What Size Allen Key For A Moen Faucet Or Shower Handle?

You may want to change or repair some parts in your Moen faucet or shower handle with an Allen key but wondering about the size to use. Fortunately, we have done some research for you, and here is what we found.

It is recommended to use a 7/64-inch Allen key for the Moen faucet or shower handle. Choosing the right size of Allen key makes your repair job much more manageable.

Allen key can be beneficial when securing the handle screws on the Moen faucet. Keep reading to get detailed information about the size of Allen keys used for a Moen faucet or shower handle.

Complete allen set on a table, What Size Allen Key For A Moen Faucet Or Shower Handle?

What Size Allen Key For A Moen Faucet Or Shower Handle?

Allen key can also be called Allen wrench. It usually comes in different sizes, styles, and materials. But one thing is for sure; you will find the type that fits your task.

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Moen faucet sold at a store

If you want to work on a Moen faucet or shower handle, it is best to use a 7/64-inch Allen key. Allen key plays a crucial role and can aid in taking off the PosiTemp lever, which is responsible for controlling the temperature and water flow in the shower. Also, a 7/64-inch Allen key can be used to keep handle screws in place, especially if you are using faucets with only one handle.

Brands manufacturing Allen key usually provide sizing charts that customers can refer to. All you need to do is check the product packaging online. It is always advisable to do a bit of research to ensure the Allen key size that suits the project you intend to do.

Why Choose The Right Size of Allen Key?

It is always best to use the right size of Allen key when working on a Moen faucet or shower handle. Multiple benefits come with utilizing the appropriate size.

Using the right size of Allen key for the Moen faucet influences your productivity. It also helps you get the repair or replacement job done faster and more efficiently.

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Removing an allen screw on a table

With the right size of Allen key, there is a lower chance of making mistakes and errors. Also, it becomes more challenging to accomplish your task if you are using the wrong size of tools. This can lead to frustration, and you may be unable to finish the work.

With the wrong tool size, you are prone to injuries while working. To pay more attention to the task at hand, consider using the right size of Allen key, especially when working on a Moen faucet and shower handle. By so doing, you will get the job done in no time.

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How Do I Remove A Stripped Allen Bolt From A Moen Faucet Handle?

An allen wrench set left on a table

To take off a stripped Allen bolt from a Moen faucet, you will need a plier. Use it to hold the screw's head, then slowly rotate it counterclockwise.

Alternatively, you can use a rubber band. All you need to do is fix the band over the Allen bolt and get a flathead screwdriver ready. Next, make the band take up the space so the screw will come off. This approach may cut the band if the screw is stripped or the fasteners are large.

Another technique you can try will also require a flathead screwdriver. With the help of a file, try making a groove at the head. You can proceed to remove it with a flathead screwdriver after making a notch. This approach may not be the best since it can ruin the head of the screw.

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How Do I Take Off Moen Faucet?

The following are the steps for removing the Moen faucet:

Step 1: Make The Necessary Preparation

Make some preparations before removing a Moen faucet. Get the necessary materials ready so you don't have to move around searching for each when needed. Tools like a wrench, needle-nosed plier, and flat screwdriver will be helpful.

Turn off the water supply before proceeding with the job. It is recommended to do this even after replacing the handle. Next, get a rug and cover the drain to prevent the screw from accidentally falling into it. It is advisable to get a better understanding of how the handle is connected.

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Step 2: Remove The Faucet Handle Cap And Screw

Removing the faucet handle cap is an easy task. All you have to do is locate the cap and hold it. Then try moving it counterclockwise, and this should open it. Alternatively, get a flat screwdriver inside the space, then try removing the cap. Doing this will make the cap less secure so it can be removed easily.

After removing the cap, check for the screw inside and try taking it out as well. To remove the set screw, you will need a wrench since minerals tend to accumulate on it after some time. As a result, the handle may not turn well. With the wrench, you can easily unscrew the handle.

Put the wrench on one side of the screw's bottom, then move it counterclockwise. At this point, a lot of force isn't needed on the wrench at once. By gently moving the wrench, the screw is sure to get loose.

Step 3: Take Off The Cartridge

After taking off the handle, consider inspecting the cartridge. First, locate the cartridge. Check for a cylindrical part that has a small lip. Since water usually touches this part, you may notice an accumulation of scale.

Check to see if the cartridge is down. If yes, the chances are the faucet isn't working. You can buy another one and install it. Since a brass retaining nut usually holds the cartridge in position, you need to take off the nut. To do this, get a wrench and move the nut to the left.

Hold the small lip with needle-nosed pliers and try taking it off. This may not be easy because of mineral buildup. To deal with the issue, pour vinegar solution in the area.

Leave it for some hours to get rid of the mineral. Doing so will make the cartridge come out quickly. Afterward, you can reinstall the handle and faucet.

What Can I Use Instead of Allen Key?

Complete allen wrench set

Other tools can be an alternative if you don't have an Allen key. Here are some of them:


You can use small flathead screwdrivers if the Allen key isn't available. All you have to do is place the edge in the socket. With this, the end of the screwdriver can serve as a grip in the hole.

If your bolt's socket is big, consider using a bigger flathead screwdriver for better results. Your goal is to try wedging the screwdriver into the bolt's hex. This will provide a force for unscrewing.

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Nuts And Bolts

Allen wrench screws are similar to bolts and come with a nut on the opposite. So, consider taking out the nut with pliers. Alternatively, get two knives that will serve as leverage, then put them on both sides of the nut.

Try moving them around and applying force so the nut will come off. It is better to seek help from a friend so they can keep the wedged tool stable in the hex. You can then proceed with moving the nut to the other side.

To Wrap Up

To work on a Moen faucet or shower handle, consider using a 7/64-inch Allen key. Allen key can help remove the lever that controls the temperature and water flow in the shower when the need arises. However, it is advisable to use the right size of Allen key when working on a Moen faucet or shower handle to get the best results.

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