What Pillows Go With A Gray Sofa? [31 Suggestions With Pictures]

Gray couches are one of the best options for blending color schemes. As the ultimate neutral, you can pair a gray sofa with nearly any color combination of wall, throw blanket, or throw pillow. When picking out pillows for your gray couch, take into account how dark or light the sofa is, and try to pick pillows that compliment it. For example, a darker grey couch will look great will pillows in bright, lighter shades, and a lighter grey couch is an excellent opportunity to add some pillows in darker hues.

Gray can also be toned towards different colors, which may have an impact on your couch. Some grey couches are closer to white or black, while others may be more blue-gray, or gray-green. In situations where your grey is tinted more towards an actual color, choose pillows that work with the tone, as opposed to a neutral. It will help bring out the color of the couch, which will give personality to your room.

Let’s look at a few couch and pillow combinations, and hopefully give you some inspiration!

Modern living room with gray couch and accent chair with wooden flooring, What Pillows Go With a Gray Sofa? [31 Suggestions with Pictures]

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Throw Pillows In Vibrant Colors For a Gray Couch

1. Complimenting Colors

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A black wall living room with a gray couch and a sectional couch and throw pillows on top

This couch incorporates pillows that share colors on the wall, and in the painting. Bringing the color of the flowers in the art down to the sofa helps to expand the dimensions of the room, and bring attention to the picture. 
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2. Sea Blue

A white living room with a white couch and blue throw pillows

Try using your accent pillows to bring some of the colors of nature into your home. It’s a great way to open up the room without using bright colors, and using colors on the “cooler” side of the spectrum can help promote a calming atmosphere. 
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3. Pairing Colors

Throw pillows on a gray couch and coffee table in a living room interior

The orange used in with the pillow is the same orange used in the structure of the light fixture, which can help bring the different levels of the room together. It also gives excellent contrast and excitement to the more average grey.
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4. Raspberry Red

Contemporary living room with gray sofa and red throw pillows

This room has a balance to its visual weight when it comes to color. By placing both pillows on the side of the couch that is opposite the red half of the rug, you leave the full grey side to balance the grey half of the carpet, achieving balance. 
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5. A Pop of Color

Modern interior of living room with gray sofa, yellow throw pillows and floor lamp against blue stucco wall

Accent pillows are a great way to provide a pop of color to contrast your grey couch. The grey of the sofa works in your favor here, as any color can help compliment the grey. 

6. Novelty Pillows

Contemporary design of cozy gray living room interior with simple sofa, coffee table, rack, plant and yellow cushion

Pillows don’t have to be your stereotypical square or rectangular shape. You can use pillows of different shapes and designs to help bring a sense of personality and give a unique touch to your room, helping bring life to the grey couch.
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7. Autumnal Themes

Orange pillows on gray settee in living room interior with concrete wall and wooden floor

Pick a seasonal theme to help pick out colors for your pillows. Your grey couch will match with nearly any color that you pick, so you just need to make sure the different colors you choose complement each other. 

Solid Colors Throw Pillows in Neutral Shades

8. Soft Neutrals

Modern scandinavian interior design living room with gray couch and white curtains

Grey, cream, and a light brown are soft neutrals that will make it easy to make your decor the focus of the room, instead of your pillows. They go quite well with the blue great of the chair, and the light brown of the wooden floor.
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9. Function

Scandinavian interior design living room with gray sofa and poster on wall

Your pillows don’t always have to be loud or serve a specific color palette. Sometimes choosing a few quiet, calm colors that don’t clash is enough, and you can simply appreciate them for the function. 

10. Creams

Modern living room design with cozy gray sofa, throw pillows and house plants

The different shades of neutrals can go quite well with your grey couch. Different greys, as well as cream colors, provide a quiet set of tones that give you visual pleasure without being overwhelming.

11. Complete the Palette 

Interior of cozy living room with sofa, plant and dream catchers on brick wall

The pillows on this dark grey couch help bring the entire room together, finding similar shades in the rug on the floor, and the wooden fixtures on the walls.

12. Mixing Solids and Patterns

A modern living room with a gray couch and an accent chair with wooden flooring

When it comes to design, feel free to experiment until you find something that fits your personality! Mixing polka dotted pillows with a few solid colors? Why not?
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13. Muted Blue

Gray sofa with throw pillow, parquet floor and black concrete wall background in a vacation home

Soft tones and neutral colors can make just as big of a statement as bright colors and eye-catching patterns. For a more toned down feeling, try some soft blues to play off the grey of the couch. You can’t go wrong with such a relaxing aesthetic!

