What Is The Standard Size Of A Shower Bench?

Having a bench in your shower can definitely be a luxury. For some, it might even be a necessity. They work wonderfully for those who can't stand for long periods, or for those who just want to luxuriate and relax in the shower steam. But what is the standard size of a shower bench? We've looked around for the best information and have the answer for you.

The length of a shower bench can vary depending on the size of your shower. Regardless of the length, the height should be between 17-20 inches and have a depth of around 15-16 inches to be a comfortable place to rest while in the shower. The bench must be large enough for comfort but not overtake the floor space in your shower.

Now that we've given you the standard size of a shower bench, let's discuss the details, as well as how to determine the best shower bench size for you. Keep reading!

Types Of Shower Benches 

Types of shower benches, What Is The Standard Size Of A Shower Bench?

There are three types of shower benches: built-in, freestanding, and floating. Let's take a closer look at these three benches.

Built-In Shower Benches

Built-in shower benches are a permanent fixture in your shower. These are generally manufactured as part of the shower you purchase or added on to blend in seamlessly. Built-in shower benches are generally styled and tiled in the same manner as your shower floor and walls. These are not removable without replacing the shower itself.

The type of shower bench that is built into the interior of your shower tends to be longer than freestanding. Depending on the size of your shower, they could run the length of it or be positioned in the corner. Not only do they give you a place to sit while showering, but they also tend to make the interior of your shower look larger by adding dimension.

Freestanding Shower Benches

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A wooden shower bench with a folded towel on top inside a tiled bathroom

Freestanding shower benches are generally smaller than a built-in shower bench; this is because they are manufactured to fit into a variety of different shower stalls. These benches are made of wood and are rectangular in shape, however, there are some which fit into the corner of the shower stall. Freestanding benches come in a variety of colors.

Standalone shower benches are anywhere from 18-22 inches in length and are designed to be compact and portable. Due to the design, they generally have a shelf that can be used for extra storage in the shower as well. These are fantastic for small showers with limited floor space.

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Floating Shower Benches

Floating shower benches are attached to the shower walls with heavy-duty hardware and are replaceable with the proper tools. They vary in size depending on the style you purchase but should follow the standard height and depth requirements.

These types of shower benches allow a lengthy, sturdy place to sit while also still leaving the floor clear and spacious. Many floating benches are foldable so they can be moved out of the way when not in use. Because the bench is floating, there are no accommodations that need to be made for adequate drainage. Floating benches come in a variety of colors and styles and add a touch of class to your bathroom.

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What size shower do you need for a bench?

Shower and shower bench

The recommended floor space in a shower is at least 3x3 feet. Any less space and you risk unnecessary slips, trips, or toe stubs. You can ensure you have adequate space by measuring the length and width of your shower with a standard tape measure. When considering a shower bench, be sure to check the dimensions of the product to ensure you won't be overcrowding yourself in your shower.

If your space is limited, there are many custom options, as well as seats that fit in the corner and take up a very small amount of the shower area. Don't give up on the idea of a shower bench if you really want one!

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Where in the Shower Should the Bench Be Placed?

Contemporary double-shower with marble tiles and bench seat

So how should your bench be positioned in your shower? The best placement is opposite of where your showerhead is located, preferably in a position where the spray can be directed toward you as you sit. This ensures you get the maximum spray for relaxation and steam. If this isn't possible, obtain an adjustable showerhead that you can pivot toward you.

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Should you put a bench in your shower?

Modern shower with bench

There are so many great reasons to add a bench to your shower.

Day to day stress and anxiety can be overwhelming sometimes. Life can be so hectic that there are days you only get the chance to hear yourself think while in the shower. Some of the best ideas come to us in the shower. Adding a bench gives you a place to sit, relax, and let the ideas and self-care flow.

Not only does a steaming shower give you a place to de-stress, but it's also a place for healing. As we grow older, the aches and pains our bodies experience might be more difficult to shake off. Relaxing in a long shower is a great way to ease sore muscles or strains.

Shower benches are also great for individuals who might not have the physical capability to stand in a shower. By having a bench, those physical demands are lessened and you can still experience the ease of a shower while getting the sitdown experience of a bath, all without having to climb in and out of a tub. 

If you don't want to use your bench for sitting, it also doubles as a storage space for additional toiletries, or as a place to prop a leg for shaving.

Is it bad to sit on the shower floor?

Drain in the shower floor

Though many wouldn't think of just sitting on the shower floor, there's nothing inherently bad about sitting on the shower floor. Many showers are a tub combo, so when you are bathing you are technically sitting in what is normally the shower floor. Sitting on the shower floor while showering allows a person to relax and get clean. 

Beware when sitting in a shared shower, however, as showers with multiple users could have a build-up of fungus or other funk. If you routinely sit in the shower, make sure it is squeaky clean before sitting or bathing in it. Better yet, get a shower bench or chair!

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In Closing

A glass walled shower area with a tiled shower bench, What is the Standard Size of a Shower Bench?

The standard size for the height and depth of a shower bench stays rather consistent across the board, while the length can vary significantly. Ensure you're getting the best bench for your shower by knowing the measurements of your shower floor and the size of the product you wish to buy. With just a bit of research, you'll be enjoying the best shower bench for your style and taste!

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