What Size Light Fixtures For A Bedroom?

Replacing your bedroom light fixture can update the look of your room with minimal effort and low cost. Updating a light fixture is the way to go when it comes to "bang for your buck"! However, you might be wondering what size of light fixture would best fit your room. We have thoroughly researched the answer for you on what size of light fixture you should have for your bedroom.

Generally, lighting experts recommend that you measure the length and width of your bedroom, then take those numbers, add them together, and convert that number from feet to inches. For example, if your room is 10 by 14 feet, those numbers added together equals 24 feet, which would convert to 24 inches for your light fixture. 

Now that we know how to measure for the right fixture correctly, we can explore some other questions you might have. What are the benefits of having the right-sized light fixture? What do I do if I can't find the correct size? What kind of styles are popular right now? Does the placement of the fixture matter? What kind of bulb should I use? Continue reading for more fascinating details!

Bedroom with 2 lamps and 1 chandelier setup, What Size Light Fixtures For A Bedroom?

What Are The Benefits Of The Right Size?

The little touches can make or break a room in many ways. Read on for the benefits of the properly sized light fixture.

Style And Design

Who wouldn't want their bedroom to feel like a retreat where all your stress melts away! For this reason, you don't want a light fixture too big or too small. Too big, and it could over-power the room. Too small, and it could make the room look dim and dingy. 

Sleep And Relaxation

Besides style, having the wrong light fixture could throw off the vibe and aura of the room. You want to feel comfortable and relaxed to get a good night's sleep. 

Reduced Eyestrain

If you enjoy reading in your bedroom, having the right lighting can make all the difference. If your light fixture is too small, it might not provide adequate light and lead to eyestrain. If your light fixture is too big, it might be too bright and cause light sensitivity leading to headaches.

What If I Can't Find The Right Size?

Not being able to find the right-sized light fixture is unlikely. There are thousands of different fixtures that come in all shapes and sizes! However, if you can't find the specific size you are looking for, have no fear. If your light fixture is just a couple of inches too small or too big, it won't be that noticeable. 

What Styles Are Popular?

Let's review some different styles and types of light fixtures and the ones we recommend. 

Ceiling Fan

Gorgeous bedroom setup in the attic

Ceiling fans serve dual purposes in cooling off your room and providing light. If you like to sleep cool, a ceiling fan would be a great option. It could also save you money on utility bills. Ceiling fans are the most popular type of bedroom lighting.


Elegant bedroom with beautiful lights in an 2 br bedroom

Chandeliers add bling and sophistication to any room, not just the dining room. Choose this option for ambient lighting and opt for a dimmer switch to create a more intimate feel. Most people love their bedrooms to feel cozy and luxurious. That's why this option is our favorite! 

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Recessed Lighting

Modern bedroom in a luxurious house

You might see recessed lighting in a kitchen, but not generally in a bedroom. This would certainly be unique! Recessed lighting makes the room feel bigger than it is due to the lighting in all nooks and crannies. It evenly lights the room and gives it a moody feel. 

Flush Mount Lighting

Bedroom interior with double bed window and flush mount dome ceiling light

Flush mount fixtures provide light without taking up visual space, making this a good option for a small room. It's also easier to clean than a chandelier or ceiling fan because it doesn't attract as much dust.

Does Placement Matter?

You won't normally run into the issue of having to decide where to place your light fixture unless you are building a new home. They are always installed either precisely in the center of the room or over the center of the bed.

However, it does matter how high or low you place your light fixture. Generally, it should hang about 7 feet from the ground unless you have a high bed. In this case, lift it a couple more feet to ensure the fixture isn't too low compared to your bed. 

What Kind Of Bulb Should I Use?

You have the light fixture, but have you thought about what kind of bulb to use? This is personal preference, but typically people prefer their bedrooms to be dimly lit. This creates a peaceful and relaxing environment. 60-watt lightbulbs are recommended due to their soft white glow.

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Do The Same Rules Apply To Other Rooms?

Modern dining area in kitchen with its luxurious dining table

We've discussed bedrooms, but what about other rooms in your home? All other rooms, besides dining rooms, will have the same rules applied just like we measured the bedroom. 

For a dining room, always measure your table before going out and buying a new fixture. The dining room light fixture measurement should be 1/3 to 1/2 of the table in diameter. 

Does Weight Matter?

Surprisingly, the weight of your fixture does matter. You would think that the chain would be enough to support the light, but if you have a heavy light fixture, you need to install a different junction box that can handle more tension. On a positive note, buying a junction box is easy to find at any home improvement store. 

How Do You Hang A Ceiling Light?

You don't have to be an electrician to install a ceiling light. With some safety tips and simple steps, anyone can do it! You'll also need a screwdriver, pliers, wire cutter, and step stool. Let's review the steps below:

  1. Safety first! Make sure to turn off the power before removing the old light fixture. 
  2. Remove the old light fixture and double-check the power to all wires. We recommend you use a voltage detector to avoid electric shock. Luckily, they are only around $15 and can be easily found at a hardware store.
  3. Make sure there is no fraying or damage on the wires before proceeding. If damage is present, use the wire cutters to take off a little under an inch of wire.
  4. You should see two black wires and two white wires. Twist the black wires together, then the white wires together, securing both with a wire nut. Now you can hide the wires in the junction box.
  5. Hang your new light fixture and double-check that all the screws are tight and secure.
  6. Turn the power back on and test your work. Voila! It's that easy.

Where Should I Buy A Light Fixture?

We took a moment to research the most popular home improvement stores to buy light fixtures. You want to consider good reviews, return policies, and value. Here is our list! 

Home Depot, Lowes, Wayfair, and Amazon are all recommended retailers to buy your new light fixture. 

Wrapping It Up

Bedroom with 2 lamps and 1 chandelier setup

As you can see, it's simple to calculate and measure what size of light fixture you need for your bedroom. Choosing the right light fixture is important for any room, especially in your bedroom, where you spend one-third of your life sleeping. 

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