What Is The Best Window Film For Skylights?

Skylights are great for letting natural light and air inside the house. However, they are best with a window film to reduce excess heat coming from the sun. But what's the best window film for skylights? We've done the research, and here's what we've found.

Window films redirect and reduce the sun's rays on windows. They also block harmful UV rays. So, a darker and more reflective film tint is advised for skylights to reduce the sun's extreme heat and give you more privacy.

Now that you know the best window film for skylights, let's indulge further in the world of skylights. We'll discuss several FAQs, the pros and cons, and some of the most suitable window film tints for skylights.

What Is The Best Window Film For Skylights?

Skylights or roof lights allow air and natural sunlight in your home during the day and are great for stargazing at night.

Sunlight through the attic window

These window-type need window films to reduce the sun's surplus heat and block UV rays, so we recommend a darker and reflective window tint. Darker window film also enables perfect daylight privacy.

It's also essential to determine whether your skylight is made of glass or plexiglass. Glass skylights are compatible with typical window film, while plexiglass isn't. However, there are window films made explicitly for plexiglass.

5 Common Types Of Skylight Window Films

There are five common types of window films used for skylights.

Glare Reduction Window Film

This window film functions by minimizing brightness. It also filters out damaging UV rays and makes it effortless to peek through your windows.

Low-Emissivity Window Film

The Low-Emissivity film mirrors ultraviolet light (UVL). UVL is responsible for heat gain and discoloration of carpets and furniture. During winter, Low-Emissivity window film reduces heat loss by enabling the sunlight to pass through while mirroring infrared light.

Reflective Window Film

A reflective window film is perfect for places with lots of sun exposure and people who want to maintain their skylight cooler during summer.

The reflective film reflects sunlight away from the glass. It reduces solar heat gain through its reflective film by reflecting the light away from the glass.

This window film also has a low light transmission, making a skylight seem darker than other window films.

Solar Control Window Film

This window film reduces heat gain by mirroring sunlight off the windows during summer. It keeps heat inside your home during winter by forming an insulating barricade between your windows and the cold outside air.

Static Cling Window Film

This is one of the most popular selections for skylights because it grants privacy and contains excessive light. This window film tint is easy to apply without any sticky residue. You can also quickly remove and reuse it, unlike standard adhesive window films.

UV Protection Window Film

Ultraviolet rays can cause fading, discoloration, and deterioration of your furniture and flooring. So, the UV protection window film protects your possessions from sun damage by securing up to 99% of damaging UV rays.

FAQs About Skylights

Attic modern bedroom with white bed and skylight and beige walls and carpet

Let's discuss several frequently asked questions regarding skylights.

How Do You Keep Skylights From Getting Hot?

Skylight shades are great for keeping your home cool. These covers prevent your home from becoming superheated, especially during summer.

How Can I Inexpensively Cover A Skylight?

A blue tarp offers an easy, quick, and inexpensive solution to covering your skylight.

Buy a blue tarp that's a bit lengthier than the skylight and spread it over the skylight. Then, use bricks to pin down the surplus material.

Should You Seal Skylights?

Absolutely! Mounting and sealing your skylights helps prevent leaks.

Do Skylights Make A House Warmer?

New kitchen extension with skylight

Since skylights are placed on the roof, they let sunlight, UV, and infrared radiation enter your home, thus warming it. It will be increasingly warmer in summer.

Should You Cover Skylights In The Winter?

If you don't cover your skylights in the winter, potential problems can arise. You can lose heat and warmth when it touches the cold window exterior.

You can DIY or hire a professional to check your skylight before winter starts.

What Type Of Plastic Is Used In Skylights?

The plastic in skylights is an acrylic sheet that offers superior light transmission and stability. An acrylic sheet can endure years under extreme sunlight because it's innately UV stabilized. This reason makes acrylic sheeting the choice for skylight dome material.

Does Window Film Go On The Inside Or Outside?

