? For your convenience, we brought you the answer.

There are plenty of hardwood floors to try with cherry cabinets. A few of our favorites include:

  • White oak
  • Walnut
  • Red oak
  • Maple
  • Ash

As we begin, we will cover all things hardwood flooring and show you our top picks. Whether you are renovating or building a new home, your flooring should visually work well with your cabinets. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

hardwood flooring in home close up with table. What Hardwood Floor Goes With Cherry Cabinets

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The Best Hardwood Flooring For Cherry Cabinets

Considering that cherry cabinets already have a deep, rich color, your flooring needs to complement them well. With that said, we think white oak, walnut, red oak, maple, and ash are some great flooring options that will really accentuate those beautiful cabinets.

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bright modern kitchen with cherry wood cabinets

Hardwood, in general, is very easy to work with, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding a suitable color/style for your cabinets.

White Oak

First, we have a very popular hardwood option with white oak flooring. White oak is very light and modern, which we think will accentuate cherry cabinets rather than compete with them.

Choosing a lighter hardwood floor is also a great way to open up your space and give it a "current" look.


Switching gears, we have a classic walnut hardwood flooring option that goes well with cherry cabinets. For the most part, walnut is an easy color to work with and has a timeless appeal.

If you prefer a darker, more traditional-looking floor color, we think walnut is a good option to try.

Red Oak

home kitchen with cherry wood cabinets and cat on the stool

For anyone after a similar color scheme, we think red oak flooring will look great with cherry cabinets. Although red oak has more of an orange tint, we like how it brightens up the space without being too similar to the cabinet color.


Modern Upscale Kitchen in a Penthouse Condo

Another hardwood floor color we like is a maple option. Similar to white oak, maple has a lighter color and goes great with the deeper cherry cabinets.

If you aren't in love with how modern white oak looks, we think opting for maple flooring is a good compromise.


Finally, we have another light hardwood flooring option to try using ash. When it comes to cherry cabinets, ash works well to brighten a space up without doing too much.

If you don't want to install super modern flooring and prefer a somewhat traditional feel, ash is an option to consider.

Should The Kitchen Floor Be Lighter Or Darker Than The Cabinets?

When it comes to your kitchen flooring, we think choosing a lighter option is a great way to modernize your space. On the other hand, if you are after a more serious look, we believe darker flooring will also look good in the kitchen.

Regardless of your cabinets, cherry or not, it is important to develop a design idea and choose the flooring that best suits it.

Lighter Flooring Idea

Interior design of elegant kitchen with black and white elements

Here you can see how lighter floors in the kitchen work to brighten things up and make a space feel more up to date. Even if you have dark cabinetry, we think brightening your floors with lighter wood is an easy way to give your home a fresh look.

Darker Flooring Idea

Amenities in new kitchen include pull down faucet and pendant lighting. Spacious kitchen with stainless steel appliances. Darker Flooring Idea

If you prefer a dramatic, more traditional aesthetic for your kitchen, using darker flooring will bring your space back in time. Of course, this design style isn't for everyone, but it is undoubtedly classic and beautiful in many ways.

Should The Kitchen Floor Match Cabinets Or Countertops?

Between countertops and cabinets, we think your flooring should match the cabinetry in your kitchen. With that said, if your countertops are a standout feature in your space, make sure to choose a floor color that compliments them.

For example, if your kitchen has marble counters with cherry cabinets, we wouldn't suggest choosing colors like walnut or ash. Instead, we think a white oak floor will work best to match everything in your kitchen and give your room a classy feel.

What Hardwood Floor Finish Is The Most Durable?

Squeegee Style Brush Applying Clear Polyurethane to Hardwood Floor

Out of the countless hardwood finishes available, we found that Polyurtherane holds out the best. When it comes to hardwood flooring, it is essential to coat it with either water or oil-based finish to protect it from heavy foot traffic and everyday accidents.

Between water and oil-based options, we think a semi-gloss water-based Polyurethane will work best on hardwood floors and won't look overly shiny or show imperfections as much as higher gloss options.

This water-based Polyurtherane finish is highly durable, non-toxic, moderate gloss, and works well on all types of hardwood flooring.

Eco-Poly Polyurethane Sealer

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How Many Coats Of Polyurethane Should You Put On Hardwood Floors?

To get the most out of your finish, we recommend coating hardwood floors with at least two layers of Polyurethane. You should generally wait 24 hours between coats to allow your finish to dry before applying more.

Once you do that, make sure to wait an additional 24-36 hours before moving any heavy furniture onto your newly finished hardwood.

This applicator works with oil and water-based finishes, has a refillable handle, and is made in the USA.

trim Pad Paint and Finish Applicator with Handle

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What Hardwood Stain Color Is The Most Popular?

Popularity-wise, darker hardwood stains take the cake as of recently. Deeper, richer colored hardwood flooring tends to have a more upscale look, hence why everyone has opted into using it.

Coming in at a close second, we also found that light grey hardwood stains are very popular in condo and apartment development and often associated with luxury living. So if you prefer something modern and trendy, we think a light grey stain is something to try.

What Color Hardwood Floor Is Best For Resale?

If you want to sell your home for as much as possible, stick with a mid to dark-colored hardwood floor. When it comes to what colors sell best, deeper walnut and medium-tone oak seem to be universally liked by home buyers.

Of course, if your home is super modern, lighter flooring shouldn't affect its resale too much, but as of now, darker colors are what's "in."

Is Vinyl Flooring Better Than Hardwood?

Worker installing new vinyl tile floor laminate wood texture floor with new home improvement

When it comes to vinyl versus hardwood flooring, hardwood will always be of better quality. With that said, vinyl flooring is cost-effective and essentially mimics the look of hardwood without the high price tag.

For the sake of resale value, we recommend choosing hardwood flooring over vinyl because of how much more valuable it is in real estate. Another reason to opt for hardwood is that it is more durable than vinyl and won't peel up or need as much maintenance.

What Is Engineered Hardwood?

Engineered wood is a type of flooring generally made by bonding a thin layer of hardwood over a plywood substrate. Although this type of flooring is not as durable as genuine hardwood, it is better than vinyl or laminate options and lasts longer.

Cost-wise, you can expect to pay between $3-14 per square foot for engineered hardwood versus about eight to $15 for the real thing. We think engineered hardwood will work well for your home if you don't plan to be super rough on your floors.

Our Final Thoughts

Whether you have cherry cabinets or want to install them, your flooring needs to match. White oak, walnut, red oak, maple, and ash hardwood options work best with cherry cabinetry. Between these options, deeper, richer woods tend to have the highest resale value when it comes time to sell your home.

Of course, lighter hardwoods like white oak are also very popular and work well to brighten and modernize a home. Regardless of the color of your cabinets, make sure to choose a durable flooring option, and don't be afraid to switch things up with a hardwood stain.

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