What Size Appliance Pull For Dishwasher?

There are countless choices when upgrading or renovating a kitchen! You may be considering appliance pulls if you've decided on panel-ready dishwashers. Whether there's a standard size or right size of appliance pulls for your dishwasher. Worry no more because we have researched this topic extensively and created the best answer for you.

There is no standard length of appliance pull to use. The most popular sizes used for dishwashers, from least to most, used are 15”, 7”, 8”, 18”, and 12”. For a suitable visual look, you can base the size off ⅓ of the dishwasher door’s width.  

In this article, we'll discuss more sizes, finishes, and styles. Furthermore, we will give a guide on creating the kitchen dishwasher cabinet accessories of your dreams! 

Woman opening dishwasher, What Size Appliance Pull For Dishwasher?

Appliance Pulls: Where to Use Them

Appliance pulls are long cabinet handles that are commonly used in two locations in the kitchen. The first is on appliances with wood paneling, such as refrigerators and dishwashers.

These appliance pulls allow you to match the rest of your kitchen cabinet hardware and seamlessly blend your appliance doors in with the rest of your cabinet doors. Tall pantry doors or oversized storage drawers are another popular application for appliance pulls.

Understanding the Pull Lengths 

The right proportions for hardware pulls make all the difference in how polished and professional they look. It's critical to keep both inches and millimeters in mind when adding hardware to new cabinets or updating the hardware on older cabinets so the pulls fit properly. When choosing hardware, keep the following in mind:

  • The distance of the pull extends from the drawer's surface after installation.
  • The distance between two screw holes is measured from one screw hole's center to the center of the other.
  • The diameter or the thickness of the bar that you grab on a pull. Pay close attention to this size when choosing hardware because you want to make sure your hand fits comfortably.
  • The length of the pull and it should always be greater than the distance between the two screw holes.

Do you need an appliance pull for a dishwasher?

Appliance pulls are a type of heavy-duty kitchen cabinet handle that is commonly found on appliances with wood panels. One of the most common places to put them is in dishwashers. Simply, smaller knobs and pulls will not fit on this larger piece!  

What Size Appliance Pull For A Dishwasher?

Empty opened dishwasher inside a modern kitchen

The size of the pull you use is completely up to you. Simply double-check that it will fit the appliance.  The most popular sizes in order are 12′′, 18′′, 8′′, 7′′, and 15′′. 

While there is no set "rule" for sizing pulls for kitchen dishwashers, the specialists recommend starting with the 1/3 rule. The guideline is a simple measuring guide for choosing appliance pull. 

It's all about proportion, balance, and scale when it comes to cabinet hardware sizing. And the simple 1/3 rule is a great place to start. The 1/3 guideline indicates that the length of the pull is around 1/3 of the cabinet width. Simply divide the width of your cabinet by three to determine the size of a third.

However, appliance pulls are typically mounted on 3/4-inch thick wood panels that are affixed to the appliance. If you purchase pulls that are not meant for appliances, you’ll require longer (matching) screws to install.

Appliance Pull Sizing

Sizing the pulls can be difficult. There are numerous size and configuration options to choose from. Our top picks are listed below. Remember that the longer the pull, the more contemporary the look.

Uniform Size Throughout

Choosing a single size and using it throughout your cabinetry is one of the most popular options. There is no right or wrong size to choose, but we recommend pulls with a center to center (the distance between the screw holes) of at least 3-3/4", which looks good on most cabinets while still being large enough to grip comfortably.

5" pulls are also a good choice. Their slightly longer length gives them a more modern appearance while still fitting into narrow drawers. We strongly advise using two pulls on wide drawers if you use a smaller size throughout.

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Length Varies with the Width

On wide drawers, instead of using two pulls, use a single pull that is longer in length. This can give your drawers a cleaner, more contemporary appearance while also making them easier to operate. A good rule of thumb is to use a pull that is about 1/3 the length of the drawer.