14. Mixing Fabrics

Bohemian living room interior with beige colored furniture, wooden elements and light blue colored wall

Feel free to mix up the fabrics that your throw pillows are made of! With your neutral grey couch as the base, you have a lot of freedom to play around, not just with colors and patterns, but fabrics as well! Click here for some tremendous gray sectional ideas!

Monochromatic pillows for a Gray Sofa

15. Concrete Tones

Modern living room with cozy gray sofa and throw pillows

If picking out pillows seems like a daunting task, there’s nothing wrong with picking a set that matches the color and fabric of your couch! These pillows have the same worn pattern as the couch but work within a few shades of the original grey hue the sofa comes in, giving just enough variety.

16. Boxy Shape

Modern living room with gray corner sofa, coffee table, tv and hardwood floor

Pillows come in many different shapes, sizes, and dimensions, including this more boxy style! You can use unique pillows like this to add more personality to your couch, as well as your unique flair.

17. One Tone

Cozy gray sofa in modern living room interior with painting on white brick walls

Throw pillows don’t always have to be a focus, or provide an accent to your room, especially when you have other things in your room that you would prefer to draw the attention. If this is the case, try some pillows that are of the same fabric and color as your couch! 

18. Matching Furniture

An open space living room with a gray sectional couch and white walls

A simple grey accent pillow that matches other furniture in the room is a great way to help draw the room together. In this example, the pillows are a few shades lighter than the couch, bu the same color as the poufs on the floor.
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19. Formal Appeal

Contemporary living room with comfortable gray sofa

In a room with darker walls, pillows in a lighter shade are a great way to lighten the atmosphere, especially when they’re a lighter shade of a color that already exists in the room. Click here for more ideas on how to decorate your grey couch!

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20. Lots of Volume

Modern interior of apartment, living room with gray sofa, floor lamp, coffee table and hardwood floor

Sometimes a fluffy couch needs fluffy pillows to match! This grey couch and pillow set matches the underlying rug perfectly, helping tie to the room together in an aesthetically pleasing way. Down or down alternative pillows are a great way to get that “fluffy” look.
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21. A Single Change

Gray sofa in minimalist living room with side table and wooden floor

Sometimes one pillow is enough! The essential part of decorating has a result that brings you happiness, and that might mean a single, plain pillow!
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Mixing Patterns and Colors

22. Two Colors, Many Patterns

Black industrial lamp next to gray couch with patterned pillows, coffee table and pouf in monochromatic living room

Don’t be afraid to mix up your patterns! This couch has four throw pillows, and not one is like the other. How does it work? These four different pillows all use the same two colors. Black and white pillows on a grey couch are sure to please!

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23. One Pillow Many Colors

Throw pillow on a gray sofa and a white wooden cabinet

Deciding just to include one pillow on your couch doesn’t mean you’ll be devoid of options! Since your grey couch will blend with so many different colors, multicolored, patterned pillows are a great way to add that last, final touch to your room!
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24. Light Earth Tones

Scandinavian interior design living room with gray and beige colored furniture and wooden elements

While browns and other earthy tones might not be your first thought when thinking about pillows for your grey couch, they can give the room a very homey, comfortable feeling.
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25. The Neutral Scale

Modern interior living room with a gray sofa and many pillows

Having a grey couch means that any of the colors on the scale between black and white are an automatic “yes” when it comes to decorating! This couch uses pillows that are black, white, and every shade of grey in between to significant effect.
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26. Two-Toned

Living room with retro gray sofa and framed blank poster on concrete wall

This grey and white pillows use the same shade of grey as the couch, which leaves the pattern, not the color, to do all the talking.

27. A Variety of Shapes

Living room interior gray sofa and flowers on table

If you’re wanting to add variety without shaking things up too much in the color department, try experimenting with different shapes! A round pillow can help soften up edges or complement a couch that has a more curved build.

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28. Long Pillows

A beige colored living room with a gray couch and a black and white throw pillow

The pillows you choose can help make your couch longer or taller, depending on the shape and design of the pillow. These pillows are long, with horizontally oriented patterns. This can help the couch seem more significant, giving the illusion of space.

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29. A Trifecta

Gray sofa with throw pillows and side table with lamp

Accent pillows can serve as an accent color themselves, so once you’ve picked out your two central pillows, try picking out a third, different pillow to provide a pop of color!

30. Mix it Up

Gray sofa with different pillows, accent chair, wall clock and white cabinet in modern living room

Did you know your pillows don’t have to match? You can mix it up by incorporating pillows with the same or complimenting color schemes, and different patterns.
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31. Continuing the Aesthetic 

Cozy living room interior with gray sofa in scandinavian style and painted monstera leaf in frame on wall

The pillows are the last things to be picked out when it comes to decorating your room. Instead of searching for the perfect color or shape, just try to find something that fits the aesthetic you already have.

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