What Room Should a Grandfather Clock Go In? [5 Options Revealed]

The grandfather clock is a time-honored piece of craftsmanship that never goes out of style. That furniture, in turn, becomes the focal point of any room where the owner of the majestic clock chooses to have it reside. Which room is both aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional, for those who decide to use the clock as a timekeeper? We researched this to find out what the most popular places are to place a grandfather clock for maximum effect. 

When considering which room to place their grandfather clock in, the decision boils down to owner preference. Some popular options for rooms include: 

  • Entryway
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Kitchens
  • Bathroom

To determine what the best room is for showcasing a grandfather clock, read on!

A formal dining room in an antique Victorian style home. What Room Should a Grandfather Clock Go In? [5 Options Revealed]

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What Room Should a Grandfather Clock Go in?


The entryway of a home is an obvious choice for many, as it is the first spot that people see when they enter. As such, a grandfather clock as the focal point of the entry provides elegance to any home. Positioning the clock in the entryway makes it so that no other furniture pieces can detract from the timepiece. With its stature, it is capable of being the only thing in that space of that house and make the room feel completely decorated.  

While this is a popular place to display a grandfather clock, it should be noted that with the changes in seasons, a grandfather clock can slow down. As such, if the entryway in your home is susceptible to drastic changes in temperature, be aware that during the winter, the clock will be on time, whereas in the summer, it will slow down as the pendulum expands with the heat. That expansion can lead to a loss of one minute per week. One minute may not be a lot, but over time, it can add up dramatically.  

Living Room

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Antique carved wood grandfather clock in living room

By nature, the living room is generally the most formal in the home. Used for hosting get-togethers or celebrations on a more grand scale than a family room calls for, an ornate grandfather clock fits right into the upscale theme of the room.

Because this is the first room that most walk through when entering the home, the living room makes a first impression as to the overall feel of the house. By placing a grandfather clock in this room will only add to the elegance that this formal room calls for. 

However, for those who have chosen to make the living room another usable living space versus one that is for special occasions, the placement of a grandfather clock can still work. This is because the grandfather clock itself can act as a tie-in piece between the living room and the family room.

A grandfather clock can allow the decor to flow from one room to the other by serving as a piece of furniture versus just a functioning clock. In some cases, the grandfather clock may have been inoperable for quite some time, but because the color or the style is that of which brings cohesion between two rooms, it becomes the perfect piece of art for the living room.    

Dining Room

By putting a grandfather clock into a dining room, the feeling of height is introduced to the room. This can be important because if there are several lower, larger pieces of furniture in a place explicitly designated for dining, the room can begin to feel a bit cramped, especially when people are occupying it. With the addition of a grandfather clock, the room will instantly feel like there is more headspace, which will make the room feel more spacious.

This can be extremely important for those who have a separate closed off dining room. With a dining table, a china cabinet, and more, one would think there would not be more space for another piece of furniture. But a grandfather clock can cheat the eye to make it believe the room is larger than it truly is, that becomes a necessity for that room.

A formal dining room in an antique Victorian style home.


A repurposed grandfather clock can be turned into a storage space, which is always useful in the kitchen. By taking the pendulum, weights, cables, or wires out of the clock, the lower portion below the face of the clock can become a space to store dishes that are either an odd size or not used with any frequency. This frees up much-needed cabinet space for day-to-day necessities in the kitchen and is a beautiful conversation piece as well.


Putting a grandfather clock in a bathroom might seem a bit unconventional, especially since they are temperature sensitive. However, a non-working grandfather clock can be used as a unique focal point. It is also a convenient space to store towels and the like for those who do not have linen cabinets.

To be able to tie in with the most decor, the more basic the color of the grandfather clock, the better. And because there is not usually a lot of wood found in a bathroom, colors such as white or black might be better options.

How Do You Move An Old Grandfather Clock From Room To Room

In a multi-story home, the largest of the bathrooms are likely to be found upstairs. If a grandfather clock is being chosen for decor only and not as a timepiece, it does not matter how the clock is transported upstairs. However, if keeping time is the goal of the grandfather clock, it is essential to take care when moving it. 

The grandfather clock should never be moved with all of the parts still attached. It is imperative to remove the weights and pendulum so as not to damage the inner workings of the clock. Do not use bare hands when eliminating these pieces as the natural oils found in one’s hands will tarnish the pieces.

Once the pieces that can be removed have been done so carefully, the grandfather clock needs to be moved straight up as opposed to being laid on its back. Putting the clock on its back will cause the chains or cable wires to tangle and could cause the pendulum guide to move, which would make the clock unable to tell the time correctly.

Is A Grandfather Clock Considered Furniture?

Christmas spirit in the living room of an old Welsh farmhouse

A grandfather clock is unique in the fact that it can be considered both an accent piece and a piece of furniture. This is because, as a working clock, it is an accent piece that can be used to tie a room together. And, depending on the lines of the clock and color, it can either make the room appear grander or more contemporary.

However, when the inner workings of the grandfather clock are taken out, and just the body of the clock is left, it becomes a beautiful piece of furniture. Whether it is being used for storage or as a piece that is showcasing decorative items, by using the grandfather clock in this manner, it is given a new life beyond just that of a grand working clock. 

Are Grandfather Clocks Outdated?

For those who are on the fence as to whether to purchase a grandfather clock or not for fear that they will make their home look old and outdated, nothing could be further from the truth. This is because the classic designs of a grandfather clock have helped it stand the test of time. Some ornate oak or cherry wood grandfather clocks might work better in a more traditionally decorated home. Those that have been distressed, painted another color, or have very straight lines would fit very well into a country or contemporary home. 


While it might seem like an intimidating piece of furniture to have in the home, the grandfather clock is quite a functional piece that can be included in just about any room imaginable. From using it as a functioning timepiece, to a piece of decor to add height or a unique focal point for a room, there truly is a grandfather clock for any style. 

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  1. It was mentioned, when placing a grandfather clock in the entryway, it allows the clock to be the focal point and not get drowned out by any other furniture. My husband has always wanted a grandfather clock and we are trying to figure out if we have a good place for one in our home before we buy one. I will have to mention the entryway to him, and see what he thinks.

  2. It’s awesome that you talked about how a grandfather clock adds elegance to your living room. Recently, my wife and I went thrift store shopping, and we found a gorgeous grandfather clock. The only problem is that it doesn’t work, but we had to get it. We think after some repairs, it’d be as good as new, so we’ll be sure to follow your advice on where to place your grandfather clock. Thanks!

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