What Size Room Can Hold 2 Beds? [Full Or Queen]

Doubling up beds in a room is a great way to save space and accommodate more people in your home. Whether it's for a larger family or done to increase the sleeping occupancy of a guest room, you'll want to have enough space for other furniture. To help you with this, we've researched bedroom dimensions and how large they need to be to fit two full or two queen size beds.

A bedroom that comfortably accommodates two full-size beds should be at least 13 feet by 10 feet. Furthermore, two queen beds set in a single bedroom will need a minimum room size of 14 feet by 10 feet.

Now that we know what dimensions your bedroom needs, we'll look at why these dimensions are so important. You might also wonder how big of a room you need for a single full bed or what size bed is best for couples. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead!

Cream colored beddings with patterned designs inside a white apartment bedroom, What Size Room Can Hold 2 Beds? [Full Or Queen]

A Closer Look Into Bedroom Dimensions

A queen-sized bed is 60 inches across by 80 inches long. A full-sized bed is 54 inches long by 75 inches across. So why do you need rooms so big to house them in pairs?

Why Width Is Important

The answer to this concerns both safety and comfort. Generally, you always want to keep a minimum of four feet between each bed, no matter what bed size you are considering.

This makes it easier for the occupants of each bed to rise and leave in a hurry in case of an emergency. Furthermore, it also gives each one enough room to maneuver around each other and maintain a good comfort level.

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Having the four-foot minimum between the two beds will also allow for a shared dresser or a pair of nightstands to be placed between them at the head of the beds. For guest rooms, this gives an added amenity.

Why Room Length Matters

With lengths of 80 inches for the queen and 75 inches for the full, either bed will take up a good chunk of space. Leaving enough room at the foot of these beds, whether in a room as a pair or solo, gives room for additional room furnishings and space to move around.

Dressers or shelving across from the foot of a bed is pretty standard. Doing this will mean a minimum of 10 feet of depth in the room. Anything less than this means that you'll be too cramped.

What Size Bedroom Will Fit A Full Bed?

A full-sized bed has dimensions of 54 inches by 75 inches. While taking up a bit less room than a queen, the ideal room dimension minimums should be the same at 10 feet by 10 feet.

As with the queen, you can still fit this bed comfortably in a smaller room. Just be mindful that doing so will perhaps require one side to be set against a wall. It can also limit how much additional bedroom furniture you can set in place.

Black and white bedding in a white walled bedroom

In cases like these, utilize the closet space in the best manner possible, and get creative with shelving if there isn't enough room for a dresser paired with a nightstand. Careful measuring, arranging, and planning will go a long way in furnishing smaller bedrooms.

What's A Good Size Bedroom For A Queen Bed?

A queen bed is 60 inches by 80 inches. Having a minimum of two-and-a-half feet clearance on either side of a bed is ideal. So a bedroom that is at least ten feet by ten feet would be a perfect size.

This doesn't mean you can't have a smaller room and still have a queen bed. Placing the bed against the wall on one side would eliminate the need for that extra two and a half feet. But remember that doing so will eliminate a place for a nightstand.

Small modern bedroom matched with wooden flooring, wooden king-sized bed and brown curtains

So long as your bedroom is at least eight feet wide, you should be able to fit in a queen bed and still fit a nightstand along one side of it. You'll be able to fit a small dresser in the room.

Is A Full-Size Bed Big Enough For A Guest Room?

Young woman packing her things to bags for a trip while sitting on her bed

Sometimes the room you select for the overnight company will be a lot smaller than the ones in the house that your family occupies as sleeping space. If your chosen guest room will only safely and comfortably allow for a full-size bed, does this mean that your guest room won't be fully functional?

Full-sized beds are perfect for single adults and teens and will certainly fit smaller children. While they will be cramped for most couples, they can still use them in a pinch.

Gorgeous rustic bedroom with a king sized bed and matched with

Just because you can only fit a full-size bed into your guest room doesn't mean you've got an uncomfortable guest room.

Offering this room to single adults would be best, though, as they will find it much more comfortably.

What Size Bed Is Best For Couples?

Narrow bedroom with gray painted walls, wooden flooring and white polka dotted beddings

A bed large enough to accommodate two fully grown adults will be different from couple to couple, as we all have different needs for our health, safety, and comfort levels.

As there are a variety of bed sizes out there, it's essential to carefully examine your and your partner's needs before deciding on what size bed to move into your bedroom.

Best Bed Sizes For Couples

Of course, a king bed will be more than adequate for a couple as this is the largest size. But not everyone has a bedroom that is large enough to fit this size of bed into. So if your dimensions are limited, you should consider a queen.

A queen bed is 60 inches by 80 inches, enough room for most adults and their partners. They are roomy enough for those who enjoy a bit of personal space at night but still small enough to fit inside a standard-sized bedroom.

Bed Sizes That Won't Work For Couples

Full-size beds are more cost-effective, take up less room, and can still fit two smaller adults onto their surface. However, this bed size doesn't allow much wiggle room, as they are 54 inches by 75 inches.

Generally, this bed size works best for single adults, but a couple who might enjoy closeness while sleeping could find it comfortable.

Twin beds are meant for children and would be too small for some single adult sleepers. With overall surface dimensions of 38 inches by 75 inches, they can be pretty cramped for even an average single adult.

To Wrap It Up

Cream colored beddings with patterned designs inside a white apartment bedroom

Ensuring that your bedroom is large enough to safely and comfortably fit two beds of any size is vital information to know before moving in the bedroom furniture. While some rooms will be too cramped with two beds, others will allow for enough room for the pair, even though you might sacrifice space for additional bedroom furnishings.

Measure and plan carefully, and don't be afraid to get creative with storage space ideas in smaller sleeping quarters. Sleep tight!

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