What Size Rug For A Queen Bed?

Queen size beds have flexible dimensions, so they continue to be the most popular bedroom selection. As such, you may be wondering what rug size will look nice underneath a queen size bed. We’ve carefully researched the ideal area rug dimensions to pair with a queen bed.

An area rug should extend around 18 inches beyond each side of your bed, no matter what size it is. This includes queen size beds, which will typically measure about 60 inches wide. Therefore, the best rug size should be at least 8 feet wide. However, you might also consider the size and style of the bedroom.

It’s important that the area rug beneath your bed isn’t too large or small. Keep reading to learn why an 8-foot rug is ideal for queen beds, how to place a runner, and why some rugs tend to be more expensive than others.

Queen size bed with bed runner and reading lamp in villa, What Size Rug For A Queen Bed?

Ideal Rug Dimensions For A Queen Bed

Queen size beds will usually measure 60 by 80 inches. The accompanying area rug should measure anywhere from 18 to 24 inches wider, which is 96 to 108 inches total. 

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The rug should also be around 8 or 9 feet long in order for the rug to evenly extend beyond the foot of the bed too.

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Even if there’s enough room for a queen size bed in your bedroom, such a large area rug may not fit properly. You’ll have to determine whether or not there will be enough square footage to include the rug. 

This means that you need to consider the furniture layout of the room, too. If there are chest of drawers, bookshelves, TV stands, or other similar obstacles, even an 8 by 8-foot rug may not look proportionate. This is especially true for night stands, which sit right next to the bed.

So, you might resort to a larger or smaller rug. This way, you can either avoid or support the rest of the nearby furniture. For example, experts advise that queen beds can sit on an area rug 7 or 10 feet wide.

The key is symmetry, so as long as the rug looks evenly distributed on all sides, you can even pull it forward to line up with the blanket instead of the headboard.

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If you're not sure about where to place your queen bed in the room to begin with, you can read our post 17 10X10 Room Layouts With A Queen Bed for tips on making the most of a smaller room.

Why Do People Put Rugs Under Their Beds?

People will often place an area rug under their bed for very practical reasons, usually when the floor is made of natural or engineered wood. Although wood is fancy and expensive, it can also be pretty cold and uncomfortable to walk on compared to carpeting.

Area rugs add warmth and comfort, which is ideal when you first get up or finally end your day. They will also protect your wooden floors, so you don’t have to worry about foot traffic around the bed or kicking your shoes off. 

Wood tends to damage easily, which can result in challenging repairs and unwanted costs. Floating boards need to be replaced altogether, and real wood often requires wood putty or buffing.

Rugs For Design Purposes

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People will also use area rugs to tie the room together, completing or reinforcing the interior style. Rugs are available in a wide variety of styles themselves, making them flexible ways to restyle without changing the flooring.

For example, using an area rug with a homemade look will help the room feel more like a rustic cottage. Meanwhile, a plain black rug can add smooth lines to a minimalist scene, which avoids visual noise and aims for beautiful simplicity.

Rugs can also help with color transitions between furniture pieces, walls, and more. They blend elements that would otherwise disagree, softening contrast. This is a useful tool when you want to include existing furniture in a new home.

Why Are Rugs So Expensive?

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Specialists explain that the crafting method and material are the most common reasons for a costly rug. Naturally, handmade rugs will be more expensive compared to anything made by machine.

However, it’s also very important to understand the different materials. Wool is the thickest, warmest and most durable material for rugs, making it the most pricey. It’s also sourced from animals, which is more challenging than synthetic materials like nylon or polyester. 

Rugs are also distinguished by their “pile” type, which refers to the length and design of the fibers. For example, low pile rugs will generally be cheaper because they include less material. 

If you’re planning around a queen size bed, you should consider that the furniture will likely crush or mark rugs with a thicker or higher pile.

If you want a cheaper rug in the long run, you should also consider how easy it will be to clean the pile. Low pile rugs are easier to clean. Loop pile rugs are also easier to clean because the loops collect less dirt than openly cut fibers.

How Do You Place A Runner Next To A Bed?

A runner is a much thinner area rug that still has a normal length, making it ideal for narrow spaces. 

This includes the sides of a queen size bed, especially in smaller bedrooms. The runner can make a perfect lane between the bed and other furniture. That can make a cramped area feel more intentional and cozy.

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It’s still proper for a runner to extend 18 to 24 inches past the side of the bed, and it will often line up with the center of a nightstand. If not, the runner should still reach from the headboard to the footboard.

In order to maintain symmetry, it’s usually best to have one runner on either side of the bed. Some rooms include a third runner at the foot of the bed or even just a single runner for the footboard. 

These runners should not extend past either side of the footboard, but the width should still extend at least 18 inches away.

If you're looking to place an area rug elsewhere in the bedroom, you can also check out our post How To Place A Rug In A Bedroom [6 Ideas with pictures] for more.

Do I Have To Have A Rug Pad?

According to experts, rug pads are necessary for all floor types. Rug pads, generally made of rubber or felt, serve a lot of practical purposes.

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The main purpose of a rug pad is to keep the area rug from moving, so you might think the bed is good enough in that regard.

However, rug pads also increase the lifespan of area rugs by providing more support. This kind of resistance could actually make it more necessary for rugs that will be constantly crushed by a queen size bed.

Lastly, rug pads will also protect the surface of the floor and prevent filth. It wouldn’t be easy to remove your entire bed every time you need to clean underneath the area rug. 

Instead, rug pads allow enough circulation that you won’t end up with so much buildup. That means less cleaning in the long run and less risk of serious damage. 

With enough moisture, a simple spill could even result in mold, which can tear up natural wood underneath an ignored rug. Repairs could demand strong cleaners or even a sanding job to preserve valuable hardwood flooring.

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In Closing

Area rugs are a terrific way to add comfort and personality to your bedroom and make it easier to restyle. Now that it’s clear how different measurements will work with a queen size bed, you can freely design your room around any combination of style ideas and furniture arrangements.

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