What Size Rug Do I Need? [A Complete Guide]

Rugs complete a room. They add texture and depth while also protecting your floors, but how do you decide what size rug you need? Well, we've researched extensively how to decide what size rug you need, and we have some suggestions for you. 

Rugs come in various shapes and sizes; the size you need varies depending on the room. Dining rooms need a rug that is at least 6' x 9' (or 8' round). The size of a rug in a living room or bedroom depends on the look you want to achieve, but rugs as small as 4' x 6' and as large as 9' x 12' would work. For smaller areas, either a 3' x 5' size or a runner rug are good options. 

We've given you the basic rug sizes for some rooms in your home, but keep reading as we go into details about how to decide what size rug you need. We'll also answer some other questions you might have about choosing a rug, including how to tell if a rug is a good quality, how much you can expect to pay, and what you should look for when buying a rug.

Dining room with round black table and wicker chairs, What Size Rug Do I Need? [A Complete Guide]

Rug Sizing

There are no set rules for deciding what size rug you need, but there are some guidelines. It will depend on your room size and the style you want to achieve. We have some suggestions for some of the main rooms in your home, but don't be afraid to pull out some painter's tape to map out what size rug will work best for you.

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Living Room

There are three main styling options for placing a rug in a living room, and the style you choose will determine the size of the rug you need. You can choose to place all of the furniture legs on the rug, the front legs of the furniture on the rug, or none of the furniture legs on the rug. 

All Legs On The Rug

Living room interior with bookcase, corner sofa, yellow chairs and rug on floor

A 9' x 12' or an 8' x 10' rug will be best for this style. If you choose to place all of the furniture legs on the rug, you will need a rug large enough to fit all of it on without the furniture being too close together.  This is a great option if you have an open-concept design because it helps define an area. 

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Front Legs Only

Living room with colorful pillows

An 8 'x 10' or 6' x 9' rug will work best for this style. It works well for living rooms with furniture against a wall, like a sofa,as displayed in the image above. Having all of the front legs on the rug creates a cohesive, organized look while leaving plenty of floor space to walk around the furniture. 

No Legs On The Rug

Minimalistic living room interior

A 5' x 7' rug will work well for this style, but the size you need will depend on the space between your furniture. Once you've spaced out your furniture the way you like, you can measure to see what size rug will work best. This option is good for small spaces, and it will make the area feel larger.

Dining Room

With a dining room, the size of the rug you need depends on the size of your table and chairs. 

Large Table

Large dining room with fireplace

If you have a table that seats eight or more, a 9' x 12' rug will fit best. It will allow enough room for all furniture pieces to be on the rug, with space for the chairs to move back and forth. 

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Medium Table

Elegant bright color dining room

An 8' x1 0' rug will fit best if you have a table that seats six people. 

Small Table

Classic dining room with leather chairs and glass table

For tables that seat four or fewer, you can use a smaller rug. As with our suggestions for the living room, the best way to know what rug size you need is by grabbing a tape measure and measuring the area.

Round Table

Dining room with round black table and wicker chairs

If you have a round table, round or oval rugs are also great options. Round rugs come in a variety of sizes too. If you have a round table that seats four, an 8' round rug should suffice. 


For a bedroom, the rug size depends on the bed size and how you would like to position the rug. 

Under The Bed

Art decor in a cozy purple bedroom interior

If you want your bed to partially cover the rug, your bed size will determine the rug's size. A 9' x 12' rug will work best for a king-sized bed. If you have a queen-sized bed, either an 8' x 10', 6' x 9', or an 8' round rug (like the example above) will work best. A 6' x 9' or even a 5' x 7' rug gives you lots of covered area around the bed for a full or a twin. 

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At The End Or The Side Of The Bed

Bedroom interior with a modern rug

Smaller rugs can be used at the ends or the sides of your bed. Either 5' x 7' or 4' x '6 sized rugs can be placed at the end of your bed. Opt for two 3' x 5' rugs or runners for either side.

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For more suggestions on where to place your rug in your bedroom, check out our other blog post: "How To Place A Rug In A Bedroom [6 Ideas with pictures]."


Foyer with French doors

Foyer rug size depends on the size of your foyer. Runners, 3' x '5', and large area rugs can all be used. If you'd like more help choosing the correct sized rug for your foyer, check out: "How Big Should A Foyer Rug Be?"

What Should You Look For When Buying A Rug?

We've already talked about size, but you should also consider how the rug feels, how it looks, where the rug will be used, and whether you need a rug that is easy to clean. If you are choosing a rug for your bedroom, a thick, soft rug might work, but that will not work under a dining room table. If the rug will be in a high traffic area, a rug that is easy to clean is important. So you should keep in mind the rug's purpose—is it for comfort, protection, or design?

How Can You Tell If A Rug Is Good Quality?

You can tell a rug's quality by its line count. This is the number of stitches per square inch. The higher the line count, the better the quality of the rug. Handmade rugs are also typically better quality than those that are machine-made. What the rug is made out of will also affect the quality. Examples of high-quality rug materials are wool and jute. Wool and jute are both natural fibers. They are durable and will outlast most synthetic fibers. 

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How Much Should You Pay For A Rug?

Rugs can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. The saying, "You get what you pay for," does ring true for rugs. If you want your rug to last you for a long time, be prepared to spend upwards of $1,000. If you don't mind replacing your rug periodically, big department stores, like IKEA, will have large area rugs for as little as $100. These rugs will do well in areas that see a lot of traffic or in homes with children or pets. 

How Many Rugs Is Too Many?

Wooden table in front of green sofa in white spacious flat interior with plants, rug and lamps

If you have open floor space, there's room for a rug. How many rugs you have in a room is completely up to you and your style. It is possible to have multiple rugs in a room and still achieve a balanced look. Keep an adequate amount of spacing between each one, and it won't look too chaotic on the eye. If you're worried about mixing and matching too many rugs, try to choose rugs that are in the same color family. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right size rug can be tricky, but hopefully, we've given you some styles and suggestions to consider. Many online rug retailers will also have diagrams to help you choose the correct size rug for your room, so keep this in mind when shopping!  

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