What To Put In Baby Bath Caddy [10 Essential Items]

While baby bath time can be fun, it can also be stressful if you aren't fully prepared. Baby bath caddies are a great way to stay organized. Whether you are preparing for your own baby or creating a bath-themed baby shower gift, you might be wondering what to put in your baby bath caddy. We have done the research to bring you the answer.

Baby bath caddies should include everything you need to complete your bath time routine, from bathing to dressing. Here are 10 essential items you should have available: 

  1. Baby soap and shampoo 
  2. Washcloths
  3. Rinsing cup 
  4. Toothbrush and toothpaste 
  5. Water thermometer 
  6. Bath toys 
  7. Moisturizer 
  8. Towels 
  9. Diapers 
  10. Comb or brush

We will discuss each of the essentials and explain why having them on hand will make bath time easier for you and your baby. By the time you're done reading, you will have a list of exactly what you need to create your bath time caddy. 

What To Put In Baby Bath Caddy [10 Essential Items]

Baby Bath Caddy Essentials

Bathing a baby can be overwhelming if you need to look for items during the process. A well-stocked bath caddy will help you keep everything within arm's reach so you can focus on bonding with your baby during bath time. 

Essentials For Bathing 

These are items you will need during the bathing process. Take your caddy into the bathroom with you and place it where you can easily reach it. 

1. Baby Soap And Shampoo

Many baby soaps are made to act as shampoos as well, so you can use the same soap from head to toe. If you choose a soap that cannot also be used on hair, which would be the case if you use a bar of baby-friendly soap, you can purchase a separate gentle shampoo. 

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2. Washcloths 

A small stock of baby bath cloths

Washcloths make it easy to gently wash your baby's skin. Muslin washcloths are great for babies because their soft material will not irritate a baby's sensitive skin. Keep multiple washcloths in your caddy and switch them out as they are used. 

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3. Rinsing Cup 

While a rinsing cup isn't a mandatory part of bath time, it provides a more gentle way to rinse the soap off your baby's skin. There are plenty of different options to choose from that are specifically made for bath time. However, a large plastic cup that you already have in your cup will work as well. 

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4. Toothpaste And Toothbrush 

A baby toothbrush

Even though babies don't get teeth right away, it is never too early to start an oral care routine. Start with cleaning your baby's gums with warm water and an infant brush. At this stage, you can purchase a rubber brush that sits on your fingertip. 

When your baby's teeth start to come in, you can graduate to a traditional infant toothbrush. While toothpaste isn't necessary until your child is 2-3 years old, there are infant-safe toothpastes you can purchase.

Keep these items in your bath caddy so you can do your baby's oral care routine either during or after their bath. 

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5. Water Thermometer 

A green fish baby bath thermometer

It might be easier to test the bath water by touch, but the safest way to ensure that the water is at a safe temperature is by using a thermometer. A temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit or 37-38 degrees Celsius for a bath is warm enough but not too hot. 

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6. Bath Toys 

A rubber duck and other baby floating toys for a bath

Bath toys keep your baby distracted and entertained while you are busy cleaning them up. You may choose to store bath toys near your tub, but keeping a couple of them in your caddy will save you from having to search for some during your baby's bath. 

Because they are exposed to water, bath toys are prone to getting mold. Check your baby's toys frequently and throw them away at the first sign of mold. 

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Essentials For After Bath 

When creating your bath time caddy, it is easy to focus on all the items you need for bath time and forget the items you'll need immediately after your baby's bath. Stocking your caddy up with essential items for after bath time will help you smoothly transition from bathing to dressing. 

7. Moisturizer 

Keep your favorite baby lotion in your caddy so it is readily available when you are ready to dress your baby after their bath. If your baby's bath routine is right before bed, choose a calming scent that will help them drift off to sleep. 

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8. Towels 

Bath towels, like washcloths, can be stored in your caddy and rotated out after they are used. Keeping your towels in the same area as your other bath products ensures that you always have a towel within reach to get your baby warm and dry quickly. 

Choose towels that are made with natural materials such as cotton or bamboo. Since your baby's skin is sensitive, materials found in traditional towels can be too harsh.

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How Many Baby Towels Do You Need? 

The number of towels you need depends on how often you bathe your baby and how often you are able to do laundry. Two to four baby towels will be enough to get you started. Then you can buy more as you get an idea of how many you'll use before you're able to wash them. 

9. Diapers 

A small stack of baby diapers

Keep diapers on hand to quickly get your baby dressed after their bath. You may also choose to keep a few pairs of pajamas in your bath caddy to make getting your baby dressed more efficient. 

If your bath routine is before bedtime, keep a few overnight diapers in your caddy as well. That way, you will be prepared for bath time at any time of day. 

10. Comb Or Brush 

Baby grooming materials on a light blue background

Finish up your baby's bath time routine by combing or brushing their hair. Keep an extra comb and brush set in your bath caddy so you always know where to find it. If your baby has longer hair, add some accessories such as hair ties and detangler. 

Take note of what your baby's hair type is as well as any issues such as cradle cap when choosing the best hairbrush.

Baby brush bristles are softer than adult hairbrushes so they don't injure the sensitive skin of your baby's scalp. Specialty brushes can be purchased to tackle cradle cap or address your baby's specific hair type. 

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In Closing

A blue colored baby bathtub

Adding these bath time essentials to your caddy is a great place to start in creating your baby's bath time routine. As you and your baby become more comfortable with bath time and get into your own rhythm, you'll be able to make changes to your caddy to best fit your individual needs. 

Remember to periodically check your caddy between bath times so you can replace anything that is getting low. A bath time caddy can make a big difference in your bath time routine but only if you keep on top of stocking it! 

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