What Paint Colors Go With Bamboo Floors?

Bamboo flooring is a durable, sustainable, and beautiful choice for flooring. It can be challenging deciding what paint colors look best with bamboo, so we did the research for you. Depending on the type and style of bamboo used for your floor, the color you choose should be cool or warm. Keep reading to learn more about the best wall treatments to complement bamboo flooring.

Floors made from bamboo grasses may have a gray finish, caramel tones, or even subtle notes of red. Check out the following paint colors to elevate and emphasize gorgeous bamboo floors.

  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Coral
  • Cream
  • Green
  • Gray
  • Tan
  • Taupe
  • Yellow

In this guide, we'll help you discover an excellent choice of paint for a wall treatment that complements and accentuates dark or light-colored flooring.

A detailed view of a bamboo flooring of a room, What Paint Colors Go With Bamboo Floors?

Complementary Colors For Bamboo Floors

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A spacious Japanese themed bedroom with bamboo flooring, beige painted walls, and a huge picture window on the side

You can get acquainted with color theory and learn how to apply warm or cool colors to your walls to make your bamboo floors pop. Depending on whether you have light or dark-colored flooring, certain colors will create a different type of atmosphere. Neutral colors like off-white, cream, gray, or beige or excellent choices, but you can use other colors as well.

Check out our list of inspiring examples displaying how varying colors emphasize and complement bamboo.


A traditional, classic home with a staircase that has blond-colored bamboo flooring and steps is contrasted nicely with pale blue walls. The darker colored handrail for the stairs creates a visual anchor that doesn't overwhelm the softer, more subdued color elements in the space. The stained glass has blue notes, keeping things airy and provides plenty of natural light to highlight both the wall and flooring.

In addition to pastel blue paint, you can achieve beautiful results with a coat of teal, viridian, or turquoise. The cool tones of blue bring the sea's serene energy, sky and make a home with light-colored bamboo floors feel like a sanctuary.

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Choose an equally earthy color for flooring that is eco-friendly and sustainable. Painting walls with a shade of light brown, chocolate brown, walnut, or Moroccan clay creates a high level of visual appeal. Play around with contrast but clearly define a living room using a darker brown against a lighter bamboo floor. Adding furniture and accessories that range from brown to gray also allows the space to breathe and reflects earth tones' stability and longevity.

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Make a bold move with a visually stunning layer of coral paint. Note how this hue falls under the red color family, but it is a toned-down look that is softer and maintains a good contrast with the flooring. The light gray chaise lounge, area rug, and vibrant green artwork help unite the elements together, creating a serene, slightly cool feeling.

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A large modern interior of a rustic themed living room with huge windows and beige colored sofas

Usually, when you think of neutral paint colors, you see eggshell, ecru, or some form of bright white color. However, in this room, a modest matte coat of cream paint fits perfectly with darker-colored floors. Note how the lighter color paint amplifies the large open windows and makes everything feel more open and generous. The oatmeal-colored furniture and plant container add a sense of levity. But, note how the darker colored accent table helps anchor the pieces and highlights the medium-toned flooring.

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A rustic inspired living room with wooden flooring, wooden furnitures, and kitchen area

A washed-out, avocado green fits a kitchen, and living room joined in an open layout. Instead of relying on a darker, earthy green paint tone, this pastel shade of cucumber or key lime creates a toned-down, laidback mood. The flooring may be light, but the medium to slightly darker wood elements of the kitchen cabinetry, shelving, and coffee table provide visual interest and movement around the room.

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A minimalist themed living room with gray painted wall, bamboo flooring, and a gray sleeper sofa with drapes

Embrace a grown-up, slightly boho look with a shale gray wall paired with medium-toned bamboo floors. The legs of the light gray love seat play off of the color of the flooring. The accents in the throw blanket, magazine holder, and macrame wall hanging add a welcome touch that reflects the earthiness of bamboo and keeps things interesting. 

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A small minimalist home office with a small desk table, beige colored walls with a red chair, and a gray sofa on the side

Bamboo flooring is a natural fit for a room with a clean, minimalistic Scandinavian aesthetic. Note how the sand-colored area rug and the caramel color desk chair provide a range of browns that sandwich and complement the medium-tone floors.  The tan wall color is neutral and makes the darker tones of the floor, chair, and monochrome wall art pop.

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Clean and cool is how this bedroom feels, thanks to the taupe walls and grey notes in the bamboo flooring. The oat-beige colors in the headboard and nightstand lamp are similar to the flooring, creating a visual anchor. The darker nightstand creates a bit of contrast and shakes things up a bit. It also matches the frames for the artwork on the wall adding interest. The throw pillows add a pop of color with yellow floral accents. Overall, this room feels traditional, updated, and open.

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Create a breezy spring or summer touch to the second floor of a home using an elegant, pastel shade of daffodil yellow. The soft yellow still retains reflective qualities like white, but it refrains from being neutral and contrasts well with the light, polished bamboo floors. The doorways and trim are painted a bright white, anchoring the elements and give the area a modern traditional feel.

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What Wood Furniture Goes With Bamboo Floor?

The type of wood furniture is not the biggest element as much as the staining or paint color. Go bold and choose wood furniture that is yellow, green, or a vibrant red. Otherwise, opt for more neutral wood colors in beige, gray, tan, sand, or chocolate brown to accentuate a bamboo floor.

Can Rubber Backed Rugs Be Used On Bamboo Floors?

Rugs with a rubber backing can, unfortunately, damage hardwood flooring. The chemicals used in the average rubber-backed rug can leave behind stains, marks or cause discoloration. Instead of rubber, choose a rug that has a felt or latex back to protect your bamboo floor's beauty and longevity. Rugs that are made from wool or cotton are also better choices for a bamboo floor.

Does Bamboo Flooring Wear Well?

Bamboo flooring is a beloved choice for homes because it is durable, cost-effective, and holds up well over time. If you take good care of your bamboo floors, expect them to last up to 50 years. However, most bamboo experiencing normal wear-and-tear lasts an average of about 25 years.

In Closing

Embrace sustainable, chic bamboo flooring for any room in your home. Use aesthetically pleasing colors on your walls to reflect and amplify lighting, balance and unify a space, or contrast with furniture. We hope you learned how you can utilize ideal colors to transform your space and complement bamboo flooring, no matter its shade, staining, or naturally occurring highlights.

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