What Size Baseboards For 9 Foot Ceilings?

Redesigning rooms can be very challenging, and wondering if the baseboards and the ceilings are all proportionate to each other can be a bit challenging. We've researched this topic, and in this post, we will share tips on picking baseboards for your 9-foot ceilings and the considerations you need to know before installation.

The best baseboard size for a 9-foot ceiling is around 4 to 6 inches in height, and this measurement also accounts for the moldings attached to the ceiling. Adding height to the baseboards creates drama, and it allows the room to have a modern look.

Knowing the right size of baseboards for your rooms is important. We have a lot more to share about how you can design your rooms with different styles and sizes for your baseboards. Keep reading as we also give you some tips on how you can incorporate other decorative pieces like headboards in your bedrooms.

White flat panel designed baseboard inside a modern blue walled living room with hardwood floors, What Size Baseboards For 9 Foot Ceilings?

What Size Baseboards For 9 Foot Ceilings?

Part of redecorating your home means that you also have to consider the baseboards. This trim hides the joint where the floor meets the ceiling. They are also placed to add a decorative value to the room because they can add lines that can accentuate your space.

There are many different types and sizes of baseboards available out there. Baseboards are placed on the lowest part of the walls, but in order to make an impact on a room's design, its height should be proportionate to the room's ceiling height. 

A white tall baseboard inside a gray living room

Typically, a 9-foot tall wall can have baseboards that measure about 4 to 6 inches tall. This height takes into consideration the size of the crown molding from the ceiling. It's the right size to keep your room from looking too short or the baseboard looking disproportionately too short.

As a general rule of thumb, standard 8-foot walls work well with baseboards that are 3 to 5 inches tall. A really tall ceiling, something like a 12-foot wall, should also have a tall baseboard, and baseboards that are 6 to 8 inches tall would work really well.

Can Baseboards Be Too Tall?

Technically, the size of the baseboards you choose for your walls is completely up to you. However, designers do adhere to design principles to help you pick the right size baseboards to use for your walls.

While it is true that tall baseboards can create drama and make your room look modern and elegant, baseboards that are too high might not look too good. Because baseboards come up from the bottom of your walls and crown molding is installed on your ceiling, it lessens the visual height of your wall, and it might make your room look short.

A baseboard that is too tall will make the walls look like it's closing up the room. However, too short of a height for your baseboards might make the room look like the walls are too big and empty.

What Styles of Baseboards Are Available?

Different sizes and textures of baseboards

There are four major styles of baseboards that are available to use, made in different colors and materials. Most retailers will have different sizes for all styles, but they will generally play around with the sizes between 3 inches tall to 8 inches tall. 

Baseboard styles rely heavily on personal preference, but some design professionals also prefer certain styles depending on the room's look. Here are the styles of baseboards that you will typically find, as well as the room styles they will work with.

Three-inch Rounded or Stepped Baseboard

This baseboard is quite popular in newer homes, and it is the most common one you will see nowadays. They are about 3 inches tall, and they don't add too much detail making it perfect if you'd like your baseboard to recede in the background. This baseboard works well with a matching crown molding that is more rounded or stepped to give your room a cohesive look.

Flat Baseboard

Flat baseboards (or sometimes called apartment wall molding) truly embody its name. It is trim with no curves or edges, and they look great in modern homes that have a lot of lines. This baseboard can usually be found at heights of about 3-1/2 inches tall, with 6 inches as its tallest size.

Mid-sculpted Baseboard

If your home has high ceilings or you are looking to give your room a more semi-formal feel, the mid-sculpted baseboard might be the one for you. This baseboard is a cross between the stepped baseboard and the tall-sculpted baseboard, making it the perfect middle ground for those who want to see a little more ornate design. They can usually be found in sizes of 4 to 5-1/2 inches tall.

Tall-sculpted Baseboard

This baseboard is quite tall, and it only works for homes with very high ceilings and expansive rooms. Just like its name, tall-sculpted baseboards are tall, with sizes ranging from 5-1/2 inches to 8 inches high. These baseboards are also more detailed and ornate, which is why you will typically find these in traditionally-styled homes.

What Size Headboard For 8 Foot Ceilings?

Gorgeous modern bedroom with gray paneled walls and a gorgeous bed

Now that we've covered baseboards, a lot of people also wonder if their headboards would affect the design of their room. Although it doesn't need to be attached to the walls like baseboards and crown moldings, headboards still provide those extra lines in the bedroom.

Headboards are generally attached to the back of the bed to provide an aesthetically pleasing back to the bed. It also helps the user lean on something while sitting up on the bed, plus it helps keep the pillows in place. Headboards are made using different materials, but the most common ones are made of wood and metal.

Unlike baseboards which require height to add drama to a room, headboards can either be tall or short, regardless of the height of the wall. For example, an 8-foot high ceiling can work with either a 14-inch tall headboard or a 70-inch tall headboard, depending on the mattress you are putting it with.

For an 8-foot high ceiling with a California King size mattress, a 74-inch wide headboard that is 65 to 70 inches tall would be perfect. A twin-size mattress in the same room can use a 41-inch wide headboard with a low headboard that is about 10 to 12 inches tall above the top of the mattress.

What Is The Best Height For A Headboard?

Modern Japanese inspired bedroom with a orange bedding bed with a wall painted with a cherry blossom tree

The only general rule for a headboard's height is that it should be shorter than the length of the bed. Since 8-foot high walls are pretty standard, mattress sizes can range anywhere from twin size to a California King size. Headboards are generally a little wider than the mattress themselves, but the height will always vary.

What matters most to a headboard is the size of the mattress. When buying a headboard, it is often named similarly to the size of your mattress. You should also look into choosing whether you'd like a tall headboard for support while sitting up, or you'd like a short headboard for design purposes.

Standard headboards are typically about 14-inches tall above the top of the mattress for twin beds, 28-inches tall for queen beds, and about 58-inches tall for king and California king beds. However, you will also find that there are adjustable headboards available, so you can choose the perfect height for your headboard.

Just like baseboards, the headboard lines can completely change the look of your room. Short headboards make the room a lot larger because it shows off more of the walls, and it makes it look more spacious. Tall headboards can give you ample support while sitting up, but they can make your room look small. These headboards look best in rooms with high ceilings.

If you cannot decide on the height of your headboards, an adjustable headboard would be perfect for you. Ultimately, you can decide on the perfect height that you'd like without getting too limited by the readily-available headboards sold in the stores.

In Conclusion

White flat panel designed baseboard inside a modern blue walled living room with hardwood floors

A baseboard is definitely an important addition to the design of any room. Knowing the right size can make your space look more modern and more elegant, and it can impact your room's design without going too overboard. Make sure to utilize this knowledge whenever you feel like doing a home makeover and see the difference in your space.

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