What Sherwin Williams Paint Is Best For Exterior Doors?

Your exterior (especially the front door) is the first thing people will see when visiting your home. When revamping an entranceway, it's essential to consider the color and aesthetic and the paint you'll be using. So, what Sherwin William paint should you choose? What are the most durable options? We've done some digging and have a few great ideas to share!

When choosing the best paint for your door, you need to consider the type of paint, finish, and durability. The Sherwin Williams Acrylic Latex Paint is the best choice since most painters swear by its excellent coverage, ease of maintenance, and rot resistance.

You can use any finish that suits your preference, but most contractors recommend a glossy finish for a sleek look. Some options include:

  • Sage Green
  • Quite Coral
  • Billowy Breeze
  • Moonraker
  • Orange
  • Exclusive Plum
  • Rookwood Amber
  • Downing Slate

Painting your exterior doors can be challenging, especially when you're not sure about the right paint to use, especially since there are many options, to begin with, from color to material. Keep reading below to learn how to determine the right paint and color for your house.

Front door and covered porch of new home exterior: solid wood door is flanked by sconce lights and has glass panels in upper portion and mullions. - What Sherwin Williams Paint Is Best For Exterior Doors?

How To Choose The Right Sherwin-Williams Paint

Choosing the right paint is essential not only to make an excellent first impression but also to avoid inconveniences in the future. You wouldn't want your door to peel or rot during the humid months.

A Sherwin-Williams Paint Store in Toronto. Sherwin-Williams is an American company that produces paint.

So, it's important to use paint that suits the material of the door and withstand the changes in the environment--especially since exterior doors tend to bear the brunt of daily wear and tear.

Here are the factors to think about when choosing the perfect Sherwin-Williams Paint.

Consider Durability

Water-based paint or latex paint is more durable than oil-based paint, so this is the material preferred by most painters. Acrylic latex is less prone to rotting and can withstand unpredictable weather conditions well.

Since acrylic latex is durable, most homeowners wouldn't need to go to extreme lengths to maintain the durability of the paint, ensuring a long lifespan.

Durability is an important quality, even if only painted, since a bad paint job can ruin the house's look. If you don't want to go through the hassle of repainting again and again, make sure to use acrylic latex paint.

Choose Strictly Exterior Paint For Exterior Doors

A senior man painting the doorway with white paint

When painting your exterior door, make sure to use exclusively exterior paint. This is because exterior paint is much stronger, has thicker coats, more pronounced pigments, and emphasized resin compared to interior paint. They are rot-resistant, so having this type of paint is especially crucial for wooden doors.

Exterior paint is designed to hold up to harmful outside elements such as rainwater, hail, dirt, and dust, so it would be unwise to paint exterior doors with interior paint.

To ensure that you're purchasing exterior paint, look for a label that says "exterior."

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Consider The Door's Material

One of the reasons why acrylic latex is the best option for exterior doors is that they are compatible with most door materials. However, some paints work better with other materials.

If you have a wooden door, the type of wood is crucial to determining the correct paint. For instance, if you have wooden doors whose tannins do not bleed through, water-based paint exterior paint can suffice.

This type of paint can also suit the surfaces of fiberglass doors.

However, if you have wooden doors that have a bleed-through effect, it is best to use oil-based exterior paint so the colors would not blend with the tannins.

Metal doors can also benefit from oil-based paint since oil can protect the surface from rust.

Go For A Glossy Finish

Brown hardwood floors with a shiny lacquered finish.

Having a sleek front door can instantly make your house look more visually elevated. Glossy finishes are pleasing to look at, but they are also more low-maintenance, so you get maximum beauty with minimal effort.

However, you can go for a semi-gloss finish if you want a more toned-down look. They are just as easy to clean and still have that slight sheen that makes the exterior door look polished.

Glossy finishes can also make the color pop, making your house feel more welcoming and vibrant.

Should You Put Primer On The Front Door?

Putting on primer depends on whether you are painting an unpainted door or if you are painting over another coat. Some paints contain primer and color, making it more convenient, but you can also use primer and paint separately.

You can use paint mixed with primer if you are painting a bare door. This would suffice since the colors only have to stick to the surface.

You can also use this if you are painting over a door with the same color or if you are repainting the surface with a darker color.

However, you will only need to use them separately if you need to paint a dark-colored door with a lighter shade since you will need to prime the surface anew so the color will adhere fully.

You should also opt for a separate primer if the surface is peeling or cracking since it means the previous primer has failed and needs to be thoroughly redone.

Best Sherwin Wiliams Paint Colors

 Paint color swatches on display in a Sherwin-Williams painting store.

Sherwin Williams has a lot of color options that could spruce up your door and elevate the general design of your home. The color you choose should complement the architecture of your house, and it should also satisfy your style.

You can opt for soft colors since they tend to be more visually cohesive with the rest of the house. However, having vibrant doors can make your home look more inviting. Here are the colors you should try.

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Sage Green

Sage green is a refreshing, natural shade that can make your exterior look polished and aesthetically pleasing. It blends with any interior, although it is best to pair the color with either white or wooden accents for a classic look.

Quite Coral

The shade "Quite Coral" has a Mediterranean-inspired look that can warm up the look of your exterior. This color is ideal if you're looking into a sunset color scheme or want a pop of color that's not visually overwhelming.

Billowy Breeze

If you want a more toned-down but sleek appearance, go for the shade "Billowy Breeze." This color would be perfect for contemporary designs that still have a soft flair. It is also aesthetically versatile, so you can change your exterior's appearance, and the door color would still go with it.


"Moonraker" has a warm undertone and yellow tones, so they are ideal if you want a perpetually vibrant look on your exterior. This color would go with other light colors, but you can also pair it with wooden tones for visual contrast.


If you want a bolder look, go with orange exterior doors.

You can balance the vibrant color with neutral tones so your exterior will not be visually overwhelming. The loud pop of color will be a welcome accent that could liven up your home effortlessly.

Exclusive Plum

Go for a whimsical look with the shade "Exclusive Plum." This color would add a pop of color to your exterior without being too overwhelming, and you can accentuate or tone it down as you like.

It is easy to pair with other colors, but you can paint different parts of your exterior, such as window trims, in this color for a more cohesive look.

Rookwood Amber

"Rookwood Amber" has brown tones mixed with orange, so they are best paired with wooden and natural tones. You can balance it with neutral colors and accentuate it with muted green and blue tones.

Downing Slate

"Downing Slate" has a shade that can go with virtually any exterior door, but your preference will determine whether it's good. It has a greyish color, so it can make your front door blend in with the rest of the house. However, you can accentuate it using white trims or brick stones.

Our Final Thoughts

Sherwin Williams has been a trusted paint brand for a long time, so you can never go wrong with it if you choose the right type for your exterior door. Maintenance and selecting the right materials are essential if you want the door to last long.

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