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Full Length

Extra long pulls that span almost the entire width of each cabinet can be used for modern cabinetry.

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Appliance Pull Designs

After you've decided on length, consider which style will work best in your space. Traditional or heritage-inspired designs benefit from ridged designs, curved silhouettes, and detailed textures.

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Clean lines and edges characterize modern cabinetry, which has a glossy or bright appearance and minimal profile that is smooth to the touch.

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The most common reason for choosing an appliance pull style is to match the cabinet hardware on other cabinets and drawers. For installing, it is best to refer to the appliance manufacturer's installation manual when installing an appliance pull. 

Appliance Pull Finishes 

After that, think about the finish. It looks best when the finish of cabinet hardware contrasts with the rest of the room. What are the colors of your cabinets, appliances, faucet, and lighting? Warmer tones and brass cabinetry are vintage, while cooler tones and darker cabinet hardware are more contemporary.

Matching Finish

It's best to keep your pull finish consistent throughout the kitchen. Even if the knobs and handles are different types, this choice creates a coordinated look.

Mixing Finish

This is a risky move, but it's a lot of fun! Mixed metals have been popular in recent years, so while not as "safe," it can be a lot of fun! If you like this concept, you could use one pull finish for the island cabinets and a different finish for the perimeter cabinets.

Texture Appearance

While brass is a popular choice, different surface textures produce different levels of shine. Consider the difference between brushed and satin brass. Although the gold color is similar, the way the two textures reflect light and shine may appear to be quite different.

You could even plan to use the same finish and texture on your faucet, lighting, and switch plate covers to create a cohesive look throughout the room.

Appliance Pull Vs. Drawer Pull

Small kitchen with laminated cabinets and a dishwasher

If you're remodeling or designing a kitchen, you've probably come across different terms for pulls, such as appliance pulls and cabinet or drawer pulls. It's easy to think they're interchangeable, but they're not.

The main difference is that appliance pulls are larger and require larger screws (typically 10/32"). This is because appliance pulls are made to be handled for large, heavy household appliances. Also, pulling them requires quite a bit of force. Because of their sturdy construction, appliance pulls are significantly more expensive than drawer pulls.

Drawer pulls, on the other hand, are typically made with 8/32" screws and have a slimmer profile. Because cabinet pulls aren't designed to hold appliances, they don't require heavy-duty screws or large surface areas. Rather, drawer pulls are used as a cabinet, drawer, and door handles. 

The main advantage of it is that it is easy to grip and pull, requiring far less force than appliance pulls. Additionally, drawer pulls are also less expensive to install than appliance pulls because they are smaller and have smaller screws.

Not all appliances necessarily need an appliance handle, considering that the cost of appliance handles are prohibitively expensive when compared to standard drawer pulls. On dishwashers, you can often get away with using a standard drawer pull, and they may even be more appropriate in terms of appearance. For paneled refrigerators, however, it is frequently recommended that you use an appliance handle for both appearance and functionality.

Benefits of Appliance Pulls

Wooden texture cabinet paneled kitchen with a dishwasher and refrigerator on the side

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to using only pulls or a combination of knobs and pulls. Consider the following advantages of using pulls on cabinet doors and drawers:

  • Using a single type of cabinet hardware can help the space look more cohesive. Depending on the style of the pull, it can also be a decorative element that complements the cabinets' appearance.
  • Cabinet pulls are a good choice for people of all sizes, from small children to adults, and even older people who may struggle to grasp a small knob. As a result, they can make it easier for the entire family to open cabinet doors.
  • Longer appliance pulls can sometimes serve dual purposes aside from handling it and can also be a  towel bar in the kitchen.

Wrapping Things Up

Woman opening dishwasher

Hoping this simple guide will serve as a good starting point for cabinet hardware shopping. Finally, because each room has its own set of requirements, experimentation is the most effective way to find your personal taste. You can choose any appliance pull you want for your dishwasher as long as it serves its functions for this kind of heavy-duty appliance and also matches your taste of style in your kitchen.

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