What Is the Difference Between a Comforter and Blanket?

When choosing your bedding, you may be confused by the array of options out there. But have no fear--I'm here to demystify the different kinds of bedding. There is no right or wrong way to go when it comes to choosing bed linens, all that matters is your personal style and preferences. There are a lot of factors that go into the perfect bed set up: how you want your sleeping space to look, how hot or cool you'd like to be during the night, and how versatile and adaptable you want your bedding to be. Before you go out and make a purchase, you will want to know all the proper vocabulary so that your shopping experience is streamlined and simple.

So, what is the difference between a comforter and a blanket? It all comes down to the material. A blanket is only one layer of material, while comforters consist of two outer layers of thin fabric with a layer of insulating material between the outer layers of fabric, and they generally provide more warmth than a single blanket.

 Neatly filed colorful folded blanket and comforters, What Is The Difference Between A Comforter And Blanket?

Telling the difference between these two articles of bedding is pretty easy, but there is more to know! Keep reading for all the details.

The Difference Between Blankets and Comforters

The difference between blankets and comforters

As we mentioned earlier, blankets are made from one layer while comforters are constructed of three: the front layer, the back layer, and the insulation layer. This construction can have a significant impact on your comfort.

If you are looking for a blanket to provide more warmth, look for one made from wool or other thick materials. Comforters are generally fit to the bed, and meant to cover the sheets, while blankets are often draped atop in layers. How you make your bed comes down to your own personal aesthetic.

Let's talk about fabrics. When you are shopping for bedding, the fabric matters. Cotton will be light and airy; it is known as the fabric that breathes. Cotton is perfect for warmer climates and summer months. Wool is a heavier material, a natural thread that is thick and will keep you warm in cooler climates. Microfiber, a synthetic fiber, is made from threads that are smaller than a strand of silk. Microfiber will be extremely soft to the touch, and wrinkle resistant. Whatever material you choose should correspond to your climate and personal temperature preferences.

Are You Supposed to Use a Comforter as a Blanket?

Yes, you can sleep with your comforter as a blanket! But the proper order of comforters and blankets is a hot debate. Remember, you can't go wrong if you're comfortable! Some argue that the proper order of bed linens is as follows: bed sheets, then blanket, then comforter on top. The blanket acts as a barrier between you and the comforter, and so you won't have to clean the comforter as often. This can be a bonus, as comforters can often be an expensive investment and cleaning them consistently can sometimes result in damage. If your comforter is made from a scratchy or uncomfortable material, then this will act as a buffer to protect your skin.

However, sleep experts say that if you want to be warm at night, you should sleep directly under the comforter, and layer blankets on top to maximize warmth.

Here is an example of a classic patterned comforter. Thick, cozy, and it really makes the bed look complete.

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What is a Comforter Blanket?

A comforter blanket is a thick blanket that can function either as a blanket or a comforter. Thicker than a normal blanket, which only has one layer of material, comforter blankets come with an insulated middle that will work to keep you extra warm.

When it comes to choosing materials, if you are looking for a soft and sumptuous feel, consider microfiber. Microfiber is the perfect fabric for breathability, its resistant to wrinkles, and it lasts. Comforter blankets are a versatile bed-topper, and you can even look for a reversible comforter blanket for maximum versatility.

Here are some great choices for a comforter blanket.


This reversible comforter blanket comes in several colors: black, burgundy, chocolate, navy, and others. It is machine washable, long-lasting, and 100% microfiber! It also comes with reversible black or grey sides.

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Here is a large and lush velvet blanket that will look fabulous on top of your bed. It comes in a variety of colors and fits.

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What Can I Use Instead of a Comforter?


A folded white duvet lies on a table on a blurred background


While browsing for bed linens, you may have come across duvets. What is a duvet? Like a comforter, duvets consists of two outer layers of thin fabric. Unlike a comforter, though, duvets allow you to remove the insulating material. Duvets can operate like a covering over a comforter, to help keep it clean, yet they still can be incredibly fashionable! Duvets may be perfect if you are looking for versatile bedding, something cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Stack of colorful quilts


Another alternative bed-topper is the quilt. How do quilts fit in? A quilt is made from layers of cloth and generally consists of three layers: a woven cloth top, an internal layer of insulating material known as batting or wadding, and a woven cloth bottom. Often, quilts are built from a patchwork of pieces and can come in a variety of designs and patterns. If the batting, or insulating material, is thick enough on a quilt, a quilt can be substituted for a comforter. Often, quilts will lend your bedroom a rustic, homey feel.

Blanket Layering

If you are going for a bohemian vibe, consider layering blankets on your bed to create a free, beatnik vibe. Lots of decorative pillows and throws can create a hippie-like aesthetic.

Comfortable Comforter Alternatives

Floral Duvet

Green flower in vase on nightstand next to king size bed with floral bedding and peach colored pillow,

This floral duvet is adorable, donning daisies over a blue background. It is also a reversible piece, with grey and white stripes on the other side. Either side is stylish, and the versatility can allow you to change up the vibes of your bedroom instantaneously! Made from cotton, this duvet is light, breathable, and hypoallergenic.

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Plain and Chic White Duvet

Messed bed with white pillow and duvet blanket with natural light in bedroom

White is a classic, and white pieces always pop. This duvet is simple and chic and will be the perfect addition to any bedroom or style. It is made from microfiber, so it is durable and soft. The piece also comes with two matching pillow shams!

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Bohemian Duvet

Here is a floral bohemian duvet cover with zipper access, to easily change out the insulation. This particular duvet comes in a variety of styles and prints, all with a bohemian feel. The soft cotton material will guarantee a good night's sleep.

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Green and Gold

This stunning green and gold duvet comes with a pattern of golden arrows atop a deep green background. The design is simple, chic, and versatile: it could pair nicely with any color wall. The cotton material will give this duvet light and airy feel.

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Pleated Duvet

This pleated duvet comes in a brilliant, bright white. The pleats or tufts add extra texture to the duvet and add flair to the bedspread. Made from microfiber, this duvet is guaranteed to have a soft and luxurious feel.

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Grey Quilt

This soft steel grey quilt has a lovely textured pattern that is sure to elevate the aesthetic of any bedroom. Made from microfiber, this quilt is going to be soft. The bedding also comes with two matching pillow shams, so that you can create a cohesive look. But you can always vary up your sleeping space with decorative pillows.

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Traditional Rustic

This quilt looks like a traditional patchwork design, made up of several different patterned fabrics. If you are looking to turn your bedroom into a rustic, homey retreat, consider a quilt like this one.

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Soft Green

This soft green quilt is a modernized version of a classic. The textures add dimension to the piece, and the soft green color won't clash with other bedroom pieces.

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How Do I Choose?

If you are still overwhelmed by the vast variety of bedding options, please be sure to remember this: it all comes down to your comfort. You are going to want to consider how cold or hot your bedroom gets in various seasons, what temperature you like to personally sleep at, and how you want the vibe of your whole room to feel.




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