What Size Pillows Go On A King Bed [And How Many Do You Need]?

Creating a polished look with your king size bed is a little different from other size beds. There are a few ways to arrange your pillows that only take a few extra seconds to accomplish. It will allow you to achieve a sophisticated, pulled-together focal point in your bedroom. We've gathered information from design experts to help you figure out what size pillows go best on a king bed.

You should use king-sized pillows when styling a king bed. Sized 20 inches by 36 inches, these large pillows comfortably fill up the bed when you use two of them. Alternatively, and possibly with an additional decorative row of pillows, you can use 3 standard-sized pillows.

Styling a king-sized bed can seem a little overwhelming. The space is large and using only the necessary number of pillows needed to sleep can make the bed seem empty, plain, and overall just a bit incomplete. Continue reading to discover some easy tips to make this styling process easier!

Overhead view of a neat king size bed in a hotel or house with black pillows on a white counterpane with a folded and strapped rug at the food and a wooden headboard. - What Size Pillows Go On A King Bed [And How Many Do You Need]?

What Pillow Size Should You Pick? 

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First, it’s important to understand that there are a variety of pillow sizes available. When it comes to sleeping pillows, there is a standard size pillow which is 20 inches by 26 inches, a queen size which is 20 inches by 30 inches, and a king size which is 20 inches by 36 inches. 

King size pillows are specially made to suit the expansive size of a king bed. If selecting a king size pillow, you’ll need two to extend across the width of the bed. If you choose smaller pillows, such as a standard or a queen size sleeping pillow, you may consider adding three of them to ensure that the pillows extend across the width of the bed. 

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Once you’ve selected the appropriate size for your style and bed, you can consider adding some decorative throw pillows. Euro size (26 inches by 26 inches) is a popular size to add to your bedding pattern. However, if you find this square size pillow to be a bit too much, consider a smaller square one. They come in a variety of sizes from 18 inches by 18 inches to 22 inches by 22 inches. 


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You could also add some different shaped pillows, such as a bolster or a lumbar pillow. These options come in different sizes as well. The chart below shows the various pillow sizes and shapes available:

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Can You Use Standard Pillows On A King Bed?

Overhead view of a neat king size bed in a hotel or house with black pillows on a white counterpane with a folded and strapped rug at the food and a wooden headboard.

Although king size sleeping pillows were made specifically for the size of your king size bed, you can choose to use standard size pillows if you'd like. Just using a pair of standard size pillows can make the bed feel empty, so to make it feel more complete and styled, try using 3 standard size pillows instead.

If you're not able to use 3 standard size pillows, try using the pair of standard size pillows inside the stacked pillow pattern, accented by other throw or sleeping pillows to help keep the bed looking polished and complete. 

How Do You Dress A King Bed With Pillows?

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Once you’ve picked the size of pillows you’d like to have on your bed, selecting the arrangement is the next step. There are three primary ways to style pillows on a king bed:

Option A

This option features three euro size throw pillows as the base, with two king-size sleeping pillows stacked neatly atop, and a lumbar pillow as an accent for a more completed look. 

Option B

White bedroom with a king size bed and pillows.

This option has the same base of three euro size throw pillows, with the king-size sleeping pillows again stacked on top, with 3 smaller square pillows as accents to add that finishing touch. 

Option C

This option features four king size pillows (two stacked together on either side of the bed) as the base, 3 euro size throw pillows leaning against the king stacks, and a large lumbar (aka body size) accent pillow to finish it off. 

Below is a diagram that illustrates the three different styling options: 

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As you can imagine, the possibilities can be endless depending on how many and what size pillows you wish to use on your king bed. Keeping the stack neat, and layering different sizes and shapes will help you to uniquely style your own bed. 

It’s also possible that you’d like to add a little whimsy to your bedroom decor, and it is easy to do that with some unique throw pillow options. After you’ve styled the bed with your standard throw or sleeping pillows, you can add some fun with some unique accent pillows. To get your shopping started, check out these 40 Online Stores For Throw Pillows

What Are The Benefits Of The Different Kinds Of Accent And Throw Pillows?

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Upon initially deciding to add more accent or throw pillows to your bed, you might think that they are for decoration purposes only. While it is true that they are used as decoration, they do not have to be only for decoration. 

Euro Pillows

Euro pillows offer great back support for watching TV or reading in bed. They are a great option for supporting your back or other body parts to help make relaxing more comfortable. Once you outfit them with adorable shams that match your bedroom decor, you've added a great finished look to your bed. Style and function! 

Bolster Pillows

These come in different styles. You can get a neck roll bolster pillow which can offer support to your neck while laying flat, be used under your knees when laying on your back to aid lower back pain, or be used between your knees as a knee pillow if you are a side sleeper. You can also get a bolster that is flat on the bottom so it doesn't roll. These are a great option to help as a baby prop or to help comfort you while sleeping. 

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Lumbar Pillows

As the name suggests, these pillows help support your back muscles in the case of chronic back pain. They do this by decreasing muscle fatigue and aiding in proper posture. These types of pillows are very flexible and can easily cradle around the shape of your spine and body. Providing this support to tired muscles helps in the reduction of muscle fatigue. The benefits of this pillow are extensive. 

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How Many Throw Pillows Are Too Many? 

Wooden framed comfortable bed with many pillows, blanket and sheets and a sideboard with flowers on top in a white stylish bedroom interior.

Deciding on the number of throw pillows that are enough to style properly without being overkill is up to your own personal preference. Many professionals say that anywhere between three to six is where the goldilocks zone falls, while other people may ask the question, “Can there ever really be too many throw pillows?”

To answer this question for yourself, keep in mind how practical throw pillows on your bed are. Generally, they will end up on the floor or elsewhere every night, and you’ll have to pick them up every morning to declutter the space. Adding just enough will make the room feel cozy without overburdening your floor at night or your time in the morning. 

Luckily, there are some storage options available to reduce the clutter of throw pillows when not in use. For more guidance, check out How And Where To Store Pillows? [12 Great Suggestions].

In Closing

Creating a polished look to your king size bed is easy to do when using the right size and number of pillows. Use the tips recommended above to find that perfect style for you! Don't forget to select the style of pillow carefully, keeping the functionality in mind. 

An elegant and comfortable bedroom interior with white pillows, What Size Pillows Go On A King Bed [And How Many Do You Need]?

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