What To Put On Kitchen Windowsill [9 Suggestions]

What can you do to dress up your windowsill? The kitchen windowsill is often a focal point for the room, letting in light and providing a view to the outside. Many times the kitchen sink is centered under a window, which attracts further attention to the area. We searched the web to bring you nine beautiful and unique ideas to try out in your home.

Check out these great options for windowsill decorations:

  1. Potted Herbs
  2. Plants
  3. Decorative Soaps
  4. Colored Glass Bottles
  5. Seasonal Foliage, Fruits, or Vegetables
  6. Pictures
  7. Candles
  8. Decorative Wooden Letters
  9.  Trinkets and Baubles

This is just a brief overview of the various decoration options for your windowsill. Each of these items can be customized and even combined to create a diverse array of decor. Keep reading to hear some ideas on how to add extra character to these decoration ideas.

A gorgeous collection of flowers and orchids on a white vase placed on a windowsill, What To Put On Kitchen Windowsill [9 Suggestions]

1. Potted Herbs

Potted herbs are both beautiful and useful in the kitchen. If you're a tea lover, you can choose to grow tea herbs like lavender or chamomile, which both bear pretty flowers, too. For culinary creatives, growing things like basil or thyme can save you money or a trip to the store. Most culinary herbs have a leafy, dark green appearance. Being able to have fresh herbs on hand is a huge bonus for this suggestion. 

Peach Tree Farm Herb Garden Kit

This kit comes with everything you need to start your windowsill herb garden.

Click here to check it out on Amazon.

A white tiled kitchen backsplash with indoor plants on the windowsill

2. Plants

There are a variety of other live plants that you can use as windowsill decor as well. Succulents are resilient and come in many colors. Cacti are another resilient option. These can be potted in all kinds of unique containers like teacups or mason jars. Even grass can be potted, and it can be left to grow as long as you like, even long enough to act as a curtain of sorts. If you lack a green thumb, many realistic-looking fake flowers and plants that will look just as nice.

Sea Star Rectangular Ceramic Planter

This planter is a perfect size and shape for most windowsills and would make a great vessel for lavender, succulents, cacti, and so much more.

Click here to see it on Amazon.

Gorgeous indoor plants and flowers planted on yellow and white ceramic

3. Decorative Soaps

Using shaped or other decorative soaps in attractive containers or vases is another creative way to decorate your windowsill. One of the bonuses with this suggestion is the added benefit of a pleasant fragrance. You could also add battery-powered tealight candles or fairy lights to add another layer of beauty.

Lewondr Vanity Tray

This tray would make a great vessel for decorative soaps and could easily accommodate battery-powered tealight candles too.

Click here to see it on Amazon.

JM Rose Bath Soap Assorted Colors

These multicolored, rose-shaped soaps would look fantastic in the vanity tray shown above. Add some fairy lights for a mystical feeling.

Click here to see these soaps on Amazon. 

A small heart shaped tray with white and red roses on it

4. Colored Glass Bottles

Colored glass bottles are a classy and elegant way to decorate your kitchen windowsill. You can stick with one color, choose varying opacities for an ombre effect, or mix colors for a more funky, eclectic look. When the light shines through your window, enjoy a spectacular lighting effect against the glass. This is another suggestion that would be especially beautiful surrounded by fairy lights.

3Cats Decorative Colored Glass Bottles

These colored glass bottles would make a charming addition to any kitchen window.

Click here to view them on Amazon. 

Blue and white empty liquor bottles placed on a windowsill

5. Seasonal Foliage, Fruits, or Vegetables

Use this suggestion to decorate according to the season. In winter, use pine branches and pinecones with tealight candles. In spring, use bright, fresh-cut flowers or fake flowers. Summer is the perfect season to adorn your windowsill with fake fruits like lemons or pineapples.

In the fall, miniature pumpkins and autumn-colored leaves would be suitable. Any of these seasonal options can easily be enhanced with the right seasonal knickknacks. 

XONOR Artificial Flower 2-pack

These artificial flowers are perfect for spring; the bright colors are a spot-on representation of the season.

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Decorative pumpkins and leaves on a windowsill

6. Pictures

Find good prints to put in frames and stand on the windowsill. If you already have a theme in your kitchen that you want to continue with, this is a great option. Prints can be found in almost any subject, and you can choose whatever frame you think would match your existing decor as well. Combine framed prints with plants, colored glass, or foliage for a beautiful mash-up.

Think! Designs Botanical Prints

These herb-inspired prints can be slipped into a standing picture frame for a beautiful kitchen windowsill treatment. Consider using alongside an actual windowsill herb garden for additional appeal with fresh herbs.

Click here to see them on Amazon.

7. Candles

Using candles with decorative votives or elaborate candle holders is another way to create a beautiful scene on your windowsill. Battery-operated candles are the safest way to go if you want them to give off light. Consider using candles with colored wax and switching them out when the seasons change or for holidays. Vary the size, shape, and color of the candle holders or votives to create visual interest.

JIXIN Wood Look Candle Holder

These candleholders would look absolutely charming on a kitchen windowsill.

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Wicker baskets and other decorative figurines on a windowsill

8. Decorative Wooden Letters or Signs

Using decorative wood letters that stand on their own can put a custom spin on your kitchen windowsill. Purchasing individual letters will allow you to create your own custom message, like your family's last name. Many times you can purchase generic words as well. Mixing these letters and signs with the other options can add extra character to your decor.

Mela Artisans Store Wooden EAT Sign

This kitchen-themed word sign is elegant and adorable, making a gorgeous addition to windowsill decor.

Click here to see this sign on Amazon.

9. Trinkets and Baubles

There are all kinds of knickknacks and trinkets available that could easily fit into a kitchen theme. Using seasonal brick-a-brack like little reindeer during Christmas or bunnies around spring can add some life to existing decor. Battery and candle-operated lanterns have become a popular addition to windowsill decor as well. 

TOFU Battery Operated Vintage Lantern

These lanterns are attractive and useful; they can help to provide additional light in the kitchen at night.

Click here to see them on Amazon.

Silver metallic swans on a windowsill

What Is The Difference Between A Window Sill And A Window Ledge?

The window sill is the interior portion, and the ledge is on the exterior. Older homes had very wide ledges sloped to allow water to run off away from the home. If you have wide enough ledges outside your home, consider finding outdoor decor to decorate that with. Things like fairy gardens, window boxes, or lawn ornaments would work well.

Classic Home and Garden Window Box

This window box is perfect for the exterior window ledge of a rustic home.

Click here to see it on Amazon.

Can You Replace A Window Sill?

Yes, you can replace a window sill that has rotted or isn't as wide as you would like. A professional should handle this job as it requires exact measurements, adequate power tools, and one wrong move could result in leaky, drafty windows.

How Can You Dress Up Low-Sitting Kitchen Windows?

Any of the options covered in this article would work well for low-sitting windows too. If you have young children or pets, use your best judgment to discern what you should and shouldn't use. Some low-sitting windows can make excellent window seats, depending on their location. 

Ready, Set, Refresh!

Now that you've seen our tips and some inspiration, you're ready to start refreshing your window sill decor. Find your favorite style and make it happen. Have fun redecorating!

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