Professional worker tinting window

You can install a window film on the inside and outside glass of skylight windows.

Do UV Rays Go Through Skylights?

With the natural sunlight filling your home, skylights allow UV rays and infrared light that can incredibly heat your home and discolor your furniture and flooring.

Do Skylights Brighten A Room?

​If your room has a stunning skylight, then you know that it does brighten a room. Imagine just lying in bed and feeling the natural warm sunshine every morning. And what's more, you can also enjoy basking under the bright moonlit sky at night, especially on a full moon.

What Is The Best Skylight Sealer?

A silicone caulk would be the best skylight sealer. Use it to fill the gap on the skylight's lens.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Skylight?

A skylight can last from at least 8 to 15 years. However, it can last much longer when properly maintained, correctly installed, and its production quality.

How Often Do Skylights Need To Be Replaced?

Skylights can have a long life span, but replacing them every decade is recommended.

What Are The Merits and Demerits Of Skylights?

What are the merits and demerits of skylights

We've listed some of the positive and negative aspects of installing skylights.


Here are some of the benefits.

Air Circulation

Skylights also work like a ventilation system. They can help with the air quality and circulation in your home or workplace.

Easy Access To Your Roof

Since skylights are on your rooftop, you can easily access your roof to clean and do maintenance there.

Encourages Good Health And Relaxation

Natural sunlight from the skylight offers Vitamin D, and gazing at the night sky stimulates relaxation.


With skylights giving plenty of natural daily daylight, homeowners can use artificial lights less, which means lesser electricity bills.

Pleasing To The Eye

Having a skylight in your home enhances the ambiance and status of your home or place.


Below are some drawbacks of skylights.

A Bit Expensive

Skylights can be expensive to have, install and maintain than conventional windows.

Excessive Heat And Light

Sometimes, skylights can cause excessive heat and sunlight due to their size and placement. To counter this problem, ensure that you choose the right location and size.

Hard To Clean

Cleaning the skylight itself may be easy. But reaching the skylight to clean it may be challenging and unsafe. Ensure to install your skylight in an area with fewer falling leaves to eliminate the need to clean it often.


Skylights can lose warmth during the cold season. It is best to insulate the glass to prevent that.

Moisture and Leaking Issues

An incorrectly-sealed skylight may cause leakage and moisture problems.

5 Must-Try Window Films For Skylights

You can check out these stunning window films for your skylight.

Coavas Stained Glass Window Privacy Film 

Click here to see this window film on Amazon.

Coavas' privacy film is one of Amazon's Choices for Window Privacy Film. 

Key Features:

  • It can block 84% of UVA and 99% of UVB rays.
  • It has a static cling design that eliminates the need to use glue.
  • It has a 97% privacy level.

KESPEN One Way Home Window Film for Heat Rejection

Click here to see this window film on Amazon.

KESPEN's one-way window film has heat control and daytime privacy protection.

Key Features:

  • UV blocking and glare-control
  • Energy-saving
  • Easy to install

BDF NA05 Window Film Sun Control and Heat Rejection

Click here to see this window film on Amazon.

Buydecorativefilm offers high-quality performance and includes free tools and an installation guide.

Key Features:

  • It has an extra dark, black finish
  • Excellent heat rejection
  • Strong adhesives

Volcanics Rainbow Window Film

Click here to see this window film on Amazon.

Volcanics rainbow film is a glue-free window tint that can be installed in a few minutes. It has a stylish design that can provide you with semi-privacy.

Key Features:

  • UV protection and energy-saving
  • It has a rainbow effect
  • Easy to remove

Gila Black Residential Privacy Window Film

Click here to see this window film on Amazon.

Gila black window film is easy to install and offers superior privacy.

Key Features:

  • Energy-efficient
  • It blocks up to 99% of UV rays
  • It reduces glare by up to 93%

In Conclusion

There are various types of window film for skylights, but the best ones would be darker and more reflective. These features help reduce UV damage and excessive heat and give you the necessary privacy.

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